Human Sexual Activity – a Long History, and Many Definitions.

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When you think of sex, what does your mind go to first? Penetrative intercourse? This makes sense, but many activities are classified as human sexual activity, and being sexually active does not have to equate to having penetrative sex.

Human sexual activity has such a long and broad definition. It’s the way you experience your sexuality, and how you express it. Sexual activities include masturbation, watching porn, sexual intercourse, oral sex, foreplay, and even kissing! This is just a few items on the list – it goes on and on. Sometimes, we don’t even realize these things are inherently sexual. 

There are many aspects to human sexual activity beyond even activity – there are emotional, biological, and cognitive things as well. Sexual activity is also defined by gender and sexual orientation as well. Human sexual activity can be experienced while you’re married, single, alone, casually with someone you don’t know, or even just with dildos or watching porn without masturbating. 

There’s also sexual activity such as fetishism and BDSM. These are considered more high level, and many people partake. In fact, there are even BDSM clubs where you can watch and learn techniques. These fall under alternative sexual activities. Fetishism is defined as an almost worship-like fascination of certain body parts such as feet, breasts, lingerie, and even stomachs. There are many other fetishes as well that can be explored. Conventional would be more of your traditional vanilla sex, such as missionary sex and doggy style

BDSM Practices.

BDSM is a niche sexual activity that has gotten very popular over the years.There’s bondage, degradation and humiliation, daddy dom/baby girl, and submissive aspects, as well as many others. BDSM, even without sex, is still considered a sexual activity. Some women love the Dominant/Submissive aspect of BDSM without needing it incorporated in to their sex lives.

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Unfortunately, not all human sexual activity is consensual.

Consensual activity is obviously what we all desire, but there are some awful circumstances where it is non consensual. This is classified as sexual assault, or rape. Many of those times, women are too afraid to speak out about what’s happened to them, as the assaulter or rapist is someone known to them. However, the #metoo movement has helped break that societal aspect.

How to know if someone is sexually aroused.

Sexual arousal comes in many forms. Muscles tense, and blood flow increases around sexual organs, and the entire body. The heart rate will rise, and blood pressure as well. You may notice a higher respiration rate as well. With a man, their penis will typically become erect, and a woman will become more lubricated and their clitoris will swell. 

Health benefits of human sexual activity.

Sexual activity is known to provide numerous health benefits. From decreasing stress, to lowering blood pressure and improving your mood, any sexual activity can make you experience these benefits. It’s a great way to boost those comfy feelings and make you super relaxed.

Human Sexual Activity - Definition, Types, Health Benefits  V FOR VIBES human sexual activity, Sexual activity,  sexual activity definition, types of sexual activity, sexual activity definition, what is sexual activity, sex,

Sexual activity frequencies.

There is not a specific frequency level that is considered “normal”. Since so many people have different sex drives, frequency varies from person to person. Some people may have sex every day, or even more than once per day. Others may only have sex once a week, or once a month. There are others that have sex only a few times per year. Regardless of your frequency, you should do what’s right for you and your desire.


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