Is Masturbation Healthy? The Many Health Benefits of Masturbation.

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Have you ever wondered, “is masturbation healthy?” or “how much masturbation is too much?” or what the possible effects of masturbation can be on your body? 

Masturbation has been a taboo topic for far too long. There is absolutely no need to attach any shame or stigma to finding pleasure for yourself, and in fact, there are many health benefits of masturbation. Getting comfortable with your body is part of growing up, and with a changing or growing body, discovering what you like best is key to finding pleasure

Let’s start off with the basics. Is masturbation good for you? Yes! It can lead to lots of positive results and help you feel better overall. Can masturbation have effects on your kidney? No, it is one of the safest ways – probably the safest way – you can engage in sexual activity! We’re here to help you bust some myths about masturbation and get more in touch with your body, so grab your favorite sex toy, as you are surely going to want it after reading this article. 

Masturbation will Help you Sleep Better.

Not only do you feel relaxed and a lot calmer after you orgasm, but also the energy that is released can make you tired. When you are masturbating, your body goes through several different stages of change. At the end of the cycle, the release of an orgasm can help you feel more at peace and can tire you out enough to help you fall asleep better. However, if you’re struggling with a sleep disorder or insomnia, masturbation will surely be your friend, but we recommend you go to a specialist who can help you out. Barring that, masturbation can be a pretty significant transition from a long day of work to falling asleep more easily.

Masturbation will Improve Vaginal Health.

Specifically keeping vaginal health in mind, masturbation IS very good for you and has so many health benefits. It can relieve many forms of pain or discomfort and stimulate your vagina to produce more lubrication, making it much more likely to be healthier than those who do not masturbate. When you masturbate, you allow more blood to flow into your vaginal walls. This can help your vaginal health increase drastically. Apart from just vaginal health, masturbation is linked to better blood flow, and unlike many myths about its harm, masturbation does not have effects on your kidneys or liver or any other organs.

health benefits of masturbation

It will Relieve Stress.

You will need to focus on pleasure and what feels good to allow yourself an orgasm while masturbating. This kind of focus can help you brush aside any worries or stress you might be holding on to from the day, and with the release at the end of masturbating through an orgasm, you will feel far less stress. Even if you don’t end up having an orgasm (which is perfectly normal, too), masturbating can help you divert your attention from the worrisome things about your regular day-to-day life. And there’s a bonus! It can also be something you really enjoy, and who feels stressed out when they’re having a good time?

Feel-Good Hormones are Released 

Orgasms can help your brain release very important chemicals like endorphins. These are responsible for your mood, and an endorphin release all but guarantees a great mood! Endorphins are what help you feel good, and what better way to feel good than calling it a day, going to town with your favorite toy, and letting all the good vibes spread around you? Masturbation is healthy AND good for you in so many ways! Masturbating helps you improve your self-esteem and deal with body image issues that young people often have, and coupled with an endorphin release, it can possibly be the best part of your day.

You might increase your libido.

Being more sexually active with a partner can be difficult if your libido is lowered. Lucky for you, if you regularly masturbate and really find out what works best for you – what feels good and what doesn’t, you can increase your libido and have more sex! It can also put you back in touch with your body, which can help increase your libido. In addition to the health benefits of masturbation, your sex drive might get better, and you will be back out there exploring different positions with your partner soon. So the answer to your question “is masturbation healthy?” is YES and that it has additional qualities that can help relieve pain, soothe your worries, and even increase your libido. 

It will Relieve the Pain of Menstrual Cramps. 

More blood flow to your abdomen through masturbation can mean relief from menstrual cramps and pain. Not just that, but also if you reach the orgasm stage, your mind is diverted from the pain, and the feel-good hormones called endorphins can completely soothe any pain you might experience because of menstruation temporarily. Masturbation is also healthy and good for menopausal pain and can provide instant relief in moments where you are in severe discomfort.

is masturbation good for you

It’s 100% Safe

Masturbation is the ONLY 100% safe form of sex out there! There’s no risk of contracting an STI or any STDs or even getting pregnant. It’s just you and your own body doing all the work, with no intrusion and no danger presented by anyone else. Get out your best toy or purchase one from our Shop if you’re looking for something to experiment with, and give yourself a little treat in the safest, best way possible. 

You’ll get a Little Workout. 

Your heartbeat increases, the blood flow in your body is enhanced, and with a higher heart rate, you can almost convince your body that you’re exercising! It does not do well as a substitute for working out, but experts can confirm that masturbation can be linked to better cardiovascular health and you will feel great doing it. You also engage several muscles in your body, including your vaginal muscles, butt, inner thighs, and pelvic muscles, which means you are working out all these parts of your body while finding pleasure in your own body. 

Better Communication with your Partner about Sex.

Women who masturbate are often better informed about their sexual likes and dislikes. It can be more apparent when you try it out on your own and see whether you enjoy certain sexual activities or not. For example, if you have thought about anal play, but are unsure, grab a toy from our Shop section, and try it out for yourself before asking your partner to participate. You will discover so much about your own sexual desires, what you’re into, and what just doesn’t cut it. With all of these at your disposal, you can communicate what you like to your partner with clarity and certainty.

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It is Empowering. 

A sexually liberated woman is an empowered woman! At V for Vibes, we believe that sexual liberation is key in empowering women to do better and achieve higher goals, with sexuality and also with every other facet of life! On your journey of sexual discovery, you can find out details about yourself that you would not have come across without masturbation. It can be grounding and really great to get back in touch with your body and recognize its needs and wants. We have several options to help you get started and keep going on this journey of self-discovery and sexual prowess, and to tell you the answer you’ve been looking for: Is masturbation healthy? We can conclusively say YES! 


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