So you Want to Know How to Kiss Better? We Got You, Girl!

Dec 31, 2021

Kisses, the beginning or end to a night that will forever melt in your brain… or maybe one you’re dying to erase if it’s bad enough. 


A kiss can make you feel one of two ways: like an explosion just went off in your vagina or like someone let go of an inflated balloon. Regardless of how the kiss makes you feel, you want to make sure that you have the skill down pat, am I right? There is no need to fret; we will fill you in on how to kiss better and ensure that your next kiss is a prestigious performance. We’re keeping it easy and straightforward by using the three T’s. Timing, Tongue, and Touches, all of which will answer your questions on how to be a better kisser as a girl. 




Let’s start off with an essential kissing tip, a tip that can really change the game for your next firework tongue tangle: Timing. 


Timing is actually everything when it comes to locking lips. I mean, think about it, imagine trying to kiss someone after they just told you their dog died because you didn’t read the room… awkward. You’re not setting yourself up for success there, my friend, so make sure you’re paying close attention to the moment. 


On a less dramatic note, timing your kiss right can be done successfully if you start paying attention to the other person’s body language. Feel out the situation and be patient. After a few laughs, eye glances, and shoulder touches, I think it’s safe to say you should go for it. That is if they haven’t already tried kissing you! 


When the timing is right, you get a certain feeling, a simple pause in the conversation, but your eyes are screaming what you want. When you know, you know, and that’s just how it goes. 


For those of us who don’t read minds and those who need a less intimidating way to be a better kisser as a girl, there’s a second way to know exactly when to lean in for your smooch. If you’re ever in doubt, you can always just ask. It never hurts to check in with the person verbally before leaning in for the plunge. This will help to avoid confusion or rejection and is a great way to ask them for permission first. It doesn’t mean the kiss will be less romantic either; there’s something sexy about someone asking you if they can kiss you, or is that just me? Consent is damn hot.




Your second tip on how to kiss better is one you’re going to want to remember—tonguing, aka the famous French kiss. Ya know, when your tongue gently touches theirs, making the moment even more intensely intimate and a great skill to use when you’re kissing during sex, I might add. 


A little or a lot of tongue can make or break your spicy moment. If you’re questioning whether or not to use your tongue, there’s a safe way to decide and make sure you don’t kill the moment when doing so. The best way to not ruin that first lean in on your partner is to start without the tongue. 


This will allow you to establish how their lips work with yours and give you a feel for the rhythm you and your partner create together. Start off slowly by slightly touching your partner’s tongue after the first few kisses. This will allow you to get a feel for what they’re wanting. 


A little tongue is A LOT better than drenching your partner with slobber. If they’re feeling it after your little tongue play, gradually increase it and see how the rhythm picks up. Once you’re kissing them, it’s pretty easy to see how they’re feeling in the moment with you. Let’s just make sure we don’t choke them with our tongue, okay? I’m sure more of us have experienced that than we want to talk about or remember much less. 


With that said, if you are absolutely hitting it off and feel that intensity burning, you might find yourself sucking on each other’s tongues, and hey, that is dang fun, too… But only when the first “T” (timing) is checked off. 

how to kiss better



Using your hands is another fantastic tip on how to kiss better. Touch is such a huge part of being passionate and intimate with someone. After all, it is one of the five love languages. Touch can be used before, during, and after your sexy kiss. 


It’s a great way to lead up to the initial lean-in, making sure the moment and TIMING are perfect. As for during, touch can make that kiss really boom. Pulling them in closer to your body while making out creates those little butterflies all over. This insinuates interest and love at the moment. 


Raise your hand if you melt away during a face grab? YES! If you haven’t tried it, try it out. Slide your hand gently on their face as the rhythm of both of your lips becomes in sync. Feel for the side of their face or back of their neck and gently add pressure and more tongue to your kiss. Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here? 


Though these touches can totally lead to other things, they do NOT have to, if you know what I mean. Simple touches such as the arm, neck, and face can intensify the moment even when clothes don’t come off. Not everyone is quick to become intimate with their person of interest, and that is more than okay. 


It also doesn’t mean you can’t show your love with a touch here and there. Again, if you’re ever questioning how the other person is feeling, it’s a great idea to just ask. Ask them if the way they’re touching your face is okay or if they like the way you’re interacting with them. Consent is the most important thing in moments of love and lust, even if you don’t get the answer you were hoping for.


Kissing can be intimidating and nerve-wracking. In the end, we’re all just trying our best to make sure we know what we’re doing or at least pretending like we do. Even if you don’t think you’re a good kisser, you’re probably not as bad as you think you are. I mean, it’s not THAT hard. With these three T kissing tips, you’ll be on your way to kissing like a pro. 


Just remember, the timing makes for a magical or spicey moment and ensures your kiss will be top-notch. The tongue is a great way to add spice to your perfectly timed kiss. A little is a lot better than too much. Lastly, touch, a way to heat things up or show affection and interest in a simple gesture. Get a little dirty with it or be passionate with it, whatever you’re both feeling in the moment. With all these, you have nothing to worry about. Give them a try and stop worrying about how to be a better kisser as a girl. With a little practice and this article, you’ll be your partner’s best kiss.

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