10 Thrilling Answers for ‘How to Relieve Sexual Tension?’

Jan 31, 2022

Sexual tension feels good, but every good thing eventually comes to an end. The key is to make it worthwhile with a satisfying finale. Keep on reading to find out how to relieve sexual tension in 10 exciting ways. 


1. Explore public sex


One of the reasons why sexual tension feels so good is that it’s intense. So intense that you just can’t help yourself but fantasize about ripping each other clothes off there and then. Luckily, as much as taboo sex in public is, it’s also pretty doable. You just have to find a spot where the chances of being interrupted are low. This could be a public toilet, a secluded park area, or a car. Everywhere works as long as it’s done in the heat of the moment and out of the public eye. With a bit of practice, you can also spice this up with a role play. For example, you and your partner could pretend you’re strangers who met by accident and felt an instant attraction, then do the deed. Let your imagination run wild.


2. Keep your vibrator handy


Do you know how you can use a public toilet to have a quickie? Who says you can’t do the same when you’re single? If your coworker’s flirting makes you go crazy or if your libido is simply out of control and interrupts your work, all you have to do is excuse yourself and head to the bathroom. It might feel intimidating at first, but it’s also one way to find out if you have exhibitionist tendencies. You might realize that you enjoy breaking the rules, and the adrenaline rush gives you a more intense orgasm, which can then inspire you to explore roleplays that induce it. Just make sure to get an incognito sex toy to avoid awkward situations. 

clit sucking vibrator

3. Explore new kinks


If you feel like your sexual tension doesn’t lead to anything fulfilling in your relationship, you should try to add a bit of excitement to the bedroom. A good place to start is role play. It will give you a sense of novelty as you’ll be having sex in a different scenario and give you and your partner an excuse to dress up and make more effort than usual. Go for something simple like teacher-student fantasy or play favorite characters from a show. You can combine it with trying new things in bed; it could be a new position, incorporating pain, or simply changing the setting. Your sex life won’t get stale as long as you’re experimenting. If you’re single, it doesn’t mean you can’t make masturbation more exciting. Dress up and admire yourself in the mirror, then touch yourself and watch your reactions. 


4. Use sex toys


If you’re wondering how to relieve sexual tension on your own, one of the most satisfying ways to do that is to use sex toys. Stimulating your erogenous zones with a vibrator can lead to more powerful sensations and help you get to know your body enough to achieve blended orgasms in the future. When you stimulate your clitoris, start slowly and then gradually increase the speed or intensity. You can also tease yourself with nipple clamps or a butt plug before you move onto vaginal penetration. The longer you wait, the more satisfying the orgasm will be.

vibrator necklace

 5. Try edging


For the same reason, you should try edging. If you’re using sex toys as foreplay, you can prolong it by bringing yourself or your partner close to orgasm, then stopping and trying again. This, combined with built-up sexual tension, will make your orgasm extra intense and gratifying. While relieving sexual tension is the purpose here, it also feels pretty good, and you should extend this high as long as possible. Take things slow and try to enjoy the moment instead of focusing on the end goal – live in the moment. With the right approach, sexual tension build-up might no longer be frustrating but feel as good as an orgasm. 


6. Try mutual masturbation


Mutual masturbation is a great way to bring diversity into your relationship. It won’t only help you relieve the tension but also amplify it enough for it to feel more satisfying than usual. Instead of rushing into taking your clothes off, focus on savoring every moment and once you get undressed, try to explore each other’s bodies in a non-sexual way. You can start from a massage, tracing your finger along your partner’s skin and sensual kissing. Then stimulate each other’s genitals while keeping eye contact. Since sexual tension is intense, most people think the best way to relieve it is by matching that intensity. But if you create a contrast between sensual foreplay and penetration, you might experience maximum pleasure. Give it a try and see for yourself. 


7. Pair sex with adrenaline


The best way to intensify sexual tension is to pair it with additional anxiety. For example, the kind of anxiety you experience when you think you’re about to get caught. Once you’ve explored sex in various public places, take it to the next level and try something riskier. You could have sex in a room next to your parents’ and forget to lock the door, try to get handy at the cinema or under a restaurant table. Going all the way when other people are around might be too extreme, but there’s always a public toilet you can visit when you can no longer stand the tension. The chances are that you’ll be interrupted, but you can leave this memory for later and still enjoy more exciting sex at home.


8. Watch porn 


The simplest answer to ‘how to relieve sexual tension’ is watching pornography, which is how most people cope with it. But not everyone knows why porn feels so satisfying. The answer is that when you view an erotic video, your brain releases dopamine that allows you to experience a pleasure. As your sexual tension skyrockets, adding porn to the equation will allow you to feel increased satisfaction and make the climax even more worthwhile than usual. Experiment with different types of videos to find the one that turns you on the most. 


9. Warm yourself up with an erotic story


You don’t have to touch yourself to let yourself fully immerse in your fantasies. You can start by reading a story and engaging your imagination. Instead of relieving the sexual tension fast, be patient and take your time to reap the most benefits. As you feel like your arousal has hit its peak, you can move on to masturbation. 


10. Exercise before sex or masturbation


Physical activity gets your blood pumping and causes your body to release endorphins that make you feel euphoric; it has the same effect on your genitals. Next time you exercise, make sure you squeeze and release your pelvic floor muscles to increase the arousal, and then masturbate before you hit the shower (or you can always try shower play to kill two birds with one stone). This can result in heightened sensations and more intense orgasms. Just make sure the exercise isn’t too strenuous. Even something as light as yoga can do the trick.



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