Is flirting the same thing as cheating?

Nov 3, 2019

Do you wonder whether flirting is the same as cheating? This question baffles a wide array of people, who are in a serious and committed relationship. Gentle flirting or playful bantering with another person, other than your partner is not harmful if you are in the proper boundaries.

However, the boundaries are different in every relationship. What is considered to be a violation and unacceptable for one couple might be easy to go with the other one.

Some people have the notion that it is okay to flirt with the other people while remaining loyal to the partner. Regardless of it, it is an interesting question of whether flirting is the same as cheating.

To find the answer to the question, we need to start with the definition where you can outline clearly what does and what does not fall under the category of flirtatious behaviors.

What is flirting?

Flirting refers to a way of conversation through which you attract another person with your charm as well as conversational skills. If someone has been attracted to you as you charmingly talk to them, it can be termed as flirting.

However, at times, it can be unintentional as well. Just because you are flirting with a person, does not mean that you are sexually attracted to them. You might indulge in an interesting conversation with the person and you might realize at the moment how amazing they are.

At times, people tend to flirt with the other person because it makes them feel good about themselves. However, you need to remember that flirting with the other person outside the relationship does not work for all people.

Flirting might prove to be a disaster and bring disharmony in your relationship if your partner is insecure and feel threatened in case you are around someone more attractive. Flirting might also become an issue if your partner has low self-esteem. Hence, before you start to flirt with anyone, you need to keep the jealousy and insecurity of your partner in mind.

Why people indulge in flirting?

People love to flirt for keeping sexuality alive. It also boosts the confidence of the person and makes them feel better about their attractiveness. You do not feel caged, restricted or frustrated in a relationship as you indulge in a relationship.

You will be capable of becoming a better flirt once you become a better teaser as well as a better conversationalist. Whether flirting is cheating, depends on the type of flirting, you are indulging in. There are primarily three different kinds of flirting which include

Harmless or Healthy flirting

In such type of flirting, the individual generally uses their gestures and their way of talking for having a happy and interesting conversation. In such type of flirting, the person generally laughs, tease each other and have a good at the same time. This is acceptable and is not considered cheating in your relationship.

Touchy flirting

In this kind of flirting, you do each and everything that you do in healthy flirting. In addition to this, you might take another step ahead here. You might exercise the hands and keep it on the shoulder or some other part of the other person. Though you might have casually placed your hand, your partner or the people around you might misinterpret the same.

Talking dirty

Though healthy flirting is casual and acceptable, talking dirty is certainly not. In case you are talking dirty with the other person, give a sexual compliment to the other person, or trying to get them in bed, it is unacceptable and cheating with your partner without a second thought.

A bit of flirting with the other person is fine when you harmlessly restrict the same. It is fun and safe and your partner is not going to feel insecure about it.

However, at times, people cross the line of flirting into emotional cheating and they might not even realize it. Here are some signs that you are indulging into emotional cheating while flirting:

You do not want to talk about the person; you are flirting with, to your partner

At times, people might not want to share such kind of things with their partner because they think that it will make their better half jealous or insecure. However, you need to ask yourself that you are doing this because it does not matter or because you are not sure how your partner is going to react. Most of the time, the person might have crossed the line knowingly or unknowingly owing to which they are scared of telling their partner about it.

You share things with them which even your partner is not aware of

If you have started to share things about yourself with the other person, you are flirting with, which you have never told your partner, it is none other than emotional cheating.

You are depending on the other person for emotional connection or support

If you have been flirting with someone for months but it is nothing more than a surface-level conversation, you are doing fine. On the other hand, if you have started to communicate with that person for emotional connection and support, you have already crossed your line.

You cannot stop thinking about him/her

If you are physically present with your partner but your mind is with the other person or you are thinking constantly about the person, you have been flirting with, even in the presence of your partner, you have entered into the dangerous territory.

If the thoughts of the other person, you flirt with, preoccupy your mind all the time, it is considered to be cheating.

At times, women try to avoid cheating and empower themselves by using sex toys. In addition to satisfying themselves physically, they are also regarded as an integral part of women empowerment in the present day. Here are some of the most popular sex toys, available in the market:


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These sex toys have turned out to be the most popular vibration tool and you can use them to spice your relationship with the partner.

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Pocket vibrators

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Classic vibrators

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is flirting cheating, sex boundaries, sex toys, rabbit vibrators
Is flirting cheating, sex boundaries, when flirting becomes cheating, g spot vibrator


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