How to Use the Rose Vibration Toy.

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So, you’ve stumbled upon Daphne or Penelope, the latest additions to our ever-growing collection of women’s sex toys, and you’re intrigued by their unique capabilities. Once you click that buy button and your brand new, elegantly designed, and beautiful rose clit vibrator arrives in the mail, discreetly yet luxuriously packaged, you might find yourself asking the question of how to use the rose vibration. 

Because these innovative rose vibrators are so exclusive in the manner in which they work, that is quite the reasonable question indeed! Chances are, you’ve never seen a toy quite like this, and with this novel approach to sensation, we’re here to throw a few tips your way so that your journey to orgasmic euphoria is blissful and smooth, like a rose itself stretching its petals as it is graced by the morning sun. 

Understand the Toys

You’ll never know how to use the rose vibration toy if you are not yet aware of the way that it works. Both Daphne and Penelope, our rose vibrators, are dual vibrators, meaning that they cater to more than just one area of sensual pleasure, capable of pleasing both the 8,000+ nerve ending in the clitoris while doubling as a G-spot vibrator straight out of your wildest, most erotic of dreams. 

Starting with the clitoris, our rose clit vibrators use air as the driving force behind the soul-shivering pleasure. From within the petals of the rose, in the center of the flower, the vibrator will send lovely pulsations of air across your vulva, creating a delicate pressure that is the absolute epitome of hands-free clitoral delight. Like the warm breath of a sensual lover, this air pulsing sensation and alluring pressure will have you swaying like the roses in a summer breeze, blooming brighter and freer than ever before. 

This is far different than a suction vibrator that utilizes a ‘sucking’ frequency to mimic cunnilingus. These air pulse vibrators do not require the direct contact to the skin that other clit vibrators do, which often require you to press the toy against your vulva, and you’ll never know for yourself just how incredible this feels until you have one blowing softly against your skin. 

Because the rose sex toy is a dual vibrator, this also means that they are capable of instilling endless hours of G-spot pleasure. Both the stems of Daphne and Penelope double as classic, insertable G-spot vibrators and vaginal wall massages, allowing you to relish and enjoy the entire ecosystem of your sexuality in a way that is second to none. 

how to use the rose vibration

Begin with Appreciation

We have an entire article dedicated to the reasons why we chose a rose as the design for our latest air pulse vibrators, highlighting the many flowers that look like vaginas as well as the importance of these similarities, and if you didn’t realize it yet, the rose maintains a high amount of symbolism to the female anatomy. Like your beautiful labia surrounding the opening of your vestibule, the petals of a rose visually appear the same, and the rose has long been a symbol of love, romance, and courage. 

Before jumping straight into your carnal endeavors, take a few moments to reflect and appreciate both your body and the rose sex toy you now hold so proudly in your hands. Realize just how connected you are to nature, how empowered you should feel being a product of something so grounding and connecting to our world, and how your beauty is boundless and powerful, a testament to the sexual respect you are ever so entitled to. 

As you build your sexual confidence through this connection, take a few deep breaths to further promote relaxation through your body, helping the blood flow to your own flower as signals of arousal begin to plump up your pedals, further enhancing the effects of the positive sensations soon to come. Once fully relaxed, then oh yes, it sure is time to play. 

A Little Personal Foreplay

Taking your sensual self-care practices slowly is a key to truly embodying and honoring the journey to erotic fulfillment. Just as you don’t want to skip out on the foreplay with your partner, you should be thinking the same thing for yourself.

Bringing us back to relaxation and calmness, masturbation is about letting yourself go to succumb to the joys of the present moment, so take some time to get yourself warmed up by gently caressing your skin, running your hands over your breast, and massaging the exterior of your vulva with a moist finger. 

Try ticking your own erogenous zones or vocalizing positive affirmations to yourself about your body- I know, it might feel weird telling yourself how sexy you are, but when you manifest this truth out loud, it is such a healthy, grounding, and connecting process that further boosts your comfortability and confidence in sexual activity. And besides, you are absolutely stunning! 

Your body will tell you when the anticipation has seen enough, and then alas, it is time to move on into learning how to use the rose vibration toy for the very first time. 

how to use the rose vibration

Play with The Air Suction

Both Penelope and Daphne, our rose vibrators, feature 10 varying air frequencies for a wide range of differing pleasure intensities to play with.

With this, we advise starting slow so that you can accustom yourself to the unique feelings and discover which frequency feels the best for you, and so that you can again continue to enjoy the process of self-discovery in a slow and steady manner that is beneficial to the outcome of the entire orgasmic experience. 

As well as this, our moods and vibes are always changing, and some days you might seek a little more intensity, whereas others you might choose to keep things mellow and calm, so it is crucial to take the time to really understand how these different frequencies feel, how you react to them, and which ones you best enjoy. 

Try moving the rose closer and further away from your skin as you play with the varying degrees of air pulsation. And although they are meant for clitoral stimulation, this doesn’t mean you can’t place the rose sex toy on other areas of your body! Use the air suction along the entirety of your vulva, or get experimental with it and allow it to caress your erogenous zones or pass it briefly over your nipples for a wide range of satisfaction.  

G-Spot Delight 

There’s a guaranteed chance that the air pulsations will have the need for clitoral stimulation more than fulfilled, and after you spend ample time pleasing this orgasm-inducing zone with your rose clit vibrator, it might just be time to use your sex toy to its full range of capabilities. 

As we said, Penelope and Daphne are dual vibrators, each featuring a G-spot vibrator on the reverse stem end of their design. A rose couldn’t live without a strong stem, and we cannot live without the true culmination of shared clitoral and G-spot delight. 

Once you maintain ample self-lubrication, which shouldn’t be difficult after dancing in the breeze of air pulsations, then if you’re feeling up for it, try moving on to a touch of vaginal insertion. Each rose vibrator features 10 modes of air frequencies and 10 modes of varying vibration frequencies on the dildo end for endless, erotic customization. With this, we again advise beginning on the lowest setting to thus work your way up. 

Being that changing the speed of vibration takes all but an effortless click of a button, we also suggest playing around with the idea of consistent changes of speed as you journey deeper into the high of sensation. As you increase the speeds and become incredibly close to reaching climax, try suddenly turning them back down to edge yourself away from the big O. 

The more you do this, and the longer you hold out on the release, the more electrifying the end result is sure to be, and this might just be exactly what you need to say “Oh wow, that was the best orgasm of my life”.

Breath and Relax

Once you have completed the journey to climactic euphoria, don’t force yourself to stand back up and get right back into day-to-day activities. Take a few moments here in this newfound state of bliss, and continue relaxing as you relish the relief derived from something as spiritual and beautiful as an orgasm. 

Try to enjoy the aftermath to the same extent of which you enjoyed the journey to reach it, as this showcases an appreciation for your body, for your experience, and for sexuality as a whole, something that will build respect to the practices and that will promote the intimacy of the moment. 

Clean your Toy!

Once you are entirely ready to move on from your sexual endeavor, always remember to clean your sex toy. Considering the rose clit vibrator is made from the highest quality medical-grade silicone and ABS, they are absolutely effortless and simple to clean up when you are done. 

By doing so, you promote the safety of the following experience and the longevity of the toy itself, like watering your garden so that it may grow like never before. 

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