How to Tell if you Love Someone.

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When love is something of which you have never experienced before, how are you supposed to tell when this emotion is something you feel, genuine and raw, the magic mystery itself coming to fruition within?

It’s okay to not fully understand love, have questions about such an elusive ideology, and seek answers relating to yourself and your current relationship. We are so happy you’re here, and as the purveyors of women’s empowerment through sexual discovery, sex and love being entirely intertwined subjects, we wish to help you in this journey of how to tell if you love someone. 

Keep in mind that, in the end, love will take on entirely unique definitions for each and every one of us. These are but simple cues that might just help push you in the right direction, following what your mind and heart are most likely already well aware of but that you have not yet fully accepted. And, with that being said, remember to always listen to your heart when it comes to love. 

How to Tell if You’re in Love with Someone. 

You’ve found yourself here, reading this article, curious and intrigued by the question of how to tell if you love someone. Well, well, well, is that in itself not a sign that you are?

You see, if someone has you questioning the wildly potent excitement of love, then take this, at the very least, as a sign. A sign that you are feeling things that possibly have never been felt before, that you are wondering if the direction your heart is pushing you is actually love manifesting into your reality, and that a part of you believes that it is. 

Just because you are asking how to tell if you love someone doesn’t mean that, because you need the extra reassurance from an outside source, this isn’t already love. It only means that love is a new experience, whether you’ve been in love before or never (as love changes with every relationship), and these never before known feelings are powerful enough to spark the desire to learn more. 

how to tell if you love someone

5 Minutes

Would you go out of your way, even during the busiest and most stressful of moments, just to get 5 minutes of time with your person?

When you’re in love, time begins to take on entirely new meanings, and your goal for every day starts to turn into spending as much of it as possible with your partner. If you find yourself driving to their workplace only to briefly say hello, meeting for quick coffees before your morning obligations, and other instances of disregarding the scope of time, realizing that a quick hello and a kiss are as equally important as a night out together… Then this just might be a sign that you are, indeed, very much in love. 

A Change of Plans

A definitive sign of how to tell if you’re falling in love with someone is when the existence of your relationship begins to alter your current/future plans surrounding life. If you find yourself thinking about incorporating your partner into a big idea, such as a move, or find yourself unable to make decisions in life because the new path might take you away from your partner, then they have clearly created quite the effect on your life. 

An effect so profound that it just might be love! 

How you go about navigating these decisions is up to you, your heart, and your partner’s response, of course. But causing an impact on you regardless shows that they mean a lot to you and that deep down, you have a future together already planned down in your mind, albeit subtle and obscure. 

Life Feels Safe

Many would say that feeling entirely safe and protected in your partner’s presence is a key indicator of how to tell if you love someone, and absolutely, this very much is a sign! But beyond only the feeling of safety during the present moments, such as being wrapped up in their arms or when they hold your hand walking down a dark street, another indication is when life itself feels safe. 

If you are with someone who makes you feel secure about your future, who provides insights into their directions in life and how you may be incorporated into them, and who makes you worry less about common challenges because you now know you have someone by your side to conquer them with, then hey- this might be love!

Love creates a sense of meaning, and to some, this is often the overall meaning of life itself, so if you feel that secure, blissful sense that with your partner, you now have all you need, listen to the potency of that influence. 

How to Tell if you Love Someone

You are Open About your Sexuality

Let’s just be honest here; most of us engage in sexual activity well before true love is in the air. But as your sex life evolves, this can tell you a hell of a lot about whether or not you are falling into love or if, instead, you are encapsulated by lust. 

Having sex is common, and having good sex is great, which just might have you saying, “am I obsessed or in love?”. 

But when you have sex that transplants you onto an entirely new realm of existence, intimate, raw, and euphoric, then that sex might be driven by love. 

But more than just the quality of sex as an indication of how to tell if you love someone, so is your ability to be open and honest about your sexuality. 

Do you feel comfortable in sharing any of your kinks and fetishes with your partner? Do you feel the desire to experiment with new things, such as sexy role play? Are you able to incorporate your favorite sex toys into your sexual practice to further heighten your sensory response for orgasm-inducing sensuality?

If you answered yes to any, or all, of these (or similar) instances, then this is an excellent sign that your comfortability in the bedroom is indicative of love. 

venus heated wand vibrator

Your Partner Understands How YOU Feel Loved

Even if you have not yet established that you are “in love”, a telltale sign that you do, however, feel this way is when your partner understands the varying forms of how YOU feel loved. 

Love is a two-way street, an emotion that requires equality and compassion from both sides of the parties involved, and we can better love our partner when they know how to love us. 

A majority of where love is derived from manifest from your partner’s ability to cater to the different types of intimacy in a relationship. When they understand that you personally require experiences to feel loved, whereas their/your past partner may have required more sexual or intellectual intimacy to feel loved, they are showing that they understand who you are from the core of your being outwards. 

When a partner knows how to love you, this allows you to break down your barriers to love them back, and when realizing that your significant other has managed to figure out your personality and how you give or receive love, this might just make you know that you love them as well. 

If you need a bit of help in understanding the different types of intimacy, we have covered them all, so read up on them to help you better understand what kind of intimacy your partner responds best to and how to incorporate this into your relationship:

Once you’ve fully decided that you very much do love your partner, and once you have told them of your truth, do all you can to ensure that the love is not only a spark but a fire that will burn eternally. Keep up on our blog by visiting the Sex Education section for all things sexuality, and to continue learning how to bring the best out of both your sex and love life, and remember, relationships take effort! No love is perfect, but it is love itself that allows you to grow beyond any challenge or difficult instance life throws your way. 

So have fun, orgasm endlessly, and remember that just because you love someone doesn’t mean that you cant love a beautiful sex toy too! (wink wink). 

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