How to Masturbate with a Pillow.

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There sure are some creative ways to masturbate, and we love it. Female masturbation is not limited in terms of the techniques you can use. But did you know that your next sex toy could well be there on your bed already? Yes, your pillow could be the next item that takes you to orgasmic bliss.  

For many of us, using a pillow to reach climax was our first experience with masturbating. For others, it’s still to this day the main way they pleasure themselves … and for a good reason! For others, it’s something new that they have not yet tried before, an opportunity to feel new physical sensations and to reap the endless rewards of sexual discovery that come with trying something new. 

Read on to find out all about pillow masturbation, what it is, and how to do it.

What is pillow masturbation?

First things first, what’s pillow masturbation? Pillow masturbation or pillow humping masturbation is when a woman mounts her pillow and grinds herself to orgasm. Simple but effective. A one-way street to self-induced, sensational, and soft pleasure.

Benefits of pillow masturbation

Using a pillow for your solo time has a lot of benefits. It may even be better than your favorite vibrator!

It allows for discreet play: If you live in a house with other people, humping your pillow might just be the most discreet way to masturbate using an object. Even vibrators marketed to be quiet can seem really noisy in a shared apartment on a quiet Sunday morning. However, we do want to note that the incognito sex toys available at V for Vibes measure in at seemingly unnoticeable decibels, so we have the quiet part covered if you need to use sex toys. 

It focuses on your clit: Grinding a pillow stimulates your clitoris, and with most of us only being able to climax with clitoral stimulation, pillow masturbation can only mean good things for us.

It can feel similar to having sex with a partner: That grinding sensation you get from humping a pillow is a similar sensation to when you grind on your partner during sex. So if you’re single and feeling romantic, this can be a good way to simulate that personal contact. 

You don’t need any toys to do it: The sex toy market has exploded in the last few years, with many luxurious-style toys becoming available. But with luxury comes a cost, and if you can’t afford it right now, your pillow is a free way to get your kicks – assuming you have a pillow, that is!

how to masturbate with a pillow

Easy positions for pillow masturbation

You may think you’re limited to one position when humping your pillow, but actually, you have a lot of choices! Have fun utilizing these various masturbation positions with a pillow to up your self-love game to new highs.

Girl on top: This position involves sitting on top of your pillow and rubbing your vulva back and forth until you reach a rhythm that feels reaalllly good. To add more pressure onto your vulva, stack three pillows on top of each other so it’s less like sitting on a pillow and more like sitting on a chair. Then get going, cowgirl. 

Sideways shag: Feeling lazy? With this position, you hardly have to move. Lie on your side, put your pillow between your legs and move your vulva back and forth as you relish the sensations along your vulva.

The classic hump: Place the pillow in the middle of your bed and lie face-down on the bed with your vulva resting on the pillow. Grind your vulva however you want on the pillow and enjoy. This position is good for ladies who enjoy pressure on their mons pubis.

How to masturbate with your pillow

  1. Get in the mood. You can’t just start masturbating. You need to be in the mood. So do whatever makes you feel sexy. Watch some porn (we recommend ethical female-friendly porn) or read an erotic novel. For those interested in guided masturbation, this is the perfect addition to a pillow masturbation session. Hell, watch only the sex scenes in Fifty Shades of Grey or 365 Days. If you haven’t seen 365 Days, skip to 01:07 for the famous yacht sex scene. You are welcome.
  2. Put on your favorite pair of panties. If you feel sexy, you’re going to want to have sex (with yourself in this case, obv), so put on your favorite lingerie. You could just choose your favorite panties or go all the way and put on your fav bustier and stockings. The point, however, is to really feel yourself and boost confidence. 
how to masturbate with a pillow

3. Choose the pillow: Half of your success in pillow humping stems from choosing the right pillow— to find your perfect pillow, experiment with what you have. And we’re not just talking about pillow firmness here. The pillow cover can also make the difference between just-okay humping and orgasmic bliss. Like using textured condoms? Try using a pillowcase with 3D details. Your clit might just thank you for it.

4. Start humping in your panties: Starting masturbation with your panties on can add an amazing contrast to your solo sesh, like a form of self-induced, sensual foreplay. So when you eventually take your panties off, rubbing your vulva naked on your pillow will feel so much more intense. 

5. Get naked: Once you’re in the throes of pleasure, take off all your lingerie and get humping. There’s something about being completely naked while pleasuring yourself. It feels so right. Plus, it allows you to take time with other pleasure-based erogenous zones

6. Masturbate to your heart’s content: Just because you orgasmed doesn’t mean you have to stop. Keep going until you’re fully satisfied … or until you really have to get up for work.

7. Pillow humping masturbation add-ons:

To really amp up your masturbation, here are some tips for taking your pillow humping to the next level.

  • Use a vibrator: If you can’t get there with grinding alone, why not use a vibrator? A bullet works great due to its small-and-simple form. Our Eos bullet vibrator is a great option with ten fun vibration modes.
  • Use other toys: You don’t have to stop at a vibrator. If you’re feeling kinky, why not tie your hands behind your back while riding that pillow? Into gags and pain? Put a ball gag in your mouth or simply stuff your panties in your mouth and put on some nipple clamps (you can either buy legit nipple clamps or attach a bobby pin to each of your nipples). Hello BDSM bliss!
  • Spread open your labia: To give your clit the friction it deserves, spread open your labia (that’s your outer lips). This will give your clit easier access to the surface of the pillow.
  • Take your time: Pillow masturbation is not something you can rush. Do it when you have at least an hour to revel in your own sexual pleasure.

Pillow masturbation can seem like a strange way to get your rocks off. But actually, it can be such a simple but effective way to masturbate. You can do it anywhere that has a pillow, it’s quiet (unless you are vocal when you masturbate, of course), and it feels good! So before you reach for your vibrator next time you feel horny, why not give your pillow a chance to pleasure you?


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