How Interactive Sex Toys Are Applied in VR Chats.

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The main feature of VR sex toys is their compatibility with the most popular sites with webcam models. Such toys can work seamlessly with the website interface, creating a special connection between the viewer and the model. Such interactive toys are designed to enhance and enrich your sexual experience online.

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One proven addition to a sex video show is the use of sex toys that the viewer can control. All you have to do is install the app on your phone and sync it with the toy, and you’re good to go. Give control of the toy to your online partners or control it yourself. Customize your cybersex toys to your liking. Best VR toys can respond with rising or falling vibrations, create a special rhythm, and increase or decrease exposure time depending on how much your viewers pay. The more tokens, the more active.

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What Sex Toys Can Be Used in VR Chats?

A category of new-generation sex toys is one of the hottest trends in the development of the sex industry. Smart sex toys are controlled using a regular smartphone, combining elements of artificial intelligence, extensive functionality, and modern design. Among the most popular VR sex toys are the following:



Also, vacuum toys are gaining popularity because this is an application that suits almost all women and helps them get an orgasm in the shortest time. Non-contact stimulation makes it possible to achieve several orgasms in a short period because the sensitivity of the clitoris changes little from non-contact exposure.


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All smart sex toys adapt to both virtual sex sessions and regular masturbation. It can also be used during the ordinary lovemaking of a couple, but without the need to use your hands—the smartphone itself will control the accessory.


For ease of connection and use, smart toy manufacturing companies offer universal IOS and Android applications for all series, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.


How Do Smart Sex Toys Work?

To start using the device, it is enough to connect it to the phone through the application, master the functionality (it’s very simple), and then feel free to experiment with sensations.

Mobile applications allow you to control toys at a close or very far distance—either via the Internet, thousands of kilometers away, or within the range of Bluetooth. Please note that at a distance, the toys respond very clearly to commands. They do not need to be removed from intimate areas to reset the settings and program them to a new mode.

Benefits of Using Interactive Sex Toys in VR Chats

Why using smart toys is a good idea:


  • Models for every taste. You can choose the option that suits any parameters: large vibrators for gourmet sex or miniature bullets for beginners, butt plugs for those who are just starting to learn this direction, etc.
  • Universal use. The same smart toy can be used by both a woman and a man, and in pairs. It can also be used for masturbation, classic sex, or virtual session.
  • The smartphone is always at hand. Using devices, you do not need to part with your smartphone. Enjoy the simultaneous communication in VR chats and rainbow orgasms;
  • New thrills. Toys with embedded artificial intelligence are a new word in the sex industry. They will help you be active participants in virtual erotic sessions, get to know the capabilities of your body better, and keep passion at a distance.

The Best Interactive Vibrators Available in VR Chats

Among the most popular devices that use VR models are the following:


  • Ohmibod. Through the application, you can tease your partner with short touches on the phone screen (the rhythm of the touches is transmitted to the vibrator). You can also literally create a melody for her orgasm on the screen with your fingertips and then save your work. The strength and speed of vibration in control mode can also be changed. You can turn on the mode of reaction to ambient sounds and even set a goal for orgasms and make achievements.
  • Lovense. A special application for the phone from Lovense has very extensive functionality, stability, and technical sophistication. It has a library with thousands of variations to achieve orgasms, to which you can add your own created rhythm. With it, you can not only listen to your favorite music but also feel pleasure in time. There is a mode of reaction to the sounds around. And most importantly—the ability to temporarily transfer full control of the device to your partner.
  • Magic Motion. In the application, you can turn on vibrations to the beat of your playlist, control your voice and touch the screen. If you want, play a game on the drum set, and the toy will repeat this beat. Or shake your smartphone—this will also give fresh sensations to your partner.
  • Realov. Through the application, you can do whatever he likes with your partner: for example, shake your smartphone, forcing the toy to repeat its movements with vibration. Can tease by touching the screen, creating your rhythm, activate the reaction to any sound. The application supports video communication, and you can also chat directly in it.


With care for privacy and data security, it is possible to set a password at the entrance to each application. And with any change of settings, it is impossible to take a screenshot inside: chats are deleted immediately after the partner disconnects, and pictures taken in the application chat are not saved on the device and cannot be shared either.


VR sex toys give their owners more control over impressions and sensations, and it doesn’t matter what role you play: model or viewer. Toys in a new format can change your perception of virtual sex. Interactivity and high-quality cybersex are a new reality. Now nothing limits you, so keep up with the times and discover new levels of pleasure with webcam sex toys.



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