I Want to Learn How to Squirt.

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Is squirting a feat you so wish to achieve? 

If you have been telling yourself, “I want to learn how to squirt”, then you’ve come to the right place. V for Vibes is all about helping women break the orgasm gap. With squirting as one of the most elusive yet alluring forms of female climax, we’re here to showcase and share all the information needed for successful squirting endeavors.

This is not a guide on how to squirt, as we’ve already covered that topic quite in-depth. It is more so a series of information to keep in mind and how and where to find the right resources to locate this information when beginning your journey of discovering female ejaculation. So if you are truly ready to learn how to squirt, refer to this sex toy blog as a hub of squirting-related information. 

Learn your Anatomy

The utmost understanding of the female anatomy should always be a starting point when attempting to learn how to squirt. To reach this climax, you will have to understand exactly how the sexual response system of your body works and then how you can cater to these varying intricacies. 

Take your time reading about the clitoris and the G-spot or watching videos on precisely how your sex organs are intertwined, and why they deliver pleasure so that you can become a queen of your own body. 

With knowledge comes power, right? You can utilize this power to direct both solo and partner play so that sexual sensation is derived from a deeply rooted understanding of how and why sex even feels good in the first place!

The science of female anatomy is the perfect way to begin to learn how to squirt, as learning yourself from the actual inside out is absolutely necessary for the journey to female ejaculation. 

learn how to squirt

What is Squirting?

Before you try to make yourself squirt, take a step back and learn about this unique form of climax first. You’re not going to make huge strides in accomplishing squirting if you’re not even sure what squirting is or why it happens. 

You see, when squirting does come out of nowhere, many women are quite surprised by the event that has just occurred. It is more than common for a woman to be left awestruck after squirting, and in the end, have no idea what the hell just went down. 

If you don’t know much about squirting, then you might be left thinking, “did I just pee myself?!”.

With this, learning the actual science about squirting, after learning the science of female anatomy, is a great place to start when internationally attempting to learn how to squirt. By doing your research, you’ll realize that squirting is not only entirely normal, but this will help answer many other questions, such as the common “is squirting pee?”. 

By maintaining this knowledge, you won’t hold yourself back when the sensations of squirting are alas sent throughout your body, and you won’t hold yourself back from allowing them to take full hold. You will be ready and aware of it all, an essential puzzle piece to succumbing to the sensations of squirting. 

Masturbate- All the Time

It’s a rather simple truth: you have to masturbate to learn how to squirt. There is truly no better way to learn every idiosyncrasy of your own female anatomy and sexual personality, as well as reaping the endless benefits of sexual self-love, than with masturbation, including:

  • What pleasures you the most- G-spot, clitoral, anal, dual, or triple stimulation of each. 
  • How to relax during sexual intercourse
  • What is the best toy for squirting based on your personal preferences and discovery
  • Increasing libido
  • Reducing the fear of embarrassment
  • Increasing confidence

In the end, masturbation really just allows you to learn your sexual self, and you must practice masturbation to truly learn how to squirt. 

tongue vibrator

Make Yourself Squirt

If you want to learn how to squirt, then more often than not, the best way to do so is to begin with how to make yourself squirt before relying on a partner to get the job done. 

Squirting is intricate, and squirting for the first few times becomes even more complicated when done with a partner. They often try too hard to accomplish this feat, and with partner sex, you must focus on shared pleasure. Although a partner can absolutely make you squirt, you should first focus on making yourself squirt. 

You must build comfort with this practice. Learning how to squirt alone will provide you the information about your body necessary in directing a partner to take you to that special place when together. If you need clitoral stimulation, for example, then you’ll know to bring along your favorite vibrator during partner intercourse and not just rely on penile stimulation. 

Squirting, to some, can feel a little bit embarrassing when with a partner as well. To negate this embarrassment and to promote relaxation required to squirt, just do it alone!

Refer to our latest blog, “How to Make Yourself Squirt“, for a step-by-step guide on accomplishing solo self squirting!

Learn Various Sex Positions to Squirt

When beginning to learn how to squirt, once you are ready to move past masturbation and to bring this invigorating climax to your partner-based intercourse, then you are absolutely going to have to rely on the best sex positions to squirt (LINK “The best sex positions to squirt once published). These positions focus on female stimulation, as you are now the true start of the show, and allow for the genuine epitome of clitoral and G-spot stimulation. 

When trying out these sex positions to squirt, you also must help your partner along the way. Communicate the speeds and intensities of thrusting that set you off into a wild world of blissful sensuality, and help them provide you the pleasure needed to squirt. 

When in these positions, you should always think to bring along your favorite sex toys and incorporate them into penile intercourse. A clitoral vibrator in conjunction with your partner’s lovely insertion is a wonderful asset in providing the sensations necessary to squirt. 

Give each position time and experimentation, but also be cognizant of when it’s time to move on and try another when one just isn’t doing the trick. 

clitoral vibrator

Best Sex Toy for Squirting

If you are going to learn how to squirt, you’ll need some toys to help you along the journey. Toys provide otherworldly sensations, sensations that the touch of a human being cannot attain. With this, they are the true culmination of women-based pleasure, orgasm-inducing powerhouses of sheer sensuality.

Toys are the secret key to unlocking any and every form of vaginal and anal pleasure, catering to clitoral, G-spot, and anal stimulation individually or all at the same time, such as with a double stimulation vibrator. 

You must use these lovely toys to your advantage. It might take some experimentation until you find the toy that is the best sex toy for squirting, as we will all maintain individual definitions of such, but hey, who is complaining about trying multiple sex toys?!

Enjoy the process, take mental notes of the things that light a fire within, and begin using sex toys to their full, squirting advantage. 

Learn your Kinks

If you want to learn how to squirt, you should learn your kinks and fetishes. Holding yourself back from your true, kinky desires will never result in female ejaculation. You must reach the pinnacle of pleasure in an effort to do so, and this is only possible when you are achieving sexual fulfillment at its highest point. 

And one of the only ways to do this is to follow through with any kink or fetish you might have!

The good news for you is that sex toys help you experiment with kinks that otherwise require another human being and/or maintain safety concerns and a taboo aura. This gives newfound comfort with sexual experimentation and lets you have loads of fun trying out new things without pushing past any boundaries.

For more information on how sex toys can help satisfy sexual kinks and to learn more about kinks and fetishes, simply click the linked blogs and keep reading!

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Read a Sex Toy Blog

You want to learn how to squirt, and you’ve made it to our sex toy blog. And that is an excellent place to start. Reading a sex toy blog will provide endless amounts of helpful information, whether specific to squirting or about sexuality as a whole, and anything you learn will help you achieve your quest for squirting.

Stay updated as we continue posting to our sex toy blog, continue learning about sexuality and yourself, and leave comments when you have any questions at all, as we absolutely love your feedback. 

And remember, never let the end goal distract you from the journey. Enjoy every moment of pleasure that arises when you try to learn how to squirt, and never let the disappointment of not achieving female ejaculation distract you. Time and patience are the virtues of squirting. 


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