10 Fun, Unique Ways for How to Use a Butt Plug!

Aug 25, 2021

We believe that the best sex is synonymous with creativity. In an effort to promote this much-needed sensual expression in the most imaginative of ways, we are here to help paint this unique picture of total fulfillment. 

If you want to know how to use a butt plug, then, of course, there are the classic, time and tested, effective means to do so. Butt once you are comfortable with this sensationally euphoric form of sex play, as anal pleasures span far and wide into the realms of sheer, lustful sensation, then it’s time to step things up a notch and to get creative. 

We are here to answer how to use a butt plug with a brand new take on anal-based pleasure. If you’re looking for a touch of inspiration to meet sex with adventure, check out the following 10 fun ways to use a butt plug to enlighten yourself to the possibilities derived from fearless sexual discovery

  • Butt Plug at Work

Unless you are absolutely in love with your job (which we very much hope you are), then let’s be honest, work sometimes sucks! It is often mundane and repetitive, and there’s not much pleasure associated with a 9-5. 

Not unless you make it pleasurable, that is!

Butt plugs are incredibly discreet, incognito sex toys, and they can provide extended forms of pleasure throughout your day, even when you aren’t having sex or actively masturbating. So why not try out using a butt plug at work?

You can discreetly hide these lovely pleasure tools within your clothing, and how freaking fun would it be talking to that lame coworker of yours as they remain entirely unaware of the pleasures running through your body? 

Make work fun by using a butt plug at work, and you’ll be racing through that traffic to finish the foreplay that has been urging you on for the prior entire 8 hours!

how to use a butt plug at work
  • Beach Butt Plug

If you’re into public masturbation and exhibitionism, then there’s no better place to experiment than at the beach, specifically a nude beach, thanks to the lessened chance of being caught and legal trouble following.

A public butt plug adds significantly to the mental satisfaction tied to the physical stimulation, and who doesn’t want to catch a tan on their cheeks while building up that desire for sex?

It is easy to adjust and remove the butt plug, and as you are leaned over in various tanning positions, you can slide your bathing suit to the side to show it off to your loved one! The sun will look mighty fine as it shimmers off the glistening jewel of the now public butt plug. 

  • The Challenge

If you are new to anal play, then a butt plug kit is the absolute best way to gain experience and comfort with this act. To make things a little more interesting, try challenging yourself with your partner. 

Consider it a ’30 day challenge’ to anal sex. 

Every week, work on progressing your way into the larger-size butt plugs with the help of your partner. 

With sex, you often have to be intentional (to avoid the dreaded ‘boring’ that is). Not only will your partner appreciate this, but they will relish every moment of the experience, and you can use this as quite an effective means to tease them along for thirty days straight! Setting a goal with definitive dates of action will promote the intentional actions needed to comfortably pursue anal sex.

butt plug kit
  • The Flash

Back to the public butt plug, the next time you are out and about with your partner in public, see how many times you can flash the shiny end of the butt plug to them without being caught. Dress accordingly, of course, such as with a sundress, and always keep in mind the possible legalities involved. 

We can guarantee you that there is quite literally nothing sexier for your partner than having you show off that shiny jewelry of a butt plug inserted sensationally inside, and you will hold all the power in the world over them as you flash them and tease them throughout any standard public endeavor. See how many times you can successfully flash them, and next time work on breaking your personal record for a touch of exhibitionism and voyeurism fun. 

  1. The Butt Plug Selfie

We have an article all about how to take the hottest nude photos, so use this article in conjunction with a butt plug to take the most stunning, alluring photo of your life!

Butt plugs are beautifully crafted, often designed with sparkling jewels and gems, and are the perfect sex toy to incorporate into your nude photos or any of your sexting. Use this sex jewelry as a subject of your photo, and experiment with taking a butt plug selfie as you tease your loved one with the shiny gem extending from within. 

They might be jealous it isn’t them, but this is one of the best ways to expose yourself in a manner that showcases just how down and dirty you plan to get later on in the night. 

  • Butt Plug Masturbation

So often, anal pleasure is ignored during personal masturbation. And why the heck is that the case?! Anal play helps many women to reach orgasm, and perhaps you are unknowingly one of them! 

Using a butt plug during masturbation might not be common, but it should be, as this dramatically increases the physical response to self-love, helps you safely and comfortably explore new realms of your body, and further enhances the health benefits of masturbation. 

Just because anal sex has a slight taboo or fear associated with it does not mean you cannot practice this alone. If you want to bring solo pleasure to the next level, then try using your butt plug with other forms of vaginally stimulating sex toys the next time you practice the most adored form of self-care via masturbation practices. 

jewel butt plug masturbation
  • Dual Stimulation

The next time you are getting down and dirty with your loved one, try using a butt plug while they stimulate you vaginally. 

This dual stimulation is truly a unique sensation and will have you quivering for more in no time. The butt plug creates a lustfully alluring pressure against your vaginal walls, helping to stimulate the A-spot, and increasing the tightness while their penis or your favorite dildo stimulates the G-spot. 

As well as this, a butt plug inside you will feel wonderful for your male partner, creating pressure against their throbbing cock as they pound you into realms of sheer sexual oblivion. That, and visually, it looks incredible!

flora anal and vaginal vibrator
  • The Bath Plug

The next time you take a bath or a shower is the perfect time to experiment and play with your butt plug! This creates a sense of security, as you are clean, and makes for easy clean-up due to the fact that you will need plenty of lubricants. 

The warm water of a bath or a shower will help to relax your muscles, making the answer of how to use a butt plug just that much easier to attain, as relaxation is the key to anal pleasure. You can take the already relaxing vibe of a bath and turn it even more invigorating by adding a flair of anal sex to the practice, and shower time is guaranteed to never be the same. 

Take yourself straight from the shower to under the sheets, as this form of foreplay is the best way to light that fire of desire within. 

  • Temperature Play

Speaking of the shower, butt plugs are perfect for temperature play! Because many of them are made with glass, this makes them the perfect sex toy to experiment with the sensations of hot and cold in conjunction with sex. 

Simply run the plug under cool or warm water to adjust its temperature, and discover this newly found form of anal sensation as the temperatures showcase to you feelings never before known. 

Temperature play is easy as can be in the shower, and if you’ve never experimented with it before, it might become your favorite way of amplifying anal-based pleasure with your beautiful glass butt plug. 

glass anal plug
  • They aren’t just for Women!

Anal play should never be ignored, not even by straight males! If you want to take your sex life up a notch, try having your male counterpart experiment with the butt plug for themselves. 

The prostate is full of nerve endings that are like a delicacy to sex, and more often than not, men have yet to experience this type of sensation. To best approach anal play for men, we have a few do’s and don’ts already listed out for you in “The Do’s and Don’ts of Straight Male Anal Play”.

Not only will this possibly make them come harder and with more passion than ever before, but it will also showcase to them just what anal sex feels like. This way, they might not be so adamant and annoying about sticking their entire penis in you just for their own pleasure, as now they can place themselves in your shoes to realize exactly what it takes to receive the complete penetration of something in the anal cavity.


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