THE KINK BLOG: INTERRACIAL FETISH. ~Don’t worry; it only seems kinky the first time~

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Humans are curious creatures by nature. They do not understand the need for hidden truths or closed doors. If they find something forbidden or off limits, the chances are they would likely be even more intrigued by it than they would have usually been before. Interracial fetish has been a taboo topic for quite some time, a forbidden trait that existed behind the doors for eons, but now it is all in the open. Hopefully, people are more into discussing it rather than aggressively keeping themselves from it. Interracial fetish has become more customary over the decades, and we will be discussing how we can safely practice this to fulfill your deepest sexual desires.  


If we simply put interracial fetish in words, it means fetishes involving different races, the desire to perform intercourse or other sexual activity with someone of different skin color and race. 

But is it as simple as it sounds? Then again, is anything as simple as they say? It is not. 

Fetish is to admire something sexually more than most, an abnormal amount of admiration, and favor one sexual or erotic activity over the rest. There should be no shame if you are into fetishes, but this can lead to problems when it comes to an interracial fetish, as most of these fetishes are based on stereotypes, and not one of us likes to be stereotyped- even if we are correct in doing so.


It may sound surprising to you, but there is an extremely high chance of someone having an interracial fetish are because of the excitement it brings to the table. As most modern communities still do not accept interracial relationships and think it is wrong (unfortunately so), it has become taboo. But, there are rebels everywhere, and they are found in every race.

The real sense of anything forbidden makes people curious, and they submit to their need for discovery which is how most people develop interracial fetishes. The excitement and slight fear of not knowing what this holds keeps them on their toes and makes them more excited to discover what they have been missing or what new thing they will learn. 

Sex is about pain mixed with pleasure in the acceptable limits set by your partner. It is about excitement and fear, surprises and learning new things every day, but most importantly, it is about trust. 

If you have pure intentions and you and your partner are open about discussing sex and fetish and kinks, you have developed a certain level of trust; there is no harm in carrying out your fetish fantasies. 

If you have a kink and it does not hurt your partner emotionally or destroy them mentally, if it is not derogatory in a way that can be held against you, or is not racist, then there is no reason not to understand why it would be unacceptable. 

A fetish or kink should only be immediately dismissed if it can hurt your partner beyond repair; this hurt can be physical, emotional, or mental.

Suppose you have an interracial fetish that is not blatantly racist or derogatory. In that case, it is completely normal and should be accepted widely, albeit it does not automatically guarantee that your partner, too, would be into it. If you and your partner are not on the same page with any kink; interracial or not, it should not be practiced; this is the beauty of having safe kink practices. 

interracial fetish


As humans, we came a long way, not just technology-wise but also about how we treat other people of different races. Interracial relationships and marriages are more acceptable now than ever before. Despite having its chances to go wrong, people are accepting more directly in the name of interracial fetish as long as it does not hurt anyone, especially emotionally. 

The interracial fetish may seem like treading waters, but mostly it is more acceptable than other forms of fetish, for example, BDSM, degradation, somnophilia, etc. All these fetishes are acceptable, too, if consent is discussed beforehand, but they are dangerous in a variety of ways and can go wrong if it is not practiced with vigilance. This is why communities have opened their minds toward interracial fetishes. If practiced with care and keeping a foresight of another person’s emotional state, it is not in any way physically traumatizing and thus more easily accepted and normalized by people. 


The first thing you need to understand is, just because you have watched some porn and heard about it a few times, think you are pro at it, or you understand its intricacies, you probably do not. Wanting something because you heard about it or visualizing it and found it appealing is different from experiencing it. Sometimes, you may like the reality, but others you may not; it is a hit-or-miss situation. 

Keeping all of this in mind, we have a lot of dating sites and groups on active social media, which will help you with your persuasion of interracial fetish. On these sites, you will easily be able to find a lot of like-minded people who will help you learn about a particular fetish as well as help you find a partner with whom you can openly practice it. 

We have groups on Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Reddit, Kik, and discord, etc. You can also ask special subreddits for these groups where you will meet a lot of people who have the same queries and/or will be interested in the same things as you are. 

And of course, the best way to pursue this is to go out in the real world and flirt with people of another race!


This is a little complicated and could be a lot to handle if not communicated properly with your partner. This, again, requires the building of trust, being open about your sexual desires, and being considerate towards each other.

In this kink blog, we can only guide you to understand the need for trust in the relationship. Once you have established trust and come to a conclusion of trying it, you can use interracial sex toys like a black penis sleeve, black dildos, etc. You can also look into having an open relationship where you can fulfill your interracial fetish; cuckoldry and a threesome including a person of a different race can also be taken into consideration. 

interracial sex toy Artemis By V For Vibes

Watching interracial porn together, playing it out screen by screen is also helpful. Discussing it, fantasizing, and reading about it to your partner will also be a great help. 

In the end, it should again be highlighted that no one likes to be stereotyped. Just because they belong to some race or origin does not mean they represent it or should be how you expect them to be or how the media has portrayed them. All humans are beautiful and have as much right to have pleasure as you do, which is why it is okay to have interracial fetishes. One should always look for the out of ordinary things to do, as long as no one gets hurt in the process. It should be all about everyday pleasure and phenomenal sex.


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