Incognito Sex Toys.

Aug 18, 2021

Loud sex is sensational. There is nothing more electrifying than allowing your vocals to manifest your internal, sexual euphoria, a testament to the sheer bliss and fulfilments that arise with a much-needed orgasmic release. But truth be told, sometimes we need to keep our sex or our masturbation on the down low, which is precisely why incognito sex toys are an essential part of any climax-oriented arsenal. 

This article will explore why incognito sex toys are a must-have item, what qualities make for discreet sex toys, and the best quiet sex toys that money can buy! 

And by the way, whoever said that money couldn’t buy happiness definitely didn’t buy a sex toy, because we guarantee their opinion would change!

What are Incognito Sex Toys? And Why do I Need One?

There are a million reasons why you might need incognito sex toys. 

Let’s be honest- life is often wild and crazy. We live in a busy world, surrounded by people non-stop. But that does not mean that sexual pleasure should be hindered just because you are in a situation that doesn’t allow for a little bit of self-love

Incognito sex toys allow you to reach climax regardless of the situation, a must-have for when you need to keep things discreet. 

You might be into a touch of exhibitionism, a lover of public play, which requires a quiet, small, and easy-to-hide sex toy. 

You might need to keep things quiet so as not to alert your roommates or your children sleeping a few rooms away when loud, rough sex is simply not an option (enter the annoying bed banging on the headboard). 

Or, perhaps you really just need to get an orgasm out to release any bent up frustration within, and you want to do so without the help of your partner (which is totally okay- sex doesn’t always have to be a two-way street, and masturbation is healthy as heck). Unless you want them to think that you are brushing your teeth for ten minutes straight, then you absolutely need the epitome of quiet vibration, or no vibration at all, to get the job done. 

As well as this, sometimes big and loud sex toys are truly just intimidating. Their appearance and sound might scare you away from fully allowing yourself to succumb to the pleasures of the toy, and with this, you need to tone it down a notch! Incognito sex toys aren’t just discreet to those around you, but they are also discreet for yourself, as you won’t be distracted or scared by that big-time buzzing often associated with certain vibrators.  

silicone bullet egg vibrator - incognito sex toys

The Qualities of Incognito Sex Toys

There exist a few characteristics that define a sex toy as incognito. Let’s get into it!

Quiet Sex Toys

The first defining quality of incognito sex toys is the fact that they are hushed and quiet. When you want to be discreet, you simply cannot have loud, vibrating motors echoing throughout the house- it’s a total giveaway!

Quiet sex toys either feature extremely quiet motors, should the sex toy be a vibrator, and often many quiet sex toys feature no vibrators at all, such as glass dildos. This ensures that you can have your playtime no matter where you are, without alerting those who may be near. 

But good luck! Can you be as quiet as your sex toy? It might take all the effort you have not to let out an ecstatic shriek as your legs quiver from the pleasures soon to come

Small Sex Toys

Some of the most common incognito sex toys are subtle thanks to one feature in their design- their size.

Let’s be honest; you might not be able to hide away a bulging, eight-inch dildo in your purse or carry-on. 

But, in the end, does size really matter? Not when you can compact sensational forms of vibration within a tiny, incognito sex toy that is no bigger than the palm of your hand, such as a lovely, orgasm-inducing egg vibrator!

Small and simple, yet oh-so effective. It’s much easier not to get caught when you can tuck away your little friend in your pocket!

egg vibrator - one of the incognito sex toys


Disguise is synonymous with discretion. Just like a spy putting on a second-identity costume to avoid familiar eyes, the best of all incognito sex toys do the same; they actually don’t look like sex toys at all!

A phallus-shaped object is quite obvious- I mean, dead giveaway much?

To keep a sex toy a bit of a secret, you need its design to feature the ability to send sensational vibrations to your awaiting clitoris without looking like a classic sex toy at all. 

Take, for example, this lovely necklace vibrator. To most any passerby, it looks nothing less than a beautiful piece of jewelry. But to you? To you, it is a one-way ticket to pleasure town. 

Shhhh, let’s keep this one a secret, yes?

Being able to disguise your sex toy as something entirely unrelated to pleasure is a key, defining characteristic of only the best incognito sex toys. 

And speaking of the best, what are they?!

quiet vibrator necklace

The Best Incognito Sex Toys

The best incognito sex toys include:

Glass Dildos

If you are looking for a bedroom companion, then glass dildos are the way to go. Because they do not feature any form of vibration, there is no noise involved at all (other than your hushed moans, of course). Glass dildos are the true epitome of quiet sex toys. 

Juno glass dildo and anal plug

Remote Control Vibrators

Remote control vibrators are the absolute best sex toy for public play. You can secretly hide the toy away in your panties, and enjoy normal, public endeavors in addition to sensational fun. 

Being able to control them remotely ensures that you have to do absolutely no work, as thrusting a dildo in and out is quite the giveaway, and you can act as though nothing is going on.

The best remote control vibrators, such as the egg sex toy, also feature some of the quietest modes of vibration possible. But don’t let this quiet sex toy distract you from its incredible, climax-inducing abilities. You can filter up and down through varying vibration speeds and intensities, and you can quite literally take these incognito sex toys everywhere you go for public play. 

Wearable Vibrators

We mentioned Minerva, the wearable necklace vibrator before, and this is truly a testament to all incognito sex toys. With disguise at the forefront of this design, no one will know that the necklace you wear is also your best friend under the sheets (or in a bathroom, your office, the movies, anything you can think of!). 

Aside from being a total shapeshifter, this lovely vibrator is also extremely quiet and easy to use. I don’t think a more discreet sex toy could ever exist, do you?

Bullet Vibrators

Bringing us back to the overall size of a sex toy, nothing is more small and compact than a bullet vibrator. Bullet vibrators are highly adored in the world of sex toys because they pack a serious punch! And they do so with only a few inches. 

discreet eos bullet vibrator

Sorry boys, no need to be jealous!

Bullet vibrators are true heroes in terms of clitoral stimulation, as a majority of women require clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. You can hide them away nearly anywhere: In your purse, in a drawer, in the bathroom for some quiet time alone. Even in your palm should someone walk into you as you are doing the deed. 

Bullet vibrators are small, simple, yet effective, and that is exactly why we love them so much, and we promise; you will too! As well as this, they don’t hurt the wallet at all, as their small design also allows them to match quality with affordability. 

Visit our shop to browse the true culmination of incognito sex toys, as V for Vibes always has you covered, even with discreet packaging!

I guess the question left to ask is, what are you waiting for?!



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