The Simple Guide on How to Use Sex Toys.

Nov 28, 2021

Sex toys are one of the greatest inventions of all time. They don’t only give you an enormous amount of pleasure and allow you to explore your sexuality but also destroy the notion that you need a man to be happy. But here’s one thing sex toys and relationships have in common: they require commitment. If you’re wondering how to use sex toys, the main rule is to commit to the process. 

The good news is, it’s not as complicated as it seems. All you need is common sense and to memorize a few simple rules. 

Today’s guide is on sex toys and how to use them to be safe and get maximum pleasure out of masturbation. Check it out, learn a bit, and then for the best part- go and have some sensual fun with yourself! Seriously, it’s the least you deserve.  

Let’s get educated.  

Do your Research

One of the best ways to use sex toys is to learn about your desires first. Ask yourself; what turns you on? What is your main goal? If you aren’t sure what kind of sex toy you should go for, you can search for recommendations online. Vibrators might be the most popular on the market, but they aren’t up to everyone’s taste. You might want to explore nipple play, try out geisha balls or see how you like gag balls. The options are endless. Make sure you choose a product that corresponds with your needs, not with what everyone else thinks would be best for you. If your boyfriend is getting you a sex toy to convince you to try anal, he’d better be paying for it. Direct your toy towards the sensations you know are effective at providing you the epitome of pleasure. 

venus wand vibrator

Make Sure it’s Safe for your Body

Before you consider purchasing a sex toy, make sure the material it’s made of is safe to use. A lot of companies still sell porous toys, and even though they won’t do instant damage, they trap the bacteria that can develop into a nasty infection. 

Unless you’re prepared to use a condom during every play session, go for a non-porous toy. Additionally, avoid cheap toys that are made of rubber as they can cause an allergy or irritation. The most popular materials that are safe to use are silicone and stainless steel. 

Silicone can make it easier to bend the toy but might be more difficult to insert if you struggle with vaginal dryness, while stainless steel is easy to insert and easy to clean but often more expensive. Be especially wary of compounds named phthalates that are linked to fertility issues – always read the list of ingredients carefully, and don’t be afraid to ask staff for help. 

If you’re ordering online, take some time to check the reviews. You can even ask for advice on a forum if you’re feeling overwhelmed. One of the main rules of how to use sex toys is not being afraid to ask for recommendations. 

Lucky for you, every product from V for Vibes is crafted with the highest quality, safest medical-grade silicone, and ABS, so you can rest easy knowing we have your health at the forefront of our products. 

Read the Manual

If you’re wondering how to use sex toys properly, the key is to get familiar with them. When your new toy arrives, it might be tempting to skip the instruction and get straight to the point. But in case you haven’t gotten the message yet, safety matters. If you aren’t familiar with sex toys, it’s easy to get over-excited and use them incorrectly. 

For example, inserting a butt plug all the way inside your anus is a really bad idea and can result in a trip to the hospital. If the manual says the product isn’t made for shower play, believe it and buy a waterproof toy next time. Additionally, if your toy has a USB charger, make sure you charge it according to the manual. Don’t turn it on while it’s connected, and only use the charger provided by the manufacturer. 

Consider Using Lube

If you struggle with vaginal dryness or if you have anal play in mind, consider using lube. It will make the process much easier and reduce friction that can hurt your skin. The best type of lube to go for is silicone-based lube that can even be used in hot tubs. 

A combination of sex toys and a bath is to die for (but not literally, so make sure yours are waterproof). Even if you buy high-quality lube, it’s worth testing it beforehand. Apply it to your arm to check for allergic reactions. Oh, and you can always get a scented lube which adds to the atmosphere. Read the next step to find out why it’s important.

how to use sex toys

Make Sure the Environment is Right and Take your Time 

If you’re wondering how to use sex toys, know that details matter. You don’t have to make your room look straight out of romantic comedies but setting the right atmosphere is a nice touch that can help you relax. 

Masturbation is a form of self-care, after all, so you can make it extra special by lighting up candles and turning on a sensual playlist. Plus, the music is a must if your sex toys make a lot of noise. Walking into the common area after you’re done and witnessing housemates exchange glances is uncomfortable, to say at least. Plus, no one likes to be interrupted mid-session, and some people don’t understand boundaries. 

To keep it low-key, hide under the sheets and turn the volume up. While you’re getting acquainted with your toy, make sure you take things slow. For example, most vibrators have settings that can be too powerful for first-timers. Start from the lowest one and play with different modes to see what works best. If you have a toy that has to be inserted, don’t be frustrated if you can’t do it straight away. Your body needs time to get used to the sensation, and the best way to do it is to lower your expectations and not rush anything. 

Learn to Clean them Properly

Pleasure often comes with sacrifices, such as leaving your bed post-orgasm to clean your sex toys. If you want to use sex toys, you have to learn to take care of them first. 

 While solo sessions can prevent you from catching an STI, you’re not safe from infections; think thrush or bacterial vaginosis. And trust me, there’s no bigger mood killer than that. 

To prevent this fate, wash your toys thoroughly or use a special spray designed to clean them. You might not enjoy having to get up out of bed after a big O, but at least you will keep yourself safe. And don’t wait until the next day; the bacteria build-up will make it difficult to clean them properly. Additionally, remember the most important hygiene rule and never switch from anal penetration to vaginal penetration unless you’re ready to clean your toy in-between.

how to use sex toys

Store them Properly

If you get a sex toy, it’s unlikely you’ll want to keep it on display, but make sure the place you store it in is dry and cool. Sex toys come in a bag or a box so you can keep them inside and put them at the bottom of your drawer. This will help avoid discoloration and increase their lifespan. If your toy is battery powered, remove the batteries when you’re not using it. If you leave them in, they’ll lose power sooner and might even cause damage to your toy. 


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