Where to hide sex toys.

Aug 23, 2023

Sex toys add variety to the bedroom. Their immense diversity allows you to experience new emotions. Check out how to use sex toys videos to understand how to use them. In this article, we will talk about the best places to store them.

Why is this needed?

You can hide sex toys for several reasons:

  • the desire to keep an intimate life from third parties, because it can be someone’s secret;
  • paired fantasies can be intractable to other people, even the closest ones, and it is useful to keep this a secret;
  • small children should not see this before perfect summer;
  • hiding sex toys may also be important to keep them safe and protected from dust or bacteria;
  • in case you have guests or employees, hiding sex toys can help avoid embarrassing situations.

Ultimately, this is an individual choice for each person, and the reasons may vary depending on personal beliefs and the situation.

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How To Store Sex Toys.

Let’s consider the most popular places:


As part of our commitment to your satisfaction, all V For Vibes orders come with complimentary pouches designed to enhance your experience. These pouches offer a discreet and convenient storage solution for your sex toys, ensuring they are kept clean, safe, and ready for your enjoyment. We understand the importance of privacy and convenience, and our pouches are tailored to meet these needs. Whether at home or on the go, you can trust that your V For Vibes products are well-protected and easily accessible whenever you desire them.


 Simply bury your intimate treasures under a stack of clothing. It’s even better if you hide them among the clothes you wear the least during the current season.


The key is to have a quality and firm mattress. Otherwise, you risk sleeping on an uneven surface where you might encounter a discreetly placed dildo or vibrator in the middle of the night. Such hiding spots can cause back pain and disrupt your sleep. But if you can trust your mattress with this serious responsibility and secret mission, then go ahead and hide them!


If you have a safe at home that isn’t filled with money to the brim, you can use this space to store another valuable item – an intimate toy. This hiding place will remain a secret to everyone but you. Only perhaps the thieves of artificial penises and hyper-realistic rubber vaginas would dare to seize this treasure.

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Travel bags, backpacks, shoe boxes

In each apartment, there is some long-empty shoe box or a travel bag lying around, which was used only 1-2 times a year on that long-awaited vacation. The rest of the time, he just takes a place, waiting for his active fate. Therefore, you can hide any things there, including sexual toys. But do not forget that just putting the product in a bag is not worth it. It will collect dust and accumulate dirt. So make sure you put your toys in storage bags after cleaning them.

Bookcase with a lock or lockable box

This is an excellent option if you have a mini library at home or at least a small shelf with a dozen books. Depending on its size, a book-box can accommodate any type of sex toy and hide it from prying eyes within itself. Just place it among the countless regular books, and no one will even suspect a thing.

Choose the appropriate option. The main thing is not to forget about cleanliness and the possibility of storing items in special pouches. This way, hygiene will be maintained at its best!


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