Types of Japanese Sex Toys.

Sep 3, 2023

When you think of Japan, you often picture its reserved society. However, what many people don’t realize is that Japan has an unconventional side. This includes a world of porn games, fetish clubs, and sex toys that are truly one of a kind.

Although it might be considered a country, there are still individuals in Japan who dare to explore the realm of sex toys. The country is renowned for its sometimes eccentric creations, which have made their mark in the sex toy industry.

We Have Compiled a List of Japanese Sex Toys That Will Leave You Amazed.

The good news is that V for Vibes can provide you with these products. Let’s delve into the realm of these sex toys:

Lucky Sex Toy Bags

In Japan, there is a well-known tradition called Fukubukuro that takes place during the New Year. During this time, stores fill bags with products sold at discounted prices. Since you cannot see what’s inside the bag beforehand, it becomes a gamble and a surprise. Rest assured, though, your bag may contain items that cater to your desires or bring joy to your life.

Japanese sex toy manufacturers are also into selling these Fukubukuros. To ensure you don’t get something you don’t need, the bags are made for men and women. So when you pick up your next Fukubukuro, make sure you get the sex right. You may be surprised at what lady luck gives you.

Japanese Sex Toys - The Best Collection | V For Vibes


On seeing this for the first time, you may think it resembles an alien raygun. Well, maybe it does… Anyway, this Japanese sex toy lets women enjoy tongue solo. It’s a great choice for women who want the tongue experience without engaging a partner.

This device has two settings. You can either go with the sucking mode or high-speed flutter mode. The sucking mode uses moving silicone lips to shake and suck. The second mode has a rapidly oscillating tongue that moves up and down to provide the desired outcome.

Clitoral Sucking Vibrator - Sucking Tongue Vibrator - Clitoris| V FOR VIBES

Gokusen Fellatio DX Yuna Ogura

Yuna Ogura is a popular JAV star (a popular Japanese adult site). This is one of the Japanese sex toys modeled using her mouth. The product is designed to ensure people get an oral experience that isn’t the same as onaholes.

For starters, the jaw and tongue are completely movable. Furthermore, the back of the throat has a small motor. It works to ensure your stimulation is on a higher level. Take note, the price isn’t what you may expect, but hey, it’s worth every dollar!


Mania Rose tongue vibrator


Japanese culture is keen on their seasons. That’s why some Japanese sex toys are designed with a theme of a specific season. The Rin+ Haremomoji has been designed to celebrate the magic of fall. It’s a vibrator that is made using the muted reddish browns associated with “Momiji” autumn foliage.

If you didn’t know otherwise, you may use it as an interior decoration. Unfortunately, it’s a limited edition that may be rare to find. However, V for Vibes can ensure you get it on order. There is a variety of equally stellar vibrators for those who want more options.

Juno Moneta: The Mini Magic Wand by V FOR VIBES sex toy store

Hot Clit

Who would have thought a gel could stimulate your clitoris? Enter Hot Clit. It’s one of the most interesting Japanese sex toys you can come across. The ingredients used to make this adult toy include peppermint oil, amino acids, and ginkgo leaf extract. Talk of a mixture of unique ingredients.

The ingredients work together to take your breath away. Japan is famous for its assortment of special gels and oils like the Hot Clit. They are meant to stimulate different sensations in a bid to spice up your bedroom experience.

Japanese Sex Toys - The Best Collection | V For Vibes

The Smell of One-san’s Cleavage

In Japan, they use sexual fragrances to complement their sex toys. This ensures your sexual experiences are heightened. One of the popular Japanese sex toys is “The Smell of One-san’s Cleavage.” It has been made to mimic the smell of an “older” woman’s cleavage. That’s why it’s known as something that captures the female hormones’ sweetness.

Use a dash or quick spray to remind you of good times and enhance your sexual experience. This isn’t the only fragrance available. Check out the options on V for Vibes to get a glimpse of the available options. They range from the smell of used panties to the smell of women’s socks.

Arina Hashimoto Body Hole

Sometimes handheld sex toys may not do the job for you. This is where the Arina Hashimoto Body Hole comes in. It’s a full-torso sex toy to fill in the gaps left by a hand-held sex toy. The good news is the toy is modeled using the characteristics and measurements of this famous JAV actress.

If you are into JAV clips, you can stimulate an encounter with this goddess of an actress. You can get it sold separately or as part of the “Koran Inbi” range. You can also get other body torsos with the same characteristics and measurements as other popular actresses. They include Fukada, Eimi, Julia, and more.

Tenga Original Vacuum Cup

Tenga is a brand that was instrumental in introducing the world to sex toys from Japan. One of their popular products is the vacuum cups. For starters, they come with an intricate and sleek design. Additionally, they offer a sensation you can’t get elsewhere. Lastly, they have an English website with guides and descriptions for non-Japanese clients.

Contact V for Vibes if you are interested in these cups. The original versions were only for single use. However, they have a Spinner Series and 3D series. These are cleaned, making them reusable. They meet the criteria for reuse and environmentalists.

Bottom Line

When it comes to sex toys, Japan doesn’t mess around. They combine impeccable craftsmanship and innovative design. Add a healthy dose of Japanese weirdness, and you get something out of this world. Take a look at the collection of Japanese sex toys available at V for Vibes. You’ll be amazed at the variety available. Make sure you ask for assistance in case you need it.



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