Real Talk: How to Tease ur BF.

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Like the thought of an iced coffee on a blistering summer day or a delectable snack to satisfy hunger, the more we want or need something, the better it feels when, alas, said something is secured. 


And this truth holds especially true when speaking on the nature of sex. 


Creating a heightened sense of desire will do nothing but increase arousal and sexual tension, a burning urge to fulfill the mind and body’s carnal needs, thus enhancing sensation when desire may manifest into reality. 


Learning how to tease your bf caters precisely to this principle of ‘edging’ things on, so should you wish to become a master of this art, we can help. 


Best Ways to Tease your Boyfriend


The best ways to tease your boyfriend are just that: plural ‘ways’. 


There is no singular method that is ‘the best’ when it comes to learning how to tease your bf, and in fact, it is exactly the variety you should seek! Teasing your boyfriend is best approached when you can intertwine multiple methods of doing so, creating what you can call an ‘ecosystem’ of teasing delight. 


By focusing on this variety, your teasing prowess isn’t limited to only one aspect of his (and your) sexuality. You will tease his imagination, his body, his sexual desires, and every other component of his sexual being.


Teasing becomes an entire sexual experience within itself, like an extended session of foreplay. To take advantage of this potent power, use all that is available to you, as the best ways to tease your boyfriend will work together to create the epitome of sexual tension.

how to tease ur bf

10 Ways to Tease your Partner


How you choose to go about teasing your boyfriend will depend on a few factors, such as: are you wanting to tease him during your sex, or are you seeking to tease him beyond the limits of closed doors? 


Regardless, take these ideas on how to tease your bf and give them a go! You’ll never know their magic until applied to your love life. 


Let Him in on a Secret


A surefire way to boggle your man’s mind and to have him spinning wild with thought is to let him in on a dirty little secret of yours. 


It doesn’t have to be anything complicating or out of the ordinary, per se, and you can keep it rather simple. 


Shoot him a text or whisper in his ear that you bought new lingerie or that you might have touched yourself earlier today, and you’ll tease him to the Earth’s end. 


Let Him Know What you Want


And we mean what you really want. There is nothing more attractive and enticing than a woman who is understanding of her desires and unafraid to voice them, so use this, girl!


If you want to have some fun in the shower later or get frisky after the kids hit the hay, by all means, tell him! In doing so, you’re teasing at his position in the relationship. 


After all, as your partner, he is (other than yourself, of course!) your primary pleasure provider, and there will be nothing more that he wants to do than satisfy precisely your recently voiced wants. Just as well, we can pretty much guarantee he wants some of the same things, so why not excite him and build this teasing tension by vocalizing our most inner of sexual wishes?!


Whether it be telling him you want to make love later or hinting at the idea of exploring a new kink you’ve always wanted to try, just let him know. 


Provide Him Visual Euphoria


Men are often easy to please with nothing less than the naked eye. If you want to learn how to tease your bf, learn how to give him a visual experience! 


This could be surprising him with some sexy lingerie or a lap dance, changing your hair, or anything else that will alter the visual allure of your sexuality. 


Not only will you feel like the queen you are, but this confidence will have him dying to pull you close and translate visual response into a physical connection

how to tease ur bf

Deny Him the Sense of Touch


Sensual sex refers to sex that incorporates the pleasures of the five senses, and because intimate sex needs to expand beyond the scope of strictly physical connection, catering to sensuality is critical. 


However, this doesn’t always mean further heightening all of the sensory responses. On the flip side, this can also translate into denying some of the senses. In doing so, you increase the response of the other senses, creating a unique and invigorating sexual experience in doing so. 


For example, by denying him touch, you will force his auditory and visual response to act in place, allowing him to focus on these avenues of non-physical pleasure instead.


Seriously, if you want to learn how to tease your bf, you must make him want. And just when he thinks he’s going to finally feel you in his hands, deny him some more. Be dominant about it, if you wish, and you’ll be teasing at his ability to refrain from latching onto you with sheer, sexual delight. 


Sunrise and Teasing


The epitome of teasing your boyfriend is to begin crafting this ‘teasing’ experience at the very beginning of the day. When the sun rises, the teasing begins! 


It doesn’t have to be aggressive teasing to the point of sexual frustration (save him the blue balls at work!), but some light innuendos and subtle hints will surely do the trick. 


Make that kiss goodbye as he heads out the door to work just that much longer. Send him a frisky text message or a naughty photo for the extra adventurous, and let him know what you plan to do with him later. 


Speaking of which, of all the ways to tease your partner, sexting is one of the absolute best! Think about it- you can continue to tease him all day long despite the distance between you!


When he gets home, don’t let it stop. Wear those silken pajamas around the house, watch an erotic movie, pour him a glass of wine with a sly smile. You get the idea, no?


Buy a Sex Toy


This one is simple, sweet, and super effective. Simply buy a sex toy, send him the link, and let him in on your purchase. His mind will not stop spinning as he conjures up how you might get naughty with this new pleasure device later or how he plans to please you, and he’ll love that you want him to be a part of this experience—a classic tease with sensational benefits for all. 

sex machine

Mutual Masturbation, Anyone?


Wondering how to tease your bf during your moments of shared sexual bliss? Mutual masturbation is your answer. 


You’ll deny him physical touch, you’ll put on quite the seductive show while giving yourself pleasure, and he can learn from this experience!! 


He will visualize from afar exactly the style of touch you tend to prefer; the speeds, pressures, and locations, as will you to them, which allows for replication on their end. And trust us, he won’t be able to wait to show you what he learned in your sex-ed show. 


It is a unique form of building sexual and non-sexual connection by allowing someone into your sacred, personal space of masturbation. In stripping yourself of all vulnerabilities, you are teasing his sexual soul. You’ve got to love it, right?

mutual masturbation

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