“How to Spot Swingers- The Secret Swinger Signs”.

Nov 21, 2021

Are there simple ways to spot swingers? What secret signs are used when determining how to spot swingers around me? These are million-dollar questions that pop up all the time in those interested in learning how to become a swinger. The truth is that if there was a specific sign or symbol for identifying a swinger, no swinger would want to be easily exposed. 

Unless you and your friends discuss more of your sexual desires frequently, you might feel only you and your partner are into swinging. But really, the natural curiosity inside of us makes us wonder how to tell if someone is a swinger and ways of identifying a swinger. While swingers might not have a banner displaying “swinger ready to mingle” in their front yard, it does not mean it is impossible to recognize clues and secret swinger signs that your neighbor might just be into this lifestyle. Here’s how to find swingers through a few secret symbols commonly known by the swinging community:

Secret Signs of a Swinger


1. Pineapples

We know it is hard for anyone to know how to spot swingers or have a clue of what goes on behind closed doors. But is your neighbor giving you clues that show they are into the swinging lifestyle? The pineapple, for many years, has been a symbol of hospitality and charming welcoming. A pineapple kept on a mailbox or patio by swingers implies there is an upcoming swinger’s party. When a pineapple is turned upside down, it means a swinger is looking for a swingers party.

The upside-down pineapple has gained massive popularity and has made it easy for other things like clothes to be used as a secret sign and message in the swinging community.

how to spot swingers

2. The Swinger Symbol

This is a more accurate way of knowing how to spot swingers. You may find yourself in a setting filled with kinky people who just want to have fun, crave the swinging lifestyle, or engage in variations of it. But do you know how to tell if someone is a swinger without asking directly? The Swinger Symbol can come in handy. This is a common symbol of a black circle with a red background and a swing in the middle. This sign has been used as a means of recognizing other couples. Now in 2021, different accessories are showcasing the symbol. Swingers can now show their love for this lifestyle without shouting it for the world to hear, from discreet small necklaces to backpacks, anklets, and more. So when next you visit a sauna or a sex store, and you see some showing their love for this lifestyle, say hi, you might just be lucky!

3. Black Rings

Black Rings on the right hand are the most popular symbol to swingers. It is more obvious without wondering if it is a fashion accessory. It suggests that the wearer is a swinger or potentially available for sexual advances. 

4. Wristbands

A few years back, people used wristbands to show support for good causes, but now swingers have their own branded wristbands. Wristbands have a special meaning, just like the black rings, and were created to help swingers recognize each other. What you need to look for are the male and female secret swinger signs arranged horizontally with their circles intersecting with three minus signs on both angles. This secret swinger sign is unobtrusive and respects the privacy of the wearer. 

The plus signs on both sides mean they are “looking for swingers as a pair,” while the minus signs indicate they are ready to join without their partner.

how to spot swingers

5. Pampas Grass

Also known as Cortaderia Sellona, this grass is commonly associated with swingers. It is said to be a secret sign which indicates its owner is into the alternative lifestyle. 

How to Tell If Someone is a Swinger with Conversations and Body Language.

Picking up body language cues allows you to learn how to find swingers real quick. In swinging, body language comes in handy for recognizing mutual attraction, pleasure, and comfort. With so much being conveyed nonverbally, body language conveys more than half of the interaction that goes on between people in face-to-face situations. The main area of body language for swingers is sexual body language. This body language involves the use of the following secret swingers’ signs.

  • Leaning: Leaning gives the “I want to be closer to you” vibes. You find a swinger leaning close to someone they are attracted to. The response can be the person leaning away from them or closer to them. Leaning is used with attentiveness which implies intimacy.
  • Preening: Preening is not limited to birds alone. Swingers do it too. Preening includes gestures like brushing or twirling the hair, dusting an imaginary speck of dirt from cloth, adjusting clothes, etc. There are many preening gestures, but they are all passing the same information “I want to look hot for you.”
  • Body Display: Some attractive parts of the body are displayed, highlighted, and exposed. For female swingers, the breasts, butts, legs, and neck are the main display parts. For male swingers, the arms, chest, torso, and crotch are key display areas.
  • Facial expressions: Expressions like a twitch of a smile, raising eyebrows give clues about a swinger’s underlying feelings and emotions. However, this clue is difficult to notice unless you attune yourself to picking them.

There is no sure way to identify swingers. Most of them like keeping a really low profile from the “vanilla world,” making it hard for anyone to know how to spot swingers. Signs like pampas grass, white rocks, pineapples, anklets are common, but they might not be sure signs. The best way to find swingers is to do the following:

  • Register on Dating Sites: Finding swingers near you is made easy with dating apps. From the newest apps to the old-fashioned ones, it is easy to link up with other open-minded folks on the internet. Create an account on these apps and start searching for your future match. Swinger apps help you to find other swingers and explore a wide range of sexual desires.
  • Local Meetups: Thanks to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you can now know how to find swingers near you. Most of the events posted online are laid-back parties where couples can mingle and know more about each other without having sex. This is a good way to test the waters, make new friends, and meet with pros that have been in the game for a long time.
  • Visit a Swingers Resort: Your next vacation could be warm beaches, hot tubs, cold drinks, and a sexual adventure. Whether you have been swinging for a long time or you want to try out something new, swinging vacations is an awesome way to make cool friends and great memories.
  • Join a Club: Swinging is a lifestyle and not only a one-time thrill. Different cities have swingers clubs for people who are into partner swapping. These clubs arrange safe, fun, and confidential gatherings for like-minded couples. It helps to bring together different people, and you will no longer have to bother yourself with how to spot swingers.

Are you ready to swing? This is an adventurous way to spice up your relationship with your spouse. Whether you are swinging with strangers at a resort, a luxurious club, or with your best friend and their partner, never forget to keep an open mind!


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