How to Give a Lap Dance And the Best Lap Dance Songs.

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Giving your man a lap dance is seriously underrated. 

There’s no better way to show off your body and to tease him into a state of pure desire than with an alluring and sexy dance, and as the clothes slowly come off and the skin-to-skin contact just barely brushes by, you’ll have blood rushing to his genitalia

Giving a good lap dance doesn’t have to be difficult, and in fact, it’s quite easy. There are just a few things you need to keep in mind to make sure that this is the case, and we’re going to hit on each and every one of those erotic dance facets in this guide on how to give your man a lap dance; as well as providing a handful of the best lap dance songs. 

Step 1- Location

A lap dance starts with location. As much as sporadic is nice, you want to determine the location well before you get into your erotic dance to ensure that everything you need is set in place and that there are no hiccups, as pausing to set something straight doesn’t do the mood well. 

And remember, the dance is still going to be sporadic and a surprise for him, so don’t let the feeling of pre-determining your space stop you from doing so. 

When setting up the location, just make sure that:

  1. The area is clean and open so that you have plenty of room to dance
  2. There is a comfortable place for him to sit
  3. The speaker is set up nearby
  4. Aesthetics are in place and clean

If all of these boxes are checked, then you should be good to go on where you plan to give your lap dance. 


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Step 2- Time

It might seem a little self-explanatory, but setting up a time that you plan to give a lap dance is another extremely important aspect of this gig. 

First of all, there’s a good chance that your lap dance will lead into something more, so setting up an open and free time block not only ensures that the lap dance goes uninterrupted, but so does anything else that might happen after. 

As well as this, setting up a time better allows you to set up your location, and planning ahead gives you any practice time you may need to hone in on your dancing skills. 

When choosing a time, find one that is:

  1. Not a stressful time for both of you 
  2. Free of outside influences such as kids
  3. Long enough to have sex after if desired
  4. Far away enough for you to practice and set everything up

Setting erotic dance time is exactly how you plan ahead and come prepared so that your man falls into lust with the way you move your body, so don’t skip out on this simple yet essential aspect. 

Step 3- Confidence

The honest truth is that if you aren’t ready to go into a lap dance with sheer confidence, then you aren’t ready to give an erotic dance at all. Confidence is key, as confidence is the driving force behind what makes the dance sexy, and your man will absolutely love it when you are in charge of the situation. 

Understand that your man is going to revel in your movements during this lap dance and that you SHOULD feel confident giving one, because in the end it is you that is providing to him the treat, and he knows that!

When you plan to move your body, do so like you are in charge because guess what; you are in charge! Show him that you know you’re sexy and this will make him feel even more thankful to be able to call you his own, and enter the lap dance situation with a complete confidence that will be showcased directly through your sexy bodily movements

Confidence is sexy, and confidence is key. 


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Step 4- Lap Dance Songs to Choose

Choosing one of many lap dance songs is extremely difficult. How in the world are you supposed to know which one is best?!

Well, there’s really no such thing as a perfect ‘song’, and what matters more is instead your ability to master your movements to the song. 

Well give you a few good songs to go off of, but also keep this in mind:

  1. Choose a song that you know- this will help you dance to it
  2. You know the kind of music you/your man like, so use this to your strengths in choosing a song you will enjoy dancing to and that he will enjoy listening to and watching to 
  3. Don’t choose a short song, as you need plenty of time to dance

If you are intimidated by just how many good lap dance songs there are out there, then here are ten excellent ones to choose from that include a few different kinds of music, from hip hop to rock and roll! 

  1. Freak Like Me by Adina Howard
  2. No Diggity by Blackstreet
  3. You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC
  4. Naughty Girl by Beyonce
  5. Slow Ride by Foghat
  6. I Just Wanna Love U by Jay Z
  7. Young Lust by Pink Floyd
  8. Skin by Rihanna
  9. Dance for you by Beyonce
  10. Side to Side by Ariana Grande

Remember, there isn’t one said genre of music that works best for everyone, so catering to both of your personal interests while choosing the right lap dance songs for you is always the most important and essential aspect. 

Step 5- Practice

Some of us might be lucky and a complete natural at sensually dancing. And if that sounds like you, then more power to ya!

But the truth is that most of us aren’t lap dancing experts, and that lap dancing isn’t something that manifests in our lives all too often, making it so that none of us really get to practice this art form. 

And I promise, going into a lap dance blind and without practice is the last thing you want to do. 

Set up the chair in the location you plan to dance and practice with an invisible man. Listen to the song and choreography the certain times at which you plan to ensue particular movements. 

Learn the beat like the back of your hand so that you can move with the rhythm and never against it. 

Setting up a video camera or a mirror is an excellent way to watch yourself back and see what you did and didn’t like, and oftentimes seeing your skills in action will do nothing but make you more confident. 

The more you practice the more you will be comfortable giving a lap dance, and the more professional you will appear, providing your man quite the enticing experience. 

And besides, lap dancing is an excellent workout and is a lot of fun, so why not use this aspect of your love life as an additional means to whole-body health?


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