how to use anal sex toys

How to Use Anal Sex Toys.

Have you and your partner been thinking about how to feel intimate in new ways? Look no further – you’re in the perfect place to learn how to use anal sex toys so that your sexual endeavors are more exciting! 

Safe and informed use of anal toys during sex can lead to the kind of pleasure you have never felt before. At V for Vibes, we believe that sex toys for anal play can tap into your sexual desires and subvert gender roles simultaneously. 

 From using an anal plug sex toy to the aftercare, we’re here to tell you the A to Z about anal play.

Tips on How To Use Anal Sex Toys


 1. Preparation

If cleanliness is one of your biggest concerns when getting into anal play, you can ensure that you empty your bowels before you and your partner initiate anal play. You can also shower after bowel movements, and gently douche your anal cavity to stop worrying about any residual mess. A simple soap and water solution should be enough to get you ready for the act. 

It is also essential to clean all sex toys for anal play before and after each use! 

2. Setting Up 

Before you and your partner engage in anal play, set up a small station for your lube, toys, and tissues. You can ditch the fancy sheets for this, and just use a washable, soft, and comforting bedsheet

Put down a towel in case you’re stressed about the mess! 

how to use anal sex toys

3. Make Sure it’s Safe Anal Play

Exploring your fantasies should always come after communication. Talk to your partner about what you’re comfortable with – discuss safe words, ask for consent, and most importantly, remember to stay calm and breathe. 

If you are on the receiving end, communicate your boundaries to your partner, and as the giver, make sure you’re staying in touch with your partner throughout the process. Talk to them about what feels good, whether they enjoy what is happening if you prefer anal toys during sex, and what else you can do to help them feel stimulated. 

4. Let the Receiver Decide the Pace

As you engage in anal play, you might want to take a step back if you are the giver and let your partner guide the pace at which things move. Stop to ensure they’re doing okay, whether you can continue what you’re doing, and whether they’d like something else done instead. 

how to use anal sex toys

5. Don’t Forget Foreplay!

Foreplay is an essential part of your sexual encounter, and it is no different for anal play. Before jumping right into sex toys for anal play, start off by massaging, using a finger, and really letting yourself get familiar with the region. You might want to try a sacral massage that helps you relax the muscles in your lower back and ease the tension so that you are ready to go. 

6. Lube, Lube, and More Lube

When it comes to how to use anal sex toys, there is no such thing as too much lube. Try finding a lube that works for you; water-based or gel-based is fine. You will have to use a lot more if you are using a water-based one, trust us. 

Since the rectum does not lubricate itself like the vagina, you will have to start off with a huge amount and use more as you proceed. This is necessary to avoid any unwanted tugging or tearing in or around the region. Put some on the outside of the anal opening itself, on the anal plug sex toy, the condom, or your penis itself. 

7. Start – and take it – VERY Slow

We mean it when we say be highly cautious of the pace you are taking things at. Do not try to go straight into penetration and never skip the foreplay.

It’s important to loosen and relax the muscles in the anal region simply because your rectum is much tighter than a vagina. Get into a position that works for both of you; some of our recommendations are doggy style and spooning as you lay side-by-side. 

8. Expect a ~ Different ~ Sensation 

As the receiver, you will most likely experience a sensation very close to that of having ‘to go’. Don’t worry though, that is probably just your rectum relaxing and opening up to a larger object fitting into a smaller hole. 

Keep in mind that intolerable pain is never the result you’re looking for. You might experience some discomfort as the penetration begins, but if it gets to a point where it hurts too much, know that you must communicate the pain to your partner and ask them to stop immediately. Using small anal toys during sex before working to larger toys or the male genitals is suggested. 

9. Incorporate the Best Anal Toys During Sex 

While it can be overwhelming to consider too many things at once with a new experience, sex toys are a great addition to anal play. Not only will you find more stimulation in other parts of your body, but you will also feel like it’s more prepared that way. Consider an anal plug sex toy or an anal dildo to begin exploring anal play. 

how to use anal dildo

10. Add That Extra Stimulation

Neglecting other parts of your body is not the wisest decision during anal play. The sensation of being stimulated in different parts – for example, in the anal region and the clitoris – can add to your experience of anal sex. 

The simultaneous stimulation of multiple pleasure points in the body will also ease your muscles and make anal play enjoyable for you and your partner. 

11. Create a Judgement-Free Comfortable Environment 

It’s okay to take your time if you have never engaged in anal play before! Be messy. Be adventurous. Talk to your partner about what you want. There is no wrong way of trying new things, and certainly not when it comes to anal play. Don’t worry too much about the performance of sexual pleasure; just let loose and give yourself time to get comfortable. 

12. Thrusting Do’s and Don’ts 

When experimenting with anal play for the first time, as experimentation is always the best way at answering how to use anal sex toys, you want to ideally slow down the pace quite dramatically. Think of it as a movie playing in slow motion; you never fully thrust with all your force, but instead, take it slow and a few steps at a time. 

Don’t fully pull out and re-enter because that will cause pain for your partner. Stay inside the region while mimicking the thrusting motion. While pulling out, be gentle and slow. This can elevate your anal play experience and make it pleasurable for your partner. 

13. Put On a Condom

While pregnancy is not a risk in anal play, STIs and STDs are. To prevent unnecessary worry about your partner’s sexual health – and yours – wear a condom that helps you both feel safe and protected. Yes, even if you are monogamous! 

14. Try it Yourself! 

Exploring your body and getting familiar with the region yourself before you experiment with your partner is always a great idea. That way, you can know what you find pleasurable and what you don’t. When the time comes to engage in anal play, you will know how to guide your partner better if you already know what you’re getting into. 

Remember, anal play might not be for everyone. But if you are hoping to explore and test the boundaries of your sexual desires, this might work wonders for you! You can always choose to say no, or stop at any point in the process if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable. 

Just be sure to communicate that to your partner! We at VforVibes hope that this can be a wonderful journey towards feeling more liberated and satisfied, and that your question of how to use anal sex toys is answered through the careful, slow, yet oh-so rewarding journey of this process.