How to use Tinder: Literally EVERYTHING You Need to Know

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If you’re hoping to get back into the dating scene, the easiest way to do this is by trying out Tinder, which currently has over 6 million users. 


But even though the app allows you to find a potential match faster than you’d in person, it doesn’t make dating any easier. Scroll down to learn how to use Tinder and find the one, no matter what kind of relationship you’re looking for. 


What is Tinder?


Tinder is one of the most popular apps in the world that allows people to find a potential partner in the nearest area as well as abroad. Founded in 2012, it quickly evolved from a dating app to more of a hookup app, but people use it for many different reasons, such as finding friends or networking. The only rule is to ‘Keep it simple, keep it fun.’


How Does Tinder Work?


Once you’ve finished setting up your account, you’ll be able to see people who live in the area. You’ll be able to view their photos and profiles’ descriptions and then swipe left to dislike them and swipe right to give them a like. If the profiles you swept right on express an interest in you too, you’ll be matched and able to exchange messages. 


Can I Sign Up for Tinder Without Facebook?


 Yes, you can sign up with your phone number.


Is Tinder Free?


A basic Tinder account is free. However, you can upgrade it and enjoy additional features such as viewing who liked you, rewinding, or giving unlimited likes. 


What is the Minimum Age Requirement for Tinder?


You have to be at least 18 years old to use Tinder. 


How to Create a Tinder Account?


The process is very simple. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you either choose ‘create an account’ or ‘select a login method’, depending on whether you have an Android or iOs. Then you have to enter and verify your phone number, set up your profile, and allow Tinder to access all relevant permissions. 

how to use tinder

How to Set Your Search Preferences on Tinder?


Go into your profile, tap settings, and then scroll down to Discovery Settings. There you can set your distance, age, and gender identity preferences.


How to Unmatch on Tinder?


If your match made you uncomfortable or you simply don’t want to talk to them anymore, you can always unmatch with them. All you have to do is open the chat with the match, tap the icon in the top right-hand corner (this will be a shield or ellipses), and click unmatch.


How to Use Tinder: Tips for Women 


The idea behind Tinder is great in theory; it gives you access to a gallery where you get to choose a potential partner just like you’d choose a product from the shelf. Unfortunately, even if you just want to hook up and cultivate a sexual relationship, things aren’t that easy in reality. 


And if you hope to find a future partner, you’ll encounter a lot of people looking for something casual and deal with the ‘grass is greener on the other side’ paradox. 


In addition, Tinder can be exhausting. If you’re serious about finding the one, whether your relationship will be purely physical or not, you’re forced to have conversations with multiple people at the same time pretty much every day. So here’s a guide on how to step up your Tinder game, depending on what you’re after.

how to use tinder

Here’s How to Use Tinder if You’re Looking for a Serious Relationship


Let’s face it, looking for a relationship on Tinder is an uphill battle. Still, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and if you’re serious about finding a partner, it’s always worth having accounts on different dating apps. 


 1. Choose the right kind of photos 


While there’s nothing wrong with showing skin, posting too many bikini photos can make it more challenging to attract the right kind of suitors. 


 2. Make it clear you aren’t after anything casual


Now, you don’t have to say you’re hoping to find a future husband or a boyfriend because not everyone you’ll be talking to will turn out to be a good match. Instead, you can say that you aren’t into hookups and that you’re open to serious dating if you find someone you connect with. 


 3. Focus on your bio


Try to write a bio that captures who you are, whether it means including a quote you relate to, listing your hobbies, or telling a joke. 


 4. Spend time to get to know your matches


Dating apps are highly addictive – it’s tempting to swipe just one last time to see who else is out there. But no matter how many profiles you go through, you won’t find the perfect match because it doesn’t exist. If you want a serious relationship, you should take time to get to know people who seem to have potential. 


 5. Don’t delay meeting in person


It’s fine to spend some time finding out if your match is someone you vibe with, but it’s better to face disappointment early on than to delay meeting up and realizing you have absolutely nothing in common in person. 


 6. Say what you’re looking for in a partner, not for what you aren’t


Many people don’t realize how negative they come across when they list all the qualities they find off-putting in another person. Sure, everyone has their preferences, but it will be more effective to list traits you find admirable; it also makes it easier to connect over a common interest. 


And remember that you can tell what you care about without words, too – post a photo with a dog if you love animals and a photo with your friends if friendship is high on your priority list. 


Here’s How to Use Tinder if You’re Looking for a Hookup


Finding a match who’s on the same page is much easier if you aren’t after anything serious, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort. 


 1. Make the first move


You might think that making the first move is pointless, especially since you might have made it clear that you’re looking for a hookup, which should be enough for men to pursue you. However, remember that we live in a hookup culture, and finding a potential fuck buddy or friends with benefits isn’t that complicated anymore, not even for men. 


So instead of waiting to be approached, be confident and say hi first. Taking the initiative shows that you know what you want and how to get it. 


 2. Stand out


Make sure you choose flattering photos – a lot of people don’t read bios at all, and your pictures might be the only deciding factor. Include photos showing your face (preferably smiling) and full body shots. Bonus points if you can show off a skill – having hobbies is extremely attractive. Additionally, keep your bio light. Don’t be afraid to surprise people with a quote that describes your personality or even refers to your kink.


 3. Be straightforward


Hooking up should be fun and stress-free, so why not skip to the good part straight away? If all you want is a new fuck buddy, say it. Your matches will appreciate the honesty, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time. 


 4. Discuss boundaries before meeting up


Before you meet your match in person, make sure you talk about your boundaries first, and always meet in a safe public location first. If they don’t respect you, well, simply refer to the ‘how to unmatch on Tinder’ section. 


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