How to Tell if You Love Someone Quiz.

Sep 29, 2021

In today’s world, having grown up on fanciful tales of eternal love, you may find it quite challenging to figure out how to ground your hopelessly romantic side in the ups and downs and endless background noise of the real world. You may have heard many opinions on what it feels like to love someone, and perhaps even some chatter on what your partners ought to be like. 

All of this can, of course, seem quite confusing, especially when all those ideas thrown at us don’t add up into a coherent image. How then can you tell if you love someone?

Well, there’s no one answer to that question, which is why there might be confusion in the first place. Nevertheless, we can help by posing some general questions you can ask yourself to figure out if you truly are in love with people you’re thinking of as you read this. Welcome to our “How to Tell if you Love Someone Quiz”, where you can answer this collection of questions for yourself to better determine your current state of emotion for a romantic partner, shedding light on the subject of lust vs love. 

Question 1: Do you find yourself thinking of them often?

Though this is perhaps true of someone you might be infatuated with, it is definitely a feature of loving someone. Ask yourself if you think of them when you’re idle and on your own? What specifically do you think about when you do? Perhaps you miss them or want to be around them? Maybe you’re daydreaming about certain possibilities? Either way, how often you think of your significant other and how you imagine them can certainly indicate whether or not you love them and determine if this is lust vs love. 

Question 2: Do they reach out first thing in the morning?

One sure-shot way of telling if someone is into you, or loves you, is if you’re the first person they reach out to in the morning to say something as simple as “Good Morning!” Starting your day right can have a massive influence on what the rest of your day is like, and if you love someone, what better way of starting your day right than with the person you love and adore? Of all the different ways to say I love you, a nice good morning text is always the best! 

When you wake up and think about that person, the person you want to text in the morning, chances are, you’re pretty into them, and if you choose to act on that impulse of wanting to talk to them first thing in the morning, it’s safer to say you love them. Part of loving someone includes thinking about them and telling them you’re thinking of them to make sure they don’t feel left out or neglected in the face of your busy schedule and work or weekdays. Talking to them first thing in the morning can be the right note you need in your day to spend the rest of your day chirpy, gleeful, and energetic when you know you’re in love. Trust us, it’s almost like a whole new kind of buzz — being in love can be confusing, but it can be just as magical when you know, and it’s the right fit! 

how to tell if you love someone quiz

Question 3: Do they support you in the challenges you face?

This is perhaps a key component of love and also of healthy relationships and an essential question to a “am I in love” quiz. Is your significant other someone that you can share your troubles with comfortably? If so, how would you expect them to respond? The answer should, of course, be somewhere along the lines of them exhibiting support and care for you, but on your terms. It should not feel as though their support, although well-meaning, comes in a form that either makes matters worse or simply feels restrictive for you. In short, when they are “there for you”, does it feel fulfilling, and does it make you feel better? If the answer to that is yes, then congratulations, you may just be in love. If not, then you may have a few things to talk about. Work on catering to this form of emotional intimacy to better enhance your communication and sex talk

Question 4: Do you feel safe and comfortable enough to be yourself around them?

Alongside having their support, of course, you should generally feel safe and comfortable enough to be yourself around them. This doesn’t mean there aren’t any aspects of yourself that you won’t share with them. You are entitled to draw your own boundaries and establish your ideas of privacy and space. However, if you think about sharing something with them, they should feel like someone who is approachable to you. You should not have to second-guess yourself about going to them with anything. However, if you do feel a discomfort doing or saying something around them that you would otherwise not feel, then ask yourself what your discomfort is tied to? If it has to do with a fear of how they’d respond, then you may have a problem that’s worth communicating.

But if you’re comfortable showing any sides of yourself to them that you choose to, and can breathe freely around them, more so than you do elsewhere, then you might have found someone you do truly love and cherish. This is especially true when you can share your deepest sexual desires, as learning how to talk about sex is a fundamental aspect of uncovering the true meaning of love

sex toys

Question 5: Do you look forward to seeing them?

Here’s another way to tell if you love someone. Do you think about them often enough to want to physically meet them in the flesh? Does quality time with them make you feel loved, and cherished, and important? If you get butterflies in your tummy when you think about what it’ll be like when you meet them, chances are, you’re in love! 

Looking forward to seeing them can just be a marker of that love. Wanting to spend time together helps you form memories together and helps you also cement the relationship you have with that person. Getting excited, or even nervous, before you see the person is a sign of loving them and goes to show how much you value them! 

Question 6: Do you want to share details of your day with them?

When you’re at work, and something distressing happens, who is the first person you think of sharing the news with? Just got a lot of unwanted work assigned to you? Or had your boss yell at you during the work meeting? Or maybe, you’re just feeling low, and something small like a coffee spill has occurred, and you’re feeling upset? These emotions are difficult to navigate on your own and can be made a lot easier to deal with if you have someone to share these events with. A little support and a nudge in the right direction can be quite reassuring and reaffirming in terms of making your day and helping you feel better! 

However, who you go to when these events occur is the key point here in this how to tell if you love someone quiz. If you find yourself relying on one person’s support more than anyone else’s, then do we have news for you! You might be in love.

That’s what it’s like to be in a loving, caring, and kind relationship — you feel the freedom to share unpleasant parts of your day without any judgments and are encouraged to share new thoughts and ideas with one person. This one person can quickly become very important, and you can grow very intimate and close just by sharing little details of your life with them. The urge to do so is a strong signal that you’re in love!

Knowing you can rely on someone is also another great way of knowing you love them! It can get quite challenging to go through everyday hardships on your own, and having a person to turn to in these situations can be our best bet at making the most of life. If you find yourself turning to one person for help when things are stressful — perhaps things like work, job, college, or school, can be a bit overwhelming as an individual tries to take them on, but with the right person, it can feel lovely and a lot easier. 

Use the information in this how to tell if you love someone quiz, checking off the applicable boxes as you go, and then look into your heart to see if these match what you probably, deep down, know what you are already feeling. 


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