How to Secretly Masturbate… And Not Get Caught.

May 12, 2022

Do you know how to secretly masturbate without getting caught? Heck, this is a must-have skill in 2022!


Where were you the first time you felt a surge of arousal, and you were nowhere near your room? Maybe you were with your partner on the balcony, and you felt a swift gust of wind across your nipples. Or perhaps you were with a couple of friends, but your mind is totally on how bad you want to touch yourself and masturbate.


 You start to yearn for privacy as the pent-up thrill spreads all over your body, probing you for a release.


Secret masturbation includes moments when you want to indulge in solo sex, but you don’tdon’t have the privacy to do so. It can be nerve-wracking. However, who says you can’t go ahead and do your thing. If you are interested in adding a little element of thrill to your solo play, I’ll suggest you learn how to secretly masturbate. 


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How to Masturbate Secretly While Keeping Things Exciting


Have a Fantasy in Mind


If you are trying to keep things secret, you probably don’t have much time before your partner, friend, or the person sitting next to you on the bus knows what you are up to. Create a fantasy in your mind and make your daydreams dirty. Your brain = the best erotic partner!

Arousal starts from your mind. If your mind is turned on, the rest of your body will follow suit. To get your brain and body on board:


  1. Start fantasizing.
  2. Think of your hottest sexual experience and replay it in your mind, or let your mind wander to moments with a sexy stranger or whatever gets you in the mood.
  3. Don’t forget; it’s your fantasy.
  4. Allow your mind to travel wild.


Just remember, no fantasy is too bland or too wild.


No one knows what’s going on in your mind aside from you. So there’s no need to feel embarrassed over what sets your soul on fire.

sex whip

Make Your Shower Time Dirty


Since the bathroom is one of the best places you can have privacy, making the best use of your time there is one of the easiest ways you can know how to secretly masturbate. The rush of water around you will help you drown every noise.


Use your time in the bathroom to wash off and relax for a few minutes with a quick masturbation session. Feel free to get creative while in the shower. Sneak in one of your incognito sex toys. And remember: your showerhead is a sex toy in disguise – and a great one at that. 

remote vibrating anal plug

Listen to Audio Erotica


How to secretly masturbate is not hard when you are smart with it. Watching porn can quickly draw attention if you are not alone. Heck, if you have audio erotica on your phone, go ahead and enjoy that. Plug your earphones and allow the erotic words to soak into your soul and lead you to a world of sensual bliss. Many phone apps have tons of sexy audio stories to get you hot and bothered. 


Here’s some of the best and free erotic literature available online


Use Sex Toys


Variety is the spice of life. Just because you are trying to keep things on the low doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a great time. And what better way to add some excitement to your solo play than by using incognito sex toys. From vibrators to dildos, you can explore your body and experience pleasure in ways you never thought possible. Get creative with your sex toy and provoke sexually intense reactions. The only thing standing in your way is your inhibitions. 

ejaculating dildo

Show some love to your Nipples


Have you ever challenged yourself to orgasm in a different way? Did you know it’s possible to reach climax simply by stimulating your nipples? Since you are trying to keep your solo time discreet, it might be time to test out nipplegasms. Give your nipples some love till they are hard and puckered. As you massage, tug and pinch your nipples, it will be hard for anyone to notice what you’re up to. Once you’re about to orgasm after a quick bout of nipple play, pull back and see what happens.


Experiment with the most sensitive spots


Learning how to secretly masturbate includes being time-conscious. Since you don’t have enough time, you should go straight for the erogenous zones that make you come fast. Stroke your clit. If the clitoris was an astrological sign, I’m sure it would be cancer because it’s super sensitive. 


The clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings, and you shouldn’t be sleeping on how these nerves can spice up your solo sessions. Use your fingers to touch areas around your clit. Press your index and middle fingers over your clitoris and rub gently in a circular, back and forth, or up and down motion. Experiment with pressure and speed and have a discreet, great time


Don’t Make Orgasm the End Game


Masturbating secretly does not have to end in orgasm. It can simply be about pleasure and sexual exploration. If it comes, then good job! However, if you go into solo sex with the explicit desire to have an orgasm, it can become hard to achieve. Do it with an open mind. As you pleasure yourself, remember: This is for me. It’s something that makes me feel good. Take your time, and just feel it out. Literally. 


How to avoid getting caught


Play Music


If you share walls with your friends and you don’t want them to know what you’re up to, music can do the trick. Turn on music while you masturbate. Keep it at a reasonable level – a little bit of music should be more than enough to drown out your moans.

how to secretly masturbate

Be Quiet


Secret masturbation is no place for screamers! If you want to know how to masturbate secretly, then you should not be moaning or be breathing loudly. Be as quiet as you can be, depending on where you are, so that no one hears you. If you are in the middle of nowhere inside your car, and you’re sure no one is around, you can do whatever you like. But if there are people around like your partner and your friends, do yourself a favor and don’t be loud.


Be Quick


I think the reason why many people want to know how to secretly masturbate is that they can’t. wait until they are finally alone. 


There’s just this urge inside you; this want that you feel you need to fulfill immediately. That being said, you can make your secret masturbation a quickie. Getting in and out! You have to be fast and vigilant. It is not the time for a long drawn –out self-exploration session. Secret masturbation is a passionate and adrenaline-fueled experience with a “gotta come right now” urgency. Embrace the heavy sensations and welcome the hurried breaths as you fast.


Control Your Facial Expressions


Lower your risk of getting caught by keeping your pleasure-twisted faces in check. Manage your facial expressions to only the bare necessities, even if you have to turn around or bend to hide your orgasm face.


Keep it Simple


How to secretly masturbate without getting caught involves keeping things simple. This is not the time to use a big dildo or try out wild sex positions for solo play. Keep it comfortable. And a piece of practical advice that is worth repeating is to wear easy-access clothing, like a skirt or a short gown with no underwear.


I’m sure you know how to masturbate secretly now. So, fap away, I say. Because a wank break when you are in the mood might just be all you need to have a splendid day.


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