How to Masturbate in Public – The Do’s and Don’ts.

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If you’re stuck out and about, away from your home, and really, really can’t help it, we’re here to tell you how to masturbate in public – without getting caught! There are several things to consider, such as the risks involved, the legality of what you’re about to do, and whether it causes any harm to the environment you’re in. 

Let’s begin by answering the most basic questions first. Are there any children around you? If so, that is not the ideal place for public masturbation. Are you in a safe environment where the laws of the state condone masturbating in public, or at least where there is no one under the adult age around you? If your answer is yes, then it looks like you’re all set to explore the world of public masturbation using this guide! 

Let your Inner Exhibitionist Shine Through.

Risky public masturbation might not be everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s okay! But if you’re into it, it can do wonders for you and your inner exhibitionist. In fact, exhibitionism is one of the main reasons why people still want to try risky public masturbation. If you’re confused about where to begin, don’t worry! We’ll tell you exactly how to masturbate in public without getting caught and while truly enjoying the process. You know that there are people around who may or may not know what you’re getting up to, and you can use this knowledge to let yourself put on that show you’ve been thinking about. Make sure no one is actually watching though, that might be a bit too risky, but if with a few blurred lines in your head, you can spin it off as not really knowing who’s watching. Use this to fuel your imagination and be the exhibitionist you want to be!

Be Quiet and Discreet. 

One of the greatest tips for how to masturbate in public is always, always, be quiet and discreet about it. Whether it’s risky public masturbation or car masturbation, you know you only have a tiny, short window to get the job done. Of course, this adds the much-needed pressure in these situations, which will heighten your stimulation and might even benefit you in terms of your pleasure. Just remember that you are in a public setting and that you can’t do everything you hope to, but you can sneak in a few moves here and there and let that restraint play into your public masturbation. We know you’ll want to be loud and really put on a show, but since you can’t and probably shouldn’t to avoid attracting too much attention, you can use this restriction to get your heart racing. Something about wanting to, but not being able to, will instantly take public masturbation to the next level for you. 

how to masturbate in public

Brevity, not Intensity. 

Like the previous tip on how to masturbate in public, we can’t stress enough the importance of how quick you’ll need to be. Think of this tip as a rule: brevity, not intensity. We’re not suggesting that you avoid the Big O altogether, but the opposite, in fact! Trying to get things done in a quick, silent manner will build up the intensity on its own without worrying you about too many things. The added pressure to put on the show, but only for the shortest amount of time, will make it hotter and more intense when you do finally finish. 

Hygiene First! 

Think of it this way: is it clean enough for you to avoid contracting any diseases? If your answer is yes, then you’re in a space where you can safely (but quickly) masturbate in public. If you’re in a public toilet with sub-par cleanliness, however, you might want to rethink masturbating there since you can come in contact with all sorts of germs and disease-spreading microbes. While it might be fun to find out how to masturbate in public, make sure you never compromise on the cleanliness and the hygiene of the place you’re doing it in. Trust us; some places are just not worth the risk of getting very sick for a few moments of pleasure.

Sex Toys to Consider! 

So, here’s a tip we swear by. Public masturbation can be risky, especially if you’re new to it. What’s a good way to get off and stay very quiet through it? Sex toys! Consider a small, portable sex toy that makes little to no sound. If you want to spice up your public endeavor, get a remote-controlled one that your partner can control while you experiment with risky public masturbation. Know that the smaller and quieter your toy is, the better your chances of not getting caught and having a good time are!

public masturbation with remote sex toys

Pick the Right Setting. 

There is, of course, the setting to also consider when planning on masturbating in public. Ideally, you should be in a setting that only allows people over 21 to be present, such as a bar or a club requiring entry identification. This not only ensures that you are in a safe setting, but it also helps you avoid harming children who should not be exposed to this. 

Try it in Your Car. 

If you’re looking for how to masturbate in public, one of your easiest options is a car! It’s safe, it’s discreet, it’s at a distance from others, and above everything else, it’s not entirely out in the public for people to watch you. You can lower your chances of getting caught significantly if you’re trying this out in a car and can also give you room to be a little bit louder than you would out in the open. 

Let Your Imagination Guide you.

Since you’re outdoors, you will most likely come across a lot of visual stimulation. However, that might not be enough to get you off, and if you’re running short on material, you can always turn to your imagination. Let your mind wander and really get in the mood to experiment with risky public masturbation – in fact; we suggest you use that thrill and risk to your benefit and let things get super hot and steamy for you. In your head, you can go back to a time you had great sex, or think of what usually works for you, and let that be the stimulus you need. 

Think of it as a Fun Activity for the Self.

Masturbating in public can be scary and can lead to many negative consequences if done wrong. Think of it as a high-risk and high reward situation! Barring those, you can still find a sweet spot for your pleasure in the outdoor world and let yourself explore the possibilities of public masturbation that can truly be good for you and your sexual health

Remember the Risks. 

This goes without saying – but we’ll say it anyway – always remember the risk of masturbating in public. This includes legal issues, the harm done to those around you, the risk of contracting various diseases if you’re in an unclean place, and the risk of getting caught. Some of these are less scary than others, but keep this checklist in mind before you find out how to masturbate in public and avoid any behavior that might come off as offensive or hurtful to stay safe and find genuine pleasure.


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