Is it Weird for Men to Have Sex Toys? How to Get your Man On Board the Sex Toy Train

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Is it weird for men to have sex toys? The answer is one big no!


At last, women are now being encouraged to embrace their sexuality. However, men still have an awkward relationship with their bodies. There’s some kind of weird and completely outdated stigma surrounding men using sex toys. Sex toys are potent additions to your bedroom routine, regardless of gender, body shape, or sexual orientation. Yet, guys using toys have historically been stigmatized for incorporating sex toys into their sex life. 


Most men find it hard to discuss their private desires without realizing how much they are missing out on. This is a shame because sex toys are simply fantastic. 


Benefits of Sex Toys For Men


Have you ever considered getting a sex toy for your man? Is it weird for men to have sex toys? Tell me, what comes to your mind when you picture your man using a cock ring or butt plugs? Do you often imagine a not-so-discreet vibrator hidden in your man’s closet to avoid a shameful discovery? If that’s your opinion, it doesn’t have to be. Here are reasons why your man needs to hop on the sex toy train:

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It’s Pleasurable


Sex toys feel good! It’s really that simple. A man’s body contains different nerve endings, and stimulating them with sex toys can lead to intense orgasms from head to toe. You don’t know how pleasurable a part of your man’s body is unless you stimulate it. Breaking away from the stigma and experimenting with sex toys can open your relationship to new and exciting areas of pleasure via these male erogenous zones


Improves Sexual Confidence


Nothing turns women on faster than confident men; a man who knows he’s got the juice and is content and aware of himself. Sex toys help you explore and learn new bedroom skills while enjoying maximum pleasure. As a man, you gain confidence using sex toys, and you can pass the same when making love to your woman.


A Game Changer for Solo Sessions


Everyone can agree that masturbation is one of the best things ever. But when you bring male sex toys into the mix without asking, is it weird for men to have sex toys? Magical things can happen, so X-rated toys should not be sniffed at. 


Masturbation helps reduce stress, aids concentration, and reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Using male sex toys brings a different dimension with benefits, such as helping with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. 


But most importantly, sex toys can give you bigger and better orgasms during solo play and partnered sex, and that’s one of the biggest drivers for purchase. 


Consider it as an iceberg. Sex and masturbation are just the tip. Switch things up, and there’s a whole world of sensations waiting to be explored. Can you masturbate without using your hands? Will penis rings make your orgasms more intense? With sex toys, your man can answer these questions and more.


Improves Your Foreplay


Sex toys can help your man maintain an erection for a long time during sensual foreplay, so he does not have to worry about rising to the task. Thanks to sex toys, he can let go of performance anxiety and focus on being in the present. 


Great for your health


You’ve probably never considered this, but sex toys are great for your overall health. There’s a connection between orgasm and health. Once you reach climax, there are amazing effects it has on your body. You might be having a dull day, but as soon as you get an orgasm, your mood improves, and you’re more productive.

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How to Let Go of the Stigma


Why is it weird for men to have sex toys when women use them freely? It’s time to ditch that idea!


You need to let go of the stigma that sex toys are only for women and guys using toys are silly or gay (yes, I have literally heard this said out loud before). 


It is high time for men to realize that they, too, like any other person, should be vulnerable. You can forget this stigma by encouraging your man to use sex toys or get one for him. Men deserve to enjoy the endless benefits of sex toys shamelessly. High-quality butt plugs, anal beads, prostate massagers, and other fun products can help men inject a variety into their sex life.


How to Get your Man on Board The Sex Toy Train


Bringing male sex toys into your relationship help to add dynamic sensations and an alluring twist to your intimacy. These sex toys can do exciting things your hands, fingers, or tongue can’t. They trigger erotic sensations and can help you reach heights you’ve never imagined. However, due to the stigma surrounding men using sex toys, it can be hard to suggest it to your partner.


But you need to have that conversation. I want you to experience a beautiful sex life where you are open to exploring and experiencing new heights of pleasure that will leave you panting for more. With a few ideas, here is how to bring your man on board and begin incorporating male sex toys into your playtime.


Talk About It


There’s a reason why open and honest conversations are essential to a successful relationship, especially when it comes to sex. Don’t assume your man will like it when you whip out a cock ring in the middle of sex. 


Many people are still asking, “is it weird for men to have sex toys.” The societal weirdness can make your man hesitate. Whenever you want to try something new, have a sincere conversation. Talk to him about the benefits and how this will light up your sex time. Don’t force it. You can say something like, “Babe, I’m enjoying our sex life; I just want to add a little more. I think we can explore more together.” Or, to keep it more pleasure-oriented, you can say, “why don’t we try this” or would you like to try this with me?”


Iron out the Details


With different categories of sex toys for men – vibrators, sex machines, cock rings, nipple clamps, butt plugs in the market, you have to be specific. Talk about the ones you’re curious about and what you’ll love to try.


Go Shopping Together


Are you on the same page with your man now? Cool. Next up: buying the right sex toys. Online and in-store shopping has its benefits. It comes down to your comfort levels. Going to a physical store means you’ll find trained employees ready to answer your questions. For online shopping, one of the benefits is that you can do it right from home – say, in your shorts or lingerie. Online shopping is a great idea if you are shy or hesitant; it helps build anticipation. Ask your man which one he likes or is curious about and either buy together to surprise him with a delivery.

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Make it a Threesome


Vibrators, butt plugs, and penis rings are ideal for partnered play. You, your man, and the right sex toy are a threesome that can’t be beaten (with no awkwardness after!).


Sex toys, pleasure toys, or whatever you want to call them. They will give you pleasure at any time of the day. Perfect for masturbation and even more of a treat when combined with a partner, sex toys embodies visual and sexual satisfaction. Is it weird for men to have sex toys now? I think you have your answer already.


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