Sex and Love: How to Spice Up Your Relationship.

Sep 11, 2021

A sex life that fulfills every aspect of your carnal desires, every facet of your wild imagination, and every idiosyncrasy of your sexual persona might sound like something that only manifests only on the Holywood big screens or your favorite novel of Literotica. 

But what if we told you that accomplishing this sincere sexual gratification is entirely attainable? That all it takes is effort and willpower to instill these exact forms of sensational shivers, that there are so many effective and fun ways of which you can learn for yourself just how to spice up your relationship under the sheets. 

Want to know how? 

If not, you should, and if so, we’re so glad you’re here! As the purveyors of women empowerment through our stimulating sex toys and endless sex education, we can’t wait for you to discover what it means to attain the most euphoric of climax not only once, but consistently throughout your relationship, because let us be honest: sex is essential to our health and happiness

This is how to spice up your relationship. 

The Journey Requires Effort

Before we explore the varying realms of answering how to spice up your relationship, you must remain cognizant of one crucial fact moving forward- the responsibility is yours. A vast majority of ‘bad sex’ or sexual unhappiness is derived from either:

  • Blame- blaming your partner for not being on the same page, for not having the same sex drive, or for not being open enough about their own sexual desires. Blame often leads to disconnection, and disconnect leads to less lovemaking, less sexual intimacy, and will crush sexual desire in the palm of its hand.
  • Routine- locking yourself into a routine of either unfilling or inconsistent sex will take over. You become used to how your sexual relationship unfolds, and the mundane becomes normal. When this is your form of normality, often you don’t realize that all it takes is an effort to change things, and instead, you allow the routine to win over.  

So, what does this mean for you? When learning how to spice up your relationship, you must first recognize why you don’t feel the spice in the first place, whether it be from blame, routine, or anything in between. Then, you must ACT. 

Nothing changes without effort and action, so know that sometimes you simply must take things into your own hands to initiate change. Be aggressive if that’s what it takes, be open, be honest, and be willing to put in the work, and the results of happier sex life are all but guaranteed to follow. 

how to spice up your relationship

It’s Not Always About Sex

Although your quest in how to spice up your relationship might focus on sex, so much of this relies on things that first bring you closer as a couple. The best of sex is so often fueled by intimate love, and this intimate love is derived from everything you do together, your entire life as a couple. 

We’re talking about that cliche spark you felt when you first met, that otherworldly love drug that sent dopamine and endorphins rushing through your body when you first laid eyes on their exposed body to feel them closer for the first time. Oh yeah, bring back that spark, and better sex will follow. 

Ask yourself, when was the last time you had a sexy date night? Make these dates a consistent habit, and force yourself to work through the struggles of life that generally put date nights on the backburner of your relationship. Just because we live with someone or spend a majority of time with them doesn’t mean they get to learn who you are at a fundamental level. Every day we change, and if you aren’t going on date nights that initiate thoughtful conversations, that provide you with experiences together, and that form the backbone of your love, this change becomes one-sided. 

Sexy date nights don’t have to be expensive or crazy- sometimes a simple glass of wine and a picnic, or even just playing some board games together or crafting some art at home is all you really need to manifest this experience. Be spontaneous, don’t always focus on the sex, and ensure that you are catering to your partner on a level of friendship and enjoyment so that more intimate sex may follow suit. 

The Different Kinds of Intimacy

This brings us further into the fact that pursuing the question of how to spice up your relationship doesn’t always have to focus on the sex itself. If you didn’t already know, so many different types of intimacy are required for optimal connection within a relationship. 

The different types of intimacy include:

We don’t all have the same definition of what we need to bring us closer on an intimate level. Sure, sexual intimacy might reign at the top of the list for many of us, as in we need sex and physical connection to feel the love as a pair. But for many, this is not the case, and learning precisely what type of intimacy your partner craves the most for connection is the first step to bring you closer on a sexual level. 

After learning the characteristics and definitions of the different types of intimacy, all it takes is a little open and honest conversation with your panter to deem what style of intimacy sparks that fire of desire within themselves. 

If they are a spiritual person, then of course, it may take spiritual connection (such as meditating together) to lead to more intimate sex. Suppose they need experiences outside of the bedroom to make them feel close to you. In that case, your partner requires the pursuit of experiential intimacy, once again, such as with a sexy date night that leads to memories you will cherish forever. 

Intimacy is very broad, and being diligent in understanding who your partner is, what type of intimacy they require, and how to ensure this intimacy is fulfilled within your relationship is a key in learning how to spice up your relationship. 

sexual intimacy

Be Open to Sexual Kinks

There’s a huge list of kinks and fetishes out there, and they exist for a reason. We are all highly unique in our sexual identities, and we each have special things contained within our sexuality that absolutely set us off and turn us on to newfound levels. 

The honest truth is that if your partner or yourself has a kink that they cannot fulfill, this is sure to lead to sexual frustration and a lessened desire for connection by playing that blame game. 

You have to be open to your partner’s sexual kinks and your own sexual kinks if you want to know how to spice up your relationship on an erotic level. Understand that kinks are shared amongst all of us and that they are an integrated part of human nature. And in the end, exploring different kinks together will lead to the most sensational of sex, as each kink will showcase new forms of gratification both on the physical and mental realms. 

Ask your partner about their kinks, determine how you can approach them safely and with consent, and then do it!!

Have you Tried Role Play?

Let’s face it- sometimes there are those days where life feels bland and dull, where we wish that we could jump into an entirely new existence of who we are and what we do. Well, guess what, you actually can!

Sexy role play is such an enjoyable means of adding a flair to your sex life by creating experiences that cater to both experiential intimacy and sexual intimacy simultaneously, leading to better and more sensational sex. 

If you want to start slow, try role-playing over text for a light introduction before progressing into a more definitive means of role-playing. Once you’re ready, visit our article “7 Role Playing Ideas for Couples” for a bit of inspiration as to how to craft the varying forms of acting out that you can pursue. And in the end, relish the fact that you can have such a fun, make-believe experience that is connected to sex with the person you love the most, as this connection is what its all about!

Sex Toys

Are sex toys a part of your regular sexual practice? If not, they are one of the single best ways to discover how to spice up your relationship. Sex toys enhance sensation for both parties involved, promoting sexual fulfillment through the delivery of sincere physical sensation. 

Sex toys also allow you to explore kinks that might otherwise involve another human being, such as greeting a homemade Gloryhole or recreating threesome sex by using a dildo and not another human phallus that might spark jealously. 

Want to know more about “How Sex Toys Help Satisfy Sexual Kinks and Fetishes.”? Visit our article to find out. 

Sex toys are essential for the epitome of mutual masturbation, which is an experience that is sure to bring you closer as a couple, and will showcase feelings never before discovered. 

So go ahead, visit our shop to begin exploring the finest sex toys on the market, enjoy the virtual shopping experience with your partner (clothes off while you shop, perhaps?), and break open that box upon delivery to discover what it means to have the best orgasm of your life. 

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