How to Sell Sex Toys in 2024: Finding the Most Popular Sex Toys in the Market

Apr 17, 2024

The sex toy market is a growing and viable industry for new businesses. We are talking about 10s of billions of dollars each year. And the number keeps climbing! If you are looking for an effective way of how to sell sex toys. We’ve got you covered. Before you jump in, you need to understand the types of sex toys and know where to source them from. We have provided information on the 4 most popular sex toys and how to source for them. Here we go



These are sex toys shaped like a real penis. Some come with unique designs to target certain pleasure areas. For example, some dildos have an extra extension to massage the clitoris. These are dildos designed for women who want to take solo play to a higher level. Some of these types of dildos also come with a vibrating function. This is designed to increase the pleasure sensations. 


The kinds and types in the market vary. The most common and popular are those that are:

  • Manufactured using a shape similar to the penis
  • Made to be put on using a strap. These are common with female couples who want the pleasure of a penis without the human touch
  • Double-sided are similar to the one above. The difference is that they’re worn by both partners> this ensures each partner gets to enjoy the sexual play
  • Suction base dildos are those with a base for attaching to a smooth surface. These are mainly for solo play


Some people believe that dildos are a sign of a dissatisfied partner. However, studies on sex toys discovered them to be helpful. They can aid in sexual relationships, especially between committed couples. If you’re interested in dildos, go to V For Vibes. They have the best collection of dildos to help know how to sell these sex toys.  

How to Sell Sex Toys in 2024. | V For Vibes


Vibrators are also known as massagers. They are sex toys that create pulses or vibrations using electronic power. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be used by anyone and often help you get an orgasm


To use a vibrator, place it on a sensitive erogenous area. These are places on the body designed to increase sexual pleasure. People use them on the anus, clitoris, vulva, or penis. Some can be used internally in the vagina or anus. Continuous stimulation from vibrators creates sexual pleasure feelings with the result of an orgasm. 


These sex toys are used for solo play or pleasure with a partner. For instance, more than 49% of homosexual men and 43% of heterosexual men use them in the US. Another study showed more than half the women aged between 18 – 60 have used one. This is why when it comes to learning how to sell sex toys, you should consider vibrators. 


Go to V For Vibes and look at their collection. They have different kinds of vibrators for couples, men, women, and people of all sexual orientations. These sex toys are also available with different intensities to ensure there’s something for everyone. The prices also vary from more affordable at a few dollars to others costing more than $100. Check out the options available at V For Vibes to get the ballpark of these adult toys.   

How to Sell Sex Toys in 2024. | V For Vibes

Anal Plugs

These are also known as butt plugs. Anal plugs are shaped like a cone and go into the anus. They start narrow and widen as they go deeper. Some go back to being narrow after widening. These sex toys come with a wide base. It’s meant to prevent the sex toy from going in too deep. Unlike the sex toys above, a butt plug is meant to stay in place during sex. 


One of the main uses of an anal plug is to stimulate the anus. This is done before sex to prepare the anal cavity for sexual intercourse. It may be the reason it’s trendy among gay men. Women also use it to stimulate the vagina before sex. It works by the tip getting close to the female G-spot. It’s the reason why women have started using butt plugs more. Men enjoy anal plugs because they stimulate the prostate gland. This leads to a pleasurable prostrate orgasm. 


If you’re learning how to sell sex toys, consider butt plugs. They are popular making them profitable. They have different features. It’s wise to check out the available options before stocking your sex toy store. Check out the options available for sale at a reputable store. For example, V For Vibes has a wide collection of anal plugs for sale. They also have the option of selling to you at a distributor’s or wholesale price.   

Thrusting Anal Plug - Rotating Anal Plug | V For Vibes

Cock Rings

Just as their name suggests, these are rings that are placed around the scrotum or penis. They slow blood flow to an erect penis. The move makes erections longer-lasting and harder. Some come with a vibrating option. It’s designed to make the experience more pleasurable for you and your partner. These sex toys are also known as constriction rings, tension rings, and penis rings


They are available as solid cock rings, vibrating cock rings, adjustable cock rings, and soft and stretchy rings. Solid cock rings are designed to be used by experienced users. Only use high-quality and certified solid cock rings. Some have been known to cause penis strangulation. 


Vibrating cock rings come with a small vibrator. This is meant to stimulate the female partner during intercourse. However, some men have reported some type of stimulation when they use them. Adjustable cock rings are the best option. They allow the user to adjust it according to their needs. 


Soft and stretchy cock rings are the cheapest and most common available penis rings. They are simple circles made from soft materials like silicone. They’re also simple to use and remove. Cock rings are among the most popular male sex toys. You need to learn more about them as you know how to sell sex toys. Go to V For Vibes to get the widest selection of cock rings in the market. Here you’ll find every type of penis ring. You’ll also learn more about them to understand them better. 

How to Sell Sex Toys in 2024. | V For Vibes


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