Kink vs. Fetish: How are they Different?

Dec 15, 2021

Have you read 50 shades of grey? Do you own a vibrator? Then you probably know what a kink is. I’m here to talk about everything kink vs. fetish. If you are interested in exploring the world of kinks or defining your sexual interests, you must get the jargon. After all, you will need the right words to describe your desires and wants. So are your dreams about having a threesome fantasy or a fetish? How about experimenting with rope bondage? Here’s all you need to know about the difference between kink and fetish and exploring your sexual fantasies.  

Now get ready, because it’s about to get lit!

What is a Kink?

A kink is a sexual act that a person loves to do with themselves or their partner. It includes different sexual interests, fantasies, and preferences beyond the mainstream. This includes role playing, mixing pleasure and pain, deriving pleasure from inanimate objects, power play, and more. A kink often brings a new level of erotic energy to a sexual experience. However, kinks are subjective. What you might consider kinky can just be pretty vanilla to your best friend.

What is a Fetish?

Are you learning something interesting about kink vs. fetish already? So what is a fetish? Fetish is a type of kink. Something is a fetish when it must be present for you to experience sexual pleasure. Fetish can be described as heightened attractions or fixations with the idea that the fetish object is vital to sexual arousal and climax. It could be an act like having sex in public or having a sexual obsession with things like your feet, shoes, lingerie, or even cars. In plain terms, a fetish is something you can’t get aroused without.

Similarity and Difference between Kink and Fetish

You know you are all grown up when kink doesn’t refer to the crooked line you draw on your graphs to adjust the scale of your chart during the dreaded math class. Kinks and fetishes are core parts of human sexuality. There is an overlap between kinks vs. fetish. Basically, a kink gets you aroused, while a fetish is something you need to get stimulated. In summary, kink is an umbrella term, and fetish comes under it. Thus all fetishes are types of kinks, but not all kinks are fetishes. 

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Why is it Normal to Have a Kink or a Fetish

It is normal to have a kink or a fetish because you are human! Bondage, foot fetish, sploshing, armpit fetish: kinks and fetishes come in a wide range of flavors. Most of us can relate to having a sexual fantasy that feels weird, but most are safe and easy to explore. If you have a thing for socks and your partner agrees to wear them during sex to help you climax, go for it. If you get aroused by feet, and you love watching foot porn during your solo sex, just do you. 

The best news, having a kink or a fetish is entirely normal. It is a natural yet exhilarating aspect of many people’s sex lives. If what you enjoy between the sheets involves more than the regular missionary, you are just like everyone else. Sexuality is a spectrum. As long as it is consensual, safe, and legal, explore your sexuality to the fullest. 

Your kink or fetish becomes a problem when it harms someone else. For example, pedophiles have a fetish for children, but this does not make it normal or okay. Acting on this fetish is illegal and morally wrong. 

Why you should Satisfy Your Kink and Fetish in Your Relationship

Kink vs. fetish is not a first-date topic. You don’t even discuss it on a one-night stand. It’s challenging to bring up your likes with a new partner. However, doing it can take your relationship to the next level.

Doing kinky things with your partner and exploring your fetish can excite your relationship. It will help you get closer while exploring your deepest fantasies. As long as you have consented to the act, have fun.

Your core needs in your relationship are non-negotiable. The blissful afterglow you experience after intense sex should not be missing in your relationship. Satisfying your kinks and fetishes helps you bond with your partner and maintain the glue of your relationship.

Any sexual relationship where you can’t discuss your sexual desires with your partner might not last. Talking about your wishes will improve your communication and negotiation. You should be able to discuss everything with your partner. Being able to try out your kink vs. fetish, new positions, sex toys without the fear of crossing the line can bring the both of you closer beyond your bedroom.

Types of Kinks and Fetishes

For your pleasure, here are the most common types of kinks and fetishes

Role Play

Who says you have to stop make-believe when you’re older? Role-playing is one of the most popular types of kinks, and it involves playing different characters outside your daily life. This can be pretending to be your favorite TV character or anything you want to be. The beauty is that you can indulge your fantasies and have fun with your partner.

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Pregnancy Fetish

If you have been pregnant before or watched as your pregnant friend tried to shuffle down the stairs, you’ll like to wonder what is sexually attractive about pregnant women. Because when we think of pregnant women, we imagine baby showers, maternity shoots, and not kink vs. fetish. Also known as Maiesiophillia, a pregnancy fetish is when you are sexually attracted or aroused by pregnant women. They see a bulging belly as sexy, enlarged breasts as hot, and a plump body as seductive.


Voyeurism is getting sexual satisfaction from watching other people have sex. Watching others have sex can be arousing as direct participation for many people. Voyeurism is an acceptable sexual fetish when you get the participant’s consent. It can be illegal without permission. 

Foot Fetish

If you are into foot fetish, just think of all the foot massages that are coming your way! A foot fetish involves sexual acts such as foot worship, kissing, and smelling the feet. If your partner tells you they have a foot fetish, it may be initially outrageous, but it’s a chance to try out a potentially exciting part of your sex life. 


This kink vs. fetish discourse is not complete without mentioning BDSM. There is no denying that Fifty Shades has put this kink in the spotlight. It is a short-term for sexual activity divided into groups of bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism. Sometimes, it involves different degrees of pain, physical restraint, and servitude. It is a common practice for lovers who enjoy BDSM to introduce safe words when things start to get out of hand. BDSM is intense. It can also be a sweet, creative, and fulfilling sexual experience.

There are many kinks and fetishes out there being explored by people daily. The list is endless! Now that you can distinguish between kink vs. fetish, you are not weird. Tell your partner your needs and open your relationship to a world of sexual possibilities.

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