How to Make Yourself Squirt.

Aug 20, 2021

You may have read our past article, How to Squirt, and we’re here for round two, exploring even more ways of which you can learn to make yourself squirt. 

The thing about squirting is that it often has to be somewhat intentional. You must create the path to your journey of squirting, and there are a few ways that you can approach this wildly invigorating sexual act. 

In the last article, we talked a lot about G-spot and clitoral stimulation as a key to unlocking this alluring form of female ejaculation, and please do keep in mind that those are both essential pieces to completing the squirting puzzle. With that being said, here you will find even more resources, tips, and tricks to help you on your quest for the true pinnacle of squirting.

Tips On How To Make Yourself Squirt


Practice it Alone

Considering its overall rarity and the misconception that it’s a seemingly impossible feat to achieve, squirting has a touch of taboo or weirdness surrounding the subject (although this should not be the case!). Many women do not want to explore squirting because of fear of embarrassment, and therefore avoid it completely. 

And to that, we say, so what?! If men have free roam to ejaculate, then so do we. 

To help negate this possible embarrassment, which from the get-go will hold you back from squirting, then if you want to learn how to squirt (which requires a deep understanding of your sexual self), you should absolutely do it alone. This will allow you to take all the time in the world necessary to reach this heightened climax, allow you to learn the ins and outs of your body and desires, and help you fully relax so that sensation is amplified.

You might not achieve it the first time, but practicing it alone during masturbation is the best way to get to know yourself and the act of squirting without a partner looking over your shoulder, waiting for the big show, or trying too hard to help make this happen. 

Self Care

Bringing us back to the topic of relaxation, if you’re asking how to make myself squirt, then take a few steps back. Don’t focus fully on the sexuality of the practice, and instead look into your overall stress levels and current happiness.  

The truth is that, although squirting is one hell of a stress reliever, being stressed beforehand will entirely hold you back. You won’t be able to fully relax, your body won’t send as much blood to your vulva (crucial in enhancing the physical sensation of sex), and you won’t be able to succumb to the pleasures of self-love entirely. To negate any feelings of prior stress, take time to implement practices of self-care before you get down and dirty with yourself! 

Draw yourself that bath with essential oils, take some time to rest and read a book, make tea, go outside and get some fresh air. You know yourself and what makes you feel good, and when you want to learn how to squirt, you must first learn how to implement the right self-care strategies within your life. 

how to make yourself squirt

Lay a Towel Down

As you embark on the quest of how to make yourself squirt, keep in mind that things will very well get messy once you have accomplished this sexual milestone. Don’t worry a bit about the mess, seriously!

Because you know what? Messes can always be cleaned up! Don’t trade this sensational experience just because you are afraid to make a little mess, and don’t think about the aftermath as you pleasure yourself, as this will only distract you from the climax. 

Prepare beforehand with a towel or a clean pair of sheets to swap out for when you’re done, and you are good to go! For an even easier time with the clean-up, and do not worry about the clean-up, you may also try a bit of bathtub masturbation. Besides, the showerhead and a little touch of temperature play might do nothing but progress you towards a shower of your own!

Cater to your Kinks

If you can’t seem to learn how to squirt, then are you really listening to yourself and your deepest, dirtiest internal desires? It is an absolute MUST that you cater to your kinks when attempting to squirt, as the epitome of sexual fulfillment arises only when your true wishes are met. 

So, for this tip, if you have something on your mind that lights that fire inside, use it to your advantage and never avoid it!

Into interracial sex? Go ahead and buy a dildo of different skin colors! Do you like the idea of a threesome? Use a dual stimulation dildo for double pleasure. Into temperature play? How about a heated thrusting dildo!

You see, sex toys very much help you discover kinks and try them without another partner, so utilize this as you enter the reality of what it means to be honest with yourself and what you enjoy the best. 

heated thrusting dildo

Personal Foreplay

When learning how to make yourself squirt, just because you are doing so via masturbation doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice a form of personal foreplay! The whole idea behind squirting is to fully allow yourself to fall for the beauty of the experience and to be just about as turned on as possible. Foreplay is the best way to promote this. 

So before jumping right into things, give yourself some foreplay love. Gently rub your breast, massage your clitoris lightly with your hand, and really try taking your time with your self-love practice. The longer and more extended things take, the higher chance you have of alas accomplishing the fabled squirt. Anticipation is your friend. 

As well as this, should you need a little help getting you turned on, never be afraid to use certain available resources. An erotic story to get you in the mood, a healthy sex/pornography-based movie, and other similar cues are excellent means of enhancing foreplay and the desire for personal satisfaction. 

Best Sex Toy for Squirting

There exist a plethora of sex toys that will help you learn how to make yourself squirt, and you should absolutely utilize them. G-spot and clitoral stimulation are key components of squirting, and there are endless sex toys that cater perfectly to this much-required pleasure. 

With that being said, there is no ‘one size fits all, and what might be the best sex toy for squirting for one individual could totally not work for another. With time and experience, you will learn just what your body likes best, and the best way to go about this is to experiment with multiple toys and give each toy ample time in determining if the pleasures provided are what you need to set you off. 

Read our latest blog, the best sex toy for squirting, to further help you locate the toy of your dreams and to begin discovering the endless sexual benefits that arise with the use of sex toys. 

how to make yourself squirt

Practice Patience

In the end, although you might be on a quest to learn how to squirt, don’t let the goal distract you from the other pleasures. Sure, it’s a wonderful milestone to achieve, and like riding a bike, once you do it once it becomes more and more like second nature. With that being said, however, it’s all too easy to become tunnel-visioned with the idea of squirting. 

Don’t try too hard, and instead, you should appreciate the blissful moments of pleasure and the masturbation-induced orgasm you will soon achieve. Focus on the present moment, and never allow your mind to drift to a future that has yet to manifest. Practice patience, and you’ll find that not only do you appreciate what masturbation can do for you at a baseline level, but that this is the best method for working your way towards a squirting climax. 


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