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How to Squirt.

How do I make a girl squirt? How do I make myself squirt? This is such a googled question at this point. How to squirt, squirting, what is squirt. All of these questions about such an elusive topic! Believe it or not, women can definitely squirt. This is not just a myth, or a super rare thing. With practice and patience, you or your partner will get the hang of it. Female ejaculation is a really enjoyable thing. We have a guide on how to squirt, and how to make a woman or person who has a vagina squirt! Read on to learn all about it.

First things first:

Squirt or female ejaculation is not just urine. Female ejaculation is when liquid is expelled from the urethra. This is different from being wet, and different from urinating. It’s usually odorless and has no color, unlike urine. Just like semen, there may be some urine in female ejaculation, but in general it is not just urine. 

So how do I squirt or make my partner squirt?

Make sure you take your time! Whether you are trying to make yourself squirt or your partner squirt, squirting is not something that just happens for everyone. Remember that you or your partner may feel a little embarrassed the first time, as it can feel as if you are urinating. However, it is a very pleasurable feeling as well! There is no need to be embarrassed, as just like a non squirting orgasm, this is a natural and pleasurable feeling. 

In order to squirt, the most important thing is to remember to be comfortable and relaxed. Give yourself time, and have patience. You may want a towel or blanket under you, so that you don’t experience any wet sheets afterwards if you are successful! It’s very vital and crucial not to pressure yourself or your partner, as you will definitely add tension, making it almost impossible to relax enough to actually reach your goal. 

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Know where your G Spot is!

If you don’t know where your G Spot is (or where your partner’s is), take the time to find it. One easy way is to try and sit on the floor, and locate it by inserting a finger. Most vagina owning people’s G Spot is inside the vagina, anywhere from half an inch to 2 inches away from the entrance, on the upper vaginal wall. With your finger inserted, curl it up towards your belly button. You may feel a patch of skin with texture on it. This is usually the G Spot. 

Now that you know where it is, intentionally stimulate it!

We definitely recommend using a lubricant during this, to make it more comfortable and to keep yourself wetter for longer. It’s always a good idea to use a water based lubricant if you are considering using silicone toys to stimulate. There are many vibrators and dildo’s that are specifically designed to stimulate the G Spot, so these can be a phenomenal tool to use during this time. Your fingers are also a great way to stimulate, since you can feel whether you are touching it or not. 

As you stimulate your G Spot, you will become more aroused. With more arousal, your G Spot and labia (and clitoris) will engorge and swell, which make it even easier to stimulate. Not everyone enjoys the same stimulation. You may enjoy a vibrator for the sensations it offers, or you may enjoy the gentle stroking back and forth of fingers. While stimulating, try different methods to try and enjoy multiple kinds of stimulation, and find what is the most pleasurable for you. 

Make sure you are listening to your body. 

Try to be aware of what feels pleasurable and what feels painful. With so many nerve endings, it’s important not to over stimulate and cause pain or soreness. This is another reason why using a lubricant can be a key to keeping you from being sore or injured. Ejaculation from females usually only occurs once the vulva and G Spot have become swollen or enlarged from blood flow, which increases the size. Since the female ejaculation, or squirt, comes from the urethra, feeling like you need to urinate is normal and a good sign that you are getting close!

Some may only ejaculate with penetration, while others may not ejaculate or squirt with penetration and may require clitoral stimulation. It is important to remember that all bodies are different, and to experiment with different kinds of stimulation until you find what hits your sweet spot – or your G Spot! 


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Can I ejaculate or squirt during sex?

It is absolutely possible! If you have a penis owning partner, or a partner using strap on, try cow girl or doggy style. If this doesn’t work, the missionary position can also work wonders, especially with a pillow under your bottom to angle your pelvis up and allow easier penetration and angle for the penis or strap on to gravitate towards the G Spot. 

The reason cowgirl seems to work is because you are completely in control, which means it’s easier to stimulate your G Spot, as you control the direction and speed of the pleasure and penetration you receive. 

Doggy style puts more pressure on the front area of the vagina, which means your partner may hit your G spot even easier, especially if they have a curved penis or are using a curved dildo or strap on. 

Missionary works well also if your partner has a curve or you are using a dildo/vibrator/ strap on designed to hit the G Spot. 

If sex doesn’t seem to do it, have your partner use their fingers with a curved upward motion to really stimulate and excite your G Spot. They may get a little sore in the arm, so a vibrator or dildo designed to stimulate the G Spot may work even better for them, and add extra pleasurable sensations for you!

The first few times you try to squirt, you may not achieve it. Remember that having patience and not pressuring yourself will allow you to achieve this goal even quicker, and allow you to feel comfortable and at ease with yourself and your body.