Step by Step: Making a Rabbit Vibrator Work For You.

Aug 8, 2021

The whole world of sex toys can be overwhelming for someone new to playing with their bodies in unique ways, and we aren’t pre-programmed with how to use a rabbit sex toy.  When I consciously purchased my first sex toy, I was overwhelmed with plastic and confusion as I browsed the store. There were a lot of lusty promises when I was really just looking for diagrams on how to actually use these alleged pleasure powerhouses. 

Rabbit vibrators specifically gave me a hard time for a while. With their multiple extending arms in different shapes, I just wanted someone to tell me what to do to make my dreams come true. 

I learned the rough way, so you don’t have to. Here’s a step by step guide for using a rabbit vibrator: 

Best Tips On How To Use a Rabbit Sex Toy.

Take care of yourself.

Listen, if you think feeling sexy just pops up out of nowhere, you’ve got it twisted. People who invite sexual energy into their lives do it with intention. And the good news is these days, you can find inspiration from a ton of different places. There are millions of paid and free porn websites out there to find you something that you’re interested in—craving something a little more low-key? Try a spicy romance novel or erotic short story. Hell, even just browsing pictures of your favorite celebrity crushes can do a number to you (We all remember how effective those boy band posters were in getting our adolescent dreams brewing). There is no wrong way to care for your mind sexually, but not doing it can lead you to problems, whether or not you know how to use a rabbit sex toy. 

Buy the Best Rabbit Vibrator you Can. 

Have you ever tried washing your hair with cheap shampoo just to see if you can cut corners? You end up with frizzy hair. Use a cheap pan for cooking your eggs? They stick to the inside. Use the lowest quality toilet paper? Your butt will hurt. Using a rabbit vibrator that isn’t high quality is all the same and will impact your experience. Things that feel good are an investment, and your sexuality deserves the same amount of care. A high-quality rabbit vibrator is going to be worth some money. If you start out with a twenty-dollar model, you’ll get a twenty-dollar experience. Spend some real time looking at rabbit vibrators and their features. Are they battery-operated? Wireless? Silicon? How large are they? How do you use a rabbit vibrator? Do you like the way they look? Ask yourself questions and make an intentional purchase. (Similarly, if you feel like skipping that process, check out our number one recommendation here

how to use a rabbit sex toy

Set the Stage.

Take time to create the atmosphere for your adventure. Set time aside and away from distractions to learn how to use a rabbit sex toy. While partner play is fantastic with a rabbit vibrator, your best chance at perfecting your craft comes while you’re alone. So find a time when you’re alone at the house, turn off notifications on your phone, get your jams playing with a fun playlist, light a candle. The ambiance for sex has a profound physical impact on how much we enjoy ourselves. You can treat yourself like your best lover and set the stage for an incredibly intimate encounter using a rabbit vibrator. Make sure you have all you’ll need to enjoy the process ready for easy access. 


And while we’re on the subject of making sure you have all you need, lube is a necessity. I know it may be embarrassing to buy (I recommend just grabbing it when you get your rabbit online, V for Vibes has a great collection available here), but it is essential. Once you have it, you need to know how to use it. I recommend using it both on the toy and on your body. Start with your body, use the lube on your labia and clit with your fingers, and notice the feeling of things nicely sliding around down there. Then, lube up the toy itself before use. Lubing up the shaft and the vibrating rabbit head are both important elements. If you’re scared of making a mess in all this, throw a towel down. This isn’t the place to be stingy. 

Clit First. 

How does a rabbit vibrator work? How do you use a rabbit vibrator? Now there’s no steadfast rule that either external clitoral stimulation or internal G-spot stimulation should come first, but what is important is that you’re taking turns. If you choose to work on your clit first, turn the rabbit vibrator on and move it into your vaginal folds, no need to do anything with the shaft just yet. This will take some playing around for where it feels best, don’t expect it to feel amazing right away. Keep moving the rabbit’s ears and nose around until they’re in a place that feels right. Most women enjoy the ears along their labia with the rabbit nose pointing at their hyper-sensitive clitoral nub. When you finally get comfortable, sit back and enjoy this sensation and get in touch with your pleasure for a bit before moving on.

how do you use a rabbit vibrator

It’s G spot time. 

Once you’re feeling comfortable with how to use a rabbit vibrator with the actual rabbit bit on your external clit, ensure you’re still adequately lubricated and begin to push the shaft into your vagina. There’s no need to do it fast or completely all at once. This is your time, and you can take as long as you need making it fill you up with comfort. The internal G spot is typically 2-3 inches within a woman’s vagina, though it varies depending on anatomy. Once the toy is comfortably inserted, try just pushing it inside the same inch or two every time. Most women enjoy a sensation of gentle pulsing more than they enjoy rapidly inserting the toy over and over again. If you pull the toy out more often, always remember to treat yourself to more lubrication if things get uncomfortable. 

Take Turns.

Here’s where the real magic of the rabbit comes to play. How does a rabbit vibrator work with both internal and external pleasure centers? A blended orgasm occurs when both the internal and external clitoral networks are stimulated at the same time. But it takes work to keep both parts of the network engaged. Take turns with external stimulation and vaginal insertion play for a while until you’re feeling ready to release. If you want to stop at any time you can, not every sexual moment needs an orgasm- but if you’re ready to release, you’re going to want to try and engage both. Press the toy both into your vagina and ensure direct vibration to your clit while you orgasm for that longer blended orgasm experience everyone raves about. And be prepared; these things can get explosive. Have a towel handy, and feel free to just really let yourself go. Experiment with deep moans and feeling the orgasm run its course through your entire body. 

And from there, you’re welcome to keep playing in whatever way you see best. There isn’t a one size fits all to rabbit vibrators and orgasms, but I hope this guide gives you an idea of how to use a rabbit sex toy and start playing around with your body in new and exciting ways. 



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