Unlock Orgasm Potential: How to Use a Sex Machine.

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Are you ready for the ride of your life? Do you want to take penetration to new speeds and depths? Then you must know how to use a sex machine. 


In the world of sex, there is a wide range of sex toys to take you to realms of pleasure you’ve never experienced before. We are all unique, and there is always a sex toy for everyone out there. But if you want to continue your sexual discovery and open yourself to a world of endless pleasure, having a fucking machine sex should be on your checklist.


Sex machines are new generation sex toys. They offer you complete control over your pleasure and give you access to intense sensations and sexual gratification on demand. You can now have sex with more ease and efficiency. Whether you want to enjoy a solo sex session or put on a show for your partner, sex machines are there to satisfy your most carnal desires.


For a steady stimulation that won’t stop until you get enough, here’s how to use a sex machine.


How to Use a Sex Machine


Fucking machines are one of the most incredible sex inventions. They give you immense pleasure and help you explore your sexuality differently. If you wonder how to use them, I’ve got good news for you. The machine is not as complicated as it looks. So check out the following rules and have the sensual fun you deserve with yourself or your partner.


Test the Settings


Turn on the machine and get to know how it works. You might be tempted to skip the instructions and just get into the main fun when your new device arrives. But your safety matters. If you are not yet familiar with how to use sex machines, it is easy to get over-excited and misuse them.


Watch how the speed increases so your first session can run smoothly. If you have a fantasy you’ll like to try, something like anal sex, having a make-believe threesome, or seeing your partner have sex with the machine, talk to your partner about it. Tell them your fantasies and make sure you have all you need ready (lube, blindfolds, etc.)

sex machine

Use Stable Surfaces


Stability is essential when learning how to use a sex machine. You should put your sex machine on a firm and leveled surface. When using your sex machine, the force it generates produces some movement. So you need to place it on a flat surface to avoid erratic movement.


Engage in Some Foreplay 


Even if you’re part of The Fast and Furious gang, I’m sure your speed doesn’t go from zero to sixty the moment you hop into the car. So why do you feel you can go from undressing to a full-thrusting session once you get into the bedroom for your sex play? Nah, you need some intense sensual foreplay to ease your way into the pleasure zone. 


Foreplay is highly underrated. It’s foreplay that gets you excited for the main action, and there’s no limit to how creative you can be. Excited already? Now before you fire up that machine, here are foreplay tips for you


  • Talk Dirty: If you want to know how to use sex machine with your partner, this is for you. Before you start, simply tell each other what you want to do. Go into details, and don’t hold back. To make it super sexy, don’t wait till you bring out the machine. Just talk about the sexy, dirty, and crazy things you both want to try and allow your passions to run high!
  • Sext all through the day: Foreplay doesn’t start when you want to have sex. It can start from the moment you get up from bed in the morning. Texts like “I can’t wait to see you cum tonight” can get your partner in the mood. You can send each other sex positions you want to try with the machine or if you are going solo, read up sex positions you’ll love to try. If nudes turn you on, swap sexy photos with your partner to get the fire going.
  • Get handsy: Spend time kissing, touching, and nibbling before going straight for the goods. If you are doing it alone, take your time stimulating your body. Touch your nipples and genitals to build anticipation. Other ideas include:


  • Sensual massage
  • Watch Sexy Movies
  • Take your time to undress
  • Explore your whole body
  • Engage all your senses.
spanking whip

Start and Take it Slow


The idea of being penetrated by a sex machine sounds exciting, but if you are not ready, you could get hurt. Start slow and build up gradually. Starting low also includes getting the right dildo size. Don’t choose a size that is too big for you. I know it’s possible you like “big things,” but you won’t know how to use a sex machine the right way or even enjoy the session if the dildo is too big to handle. Play with different modes and speed to see what works best. Your body needs to get used to the new sensations, and the best way to do it is to avoid rushing anything.


Lube and More Lube


Whether you are a man or woman, keeping things slippery is an ideal way to have a fantastic time with your sex machine. 


You might be able to get away with using smaller amounts of lube for smaller sex toys. But when it comes to having fucking machine sex, you should scratch that thought. A sex machine is stronger than your regular dildo and vibrator. A fucking machine can deliver up to four strokes in one second. So make sure you squeeze enough lube before trying it out. Lube makes penetration easier and more pleasurable. Water-based lubes are more compatible with sex toys.


Focus on your Pleasure


Irrespective of your gender, you should know how to use a sex machine. It works great for both vaginal and anal stimulation. It can be difficult to focus on climaxing while a strange device is penetrating you, but once you get past the feeling, you are on your way to pure bliss. Sex machines can go fast, and they can also be calm and sensual. However, you need to focus on your pleasure to get over the initial weird feeling.


Keep it Clean


Just like every other sex toy you have in your collection, always keep your fucking machine clean. While masturbation can prevent you from catching STIs, you are still not safe from infections. And trust me, infections are a big mood killer. Whenever you are done using the machine, ensure you clean it thoroughly and ready it for your next session. 


I understand that it can be challenging to get out of bed after the big O, but at least you’re keeping yourself safe. And don’t wait till the next playtime; the germs and dirt build-up can make your sex machine difficult to clean. Also, don’t forget the basic hygiene rule. Don’t switch from vaginal to anal sex unless you are ready to clean your machine in between the sessions. 


Learning how to use sex machine may sound like a lot, but once you get the hang of it, it will no longer be a big deal. After all, it is a small price to pay for the great pleasure you’ll experience.

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