How to Masturbate: Everything You Need to Know.

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Masturbation: it’s fairly common, and can be one of the most significant sources of pleasure you will ever know. If you’re confused about how to masturbate, keep reading because we’ve got the perfect tips for you! After all, who else would know your body as you do? 

How To Masturbate:

Set the Tone Right

Remind yourself that it’s perfectly healthy and absolutely normal to want to find out what feels pleasurable to you. And hey, if you already know, it’s the best form of self-care there is. Give yourself a few hours off in the day to experiment with your body, and really indulge in self-care steps. Music, wine, and lighting- you deserve the best. 

Be Prepared 

While your body may produce lubrication when you’re aroused, know that there is the possibility of it not being enough. Sometimes, you need to go in with more lube to ensure that friction doesn’t cause any irritation and that things go quite literally smoothly. Keep some lube on standby near you when you begin to masturbate – you never know when it might come in handy. Additionally, remember that it’s completely normal to want to include sex toys during masturbation simply because they add to the sensations you might not get on your own. Vibrations, different shapes and sizes, and speed settings will all make your experience even more orgasmic euphoria than you had initially planned! 

Give Yourself Time to Explore

You might not find what works for you right away. Do you prefer clitoral stimulation, or do you crave something deeper in your vaginal walls? Would you enjoy masturbating more if your G Spot was stimulated or when anal play is involved? These are questions that you can answer with a little bit of time and a little bit of exploring. Let your thoughts wander, and really kick back and relax to get started on this wonderful new journey using our masturbation tips. 

Your Whole Body will Respond to Touch! 

Trust us, even though vaginal and clitoral stimulation is two of the hottest picks for women masturbating, the rest of your body is pretty responsive, too! Try exploring which erogenous zones respond well to touch for you – experiment with the nipple region, your ears, or even your inner thighs to really find what works for you. Let your hands wander like your mind and feel the stimulation intensely elevate as you make your way to your genitals

masturbation tips

Don’t Force the Big O

One of the goals of sex play or masturbation is incorrectly assumed to be an orgasm. Make sure to relieve the pressure and take some of the focus off an orgasm to truly enjoy the masturbation tips we are sharing with you. Sure, an orgasm would feel great, and if you can achieve it, all the better! But it’s also okay to sometimes want to explore what feels good without heading into masturbation and having an orgasm be the end goal. Try vaginal masturbation, or experiment with anal masturbation tips, as opposed to your regular clitoral masturbation if you’re interested in finding what feels the best for you. Again, just let yourself relax, pamper yourself, and let the good vibes lead you into a new world – pleasure is just as great an outcome of masturbation as an orgasm. 

Bring Out all the Sex Toys

It can be fun exploring your body with your hands and your fingers, but when it comes to maximum stimulation and pleasure, nothing beats a good, high-quality sex toy designed by and for women for masturbation! If you’ve wanted to try anal play for a while but are unsure of where to begin, we suggest you get your favorite anal toy out and let the “backdoor” region do its thing. Anal masturbation tips are quite useful for beginners exploring their bodies, like never forgetting your lube, or introducing temperature play into your masturbation session. Sex toy masturbation can feel great on your own or with a partner watching where the fun is doubled. A vibrator or anal sex toy can really take your masturbating game to the next level. 

sex toy masturbation

Change Up the Setting

If you’re used to getting down and dirty in your bed watching a show, changing the environment might make it more exciting for you. In fact, the thrill of being in a new place might even make you feel more aroused and with more arousal comes a greater reward! It can be a new and different setting, like in the shower, in a chair, or on a couch; all of which are great places to give yourself the brand new feeling in a brand new place. 

Stimulate Other Senses

If you’re someone who gets easily excited by visuals, use your imagination to draw up images you would like to see when you’re masturbating. Maybe grab a book that is listed as erotica or a magazine and let the words work their way into your imagination to help you visualize your ideal version of maximum pleasure. Scent can also play a huge role in feeling pleasure – light a candle or two, or get some essential oils and let your olfactory senses go to town with all that stimulation. 

hemp candles for masturbation

Remember that masturbation can help increase your Libido. 

Contrary to popular belief, masturbation can actually help you fuel your sex drive even when you’re in a relationship. If you figure out your relationship with your body and know what feels good to you, you will be able to communicate that to your partner, and let’s get real – good sex means good communication. 

Making it a regular part of your routine can also help you shed some of the societal shame and stigma associated with masturbation so that you feel better in your own body, which can lead to drastically different – even incredible – outcomes for sexual pleasure. 

Without the stress of performing for anyone else, you can just let loose and really figure out your own body for yourself. The significant impact that taking pressure off yourself can have on your sexual wellbeing is essential, especially if you are having trouble reaching the orgasm stage or are underconfident about your sexual prowess. Masturbation can put you back in touch with parts of your body that you had forgotten about or had never explored before. It’s the perfect time to genuinely get to know yourself like no other.

Yes, Masturbation is Healthy! 

Masturbation can have lots of positive impacts, not just on your sexual health, but also on mental and physical health, too. It drastically lowers stress levels and seriously takes the edge off at the end of a stressful, long day or week. It can help boost your confidence during sexual encounters and outside of sex as well. It also helps with period cramps and postmenopausal cramps by relieving the pressure and pain and stimulating the feel-good centers of your brain. 

Not only does it help your mental health by relieving stress, it is also actually perfect for your vaginal health, too. More stimulation in the genital region means greater blood flow to your vagina, which in turn keeps your vagina healthy and happy! In fact, masturbation can also help with any problems you and your partner are experiencing on the sexual front – a positive image of yourself is all that’s needed to work through some of the challenges of daily life. 

 So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite toy, light a candle, and use our guide on how to masturbate with ease! 


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