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Leapfrog Position. What Exactly is Leapfrog Sex?

The Leapfrog position is basically just a modified version of doggy style. If you are interested in trying the leapfrog, it is as simple as getting into your classic position for doggy style, and then instead of being on your elbows, resting your chest and head on the bed. You can add a pillow under your head to allow for more comfort. You are also able to push your butt up into the air higher, which makes this position easier for the other partner to enter you. Your legs will be partly spread, with the other partner’s legs between yours. This position is great for all kinds of couples, as it allows great access for penises, strap-ons, and dildos alike. You can also use this position for anal pleasure if you really want to, as the access is open and easily accessible.

How to do the Leapfrog Position.

Your partner can place their hands around your neck, your back, or grab your hips to allow for even more force while thrusting. The leapfrog position allows for greater penetration, and is found to be more pleasurable for some. 

If you raise your butt higher, you get more penetration. If you lower it, you can control the depth easier. It’s totally up to you! You can put cushions or pillows under your belly to make it even easier to keep your butt raised up if that is something you want to try. 

In the Leapfrog sex position, the partner behind is doing most of the work. They are thrusting in and out – but you can also thrust against them if you want even more fun, and it allows them to rest if they’re getting worn out from all of the thrusting.  It’s also very easy to stimulate your clitoris in this position, which can make it all the more pleasurable. If you want to get even wilder, you can massage your partner’s testicles (if your partner has testicles), or rub their clitoris as well, if you have a vulva owning partner wearing a strap on or using a dildo. You can also move the angle of your hips by going forward or backwards, lowering them and raising them. This makes your experience feel different each way as well. This position also allows your partner to pleasure you anally while penetrating you vaginally, as you have free access. If you like a finger being thrown in, this is the perfect way. Triple stimulation is even easy in the leapfrog position!

You can also be against a wall when performing the leapfrog position, which will give you more leverage to push back when your partner thrusts. You can also create the sensation of a tighter entry by pulling your legs closer together. The leapfrog is a great position to change things up with because you don’t really need to be extremely flexible or strong to master it. You can also move a lot easier, and get that phenomenal clitoral stimulation. So get to hopping, and see what this position is all about!