Mania & Maia: How to Use the Rose Sex Toy.

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If you are all about taking pleasure into your own hands, I applaud you! 


With this, I wish to tell you about Mania, the rose tongue vibrator, & Maia, the rose flower sex toy; the elegant and empowering rose sex toys blooming with sheer delight. 


If you’re going to bridge the orgasm gap and open yourself up to a world of sexual fulfillment, then you need to learn how to use rose sex toy.

These sex toys will help you to enjoy your climax to the fullest. 


Have you ever heard of the phrase “clitorally mind-blowing”? – Because that’s the perfect way to describe Mania and Maia. Every part of your clit is taken care of – so pleasant and addicting. I’m spilling all the juice on how to use the rose sex toy without holding it back. 


These sex toys have a special, unique manner in which they work. Chances are, you’ve not used a rose sex toy before. I’m here to throw a few tips so that you can enjoy a world of endless sexual satisfaction with sex toys designed to bring your most alluring fantasies to life.

Are my queens ready? Check this out!


Learn their Unique Features


Rose sex toys are known to increase your chances of having an orgasm. Since most women don’t reach orgasm through penetration alone, having an extra means of stimulation can upgrade your solo sex time and allow you experience clitoral delight at its absolute finest. Your self-love sessions can now get longer, more intimate, more stimulating. 


How to use rose sex toy starts with learning about its unique features. Both the Mania and Maia are vibrators, which means they can deliver intense pleasure to different erogenous zones on your body. If you haven’t enjoyed the bliss of using a dual-action vibrator yet, prepare to be surprised. Plus, they are equipped with varying intensities, letting you control how fast or slow you want to take things. 


Clitoral stimulation can be life-changing. Instead of trying to get off with something that is not suitable for your vulva, stimulate all those hard-to-reach places with Mania and Maia. Our air pulse vibrators use air to deliver vibrations capable of pleasing the 8,000+ nerve endings in the clitoris.  


With Mania in your sex toy collection, you can dream of cunnilingus perfection. Mania’s tongue can delight your clitoris to no end. The soft silicone tongue makes real-life licking motions. Intense yet soft, this tongue vibrator gives you the ultimate oral sex pleasure. You are likely to get obsessed with this enchanting sex toy rose.


Like a refreshing breeze on a warm day, Maia is designed to deliver a perfect and delicate touch that is sure to send you into a world of pure sensual bliss. The rose flower toy represents the sacred symbolism between flowers and the female vulva. Place the center of the rose on your clitoris and feel energy rush through your veins as it teases your vulva. How to use a rose sex toy is not so hard after all!

rose tongue vibrator

Tease Your Erogenous Zones


If you are used to following the same routine during your solo sessions, you might miss out on some seriously euphoric sensations. Rose sex toys are one of the best toys out there. They help you learn what gets you off. When you try different hotspots and techniques with our rose toys, you might even pick some pointers to pass to your partner. 


I know how tempting it is to crank your vibrator to the highest vibration, but try teasing your sweet spots (aka, pleasures zones other than your vulva) first before using the sex toys. Warm up your clit. Do what feels good for your body. These toys are also very much adequate in pleasing male erogenous zones for shared pleasure! 


You might want to lube up your fingers before you touch yourself. I’m a big fan of infusing sensual vibes into your sex play. Light candles, play soothing songs, make up your bed with nice sheets. Do things that stimulate your senses. Even if you are not in the mood to do all of these every time you want to use your vibrator, a little sensual foreplay will go a long way.


When your body is adequately lubricated, you can now move into learning how to use rose sex toy for the very first time. Remember, the vagina responds to pressure. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different settings and intensities on your journey to an incredible, nirvana-worthy O.


Play with the Varying Degrees of Air Pulsation


Both Mania and Maia are air pulse vibrators with varying air frequencies for a wide range of pleasure intensities. 


If you don’t know how to use the rose sex toy, or you have never experienced the first-hand joy and sensations that come from an air pulse vibrator, then you are in for an orgasmic surprise. Place the rose on your pleasure points, and with the click of a button, begin to enjoy the delicate and soft pulsation of air along your aroused skin.


Play with the different vibration settings to find your perfect intensity for every mood. I will advise that you start slowly to discover the unique feelings and frequency that suit you. There are days you might seek something intense and hardcore, and there are times you need to keep things calm and slow. It is important to take your time to understand how the different frequencies make you feel, how your body reacts to them, and the ones you enjoy most.


The best part, you can use these sex toys on other parts of your body. There is really no limitation. Get yourself in the mood by using Mania to caress all the parts of your body you would like to be kissed and licked! Place Maia on other areas of your body and allow it to stroke your erogenous zones. Run them through your nipples and inner thighs for a wide range of satisfaction.

how to use rose sex toy

Get Buzzing (or Blooming!) With Your Partner


Bringing your rose sex toy into the bedroom can transform your sex life. Knowing how to use rose sex toy during partnered sex will help you spice up your relationship and make your sex play something to look forward to.


Your vibrator doesn’t stop at making you feel good. It can help your partner get off, too – whether you are experimenting with mutual masturbation or using your sex toy rose to complement your partnered sex. It will bring you and your partner together for a more intimate experience. 


Mania and Maia are versatile. They are easy to handle with a wide range of vibration intensities, making them a crowd pleaser and a must-have for all sex toy collections.

how to use rose sex toy

Keep it Clean


Always remember to clean your sex toy. It seems obvious, but many people forego sex toy care, especially if they only use it for solo sex. But it doesn’t matter if you are the only one using the vibrator – if it’s going on or in your body, it should be clean. Our rose vibrators are made from the highest quality medical-grade silicone. They are body-safe and easy to clean. 


Do What Feels Good


As long as you are sticking to best safety practices, learning how to use rose sex toy is about finding what feels good to you and doing that. I’ve told you so much about these sex toys. They are stunning and represent the perfect blend of beauty, innovation, and sexual euphoria. The rest? Your future of pleasure is up to you, girl!


If you don’t have any of them yet, click the buy button. Mania and Maia are patiently waiting to bloom and grow with you.

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