The Absolute Weapon to Increase Your Libido: Masturbation.

May 11, 2022

The body is capable of offering itself all the pleasures in the world, but masturbation remains the subject of many questions, mainly due to a lack of sex education. Yet, this practice is an inherent part of healthy sexual development and can contribute to sexual fulfillment as long as certain limits are not exceeded.

What is Masturbation? 

Masturbation is a very regular, enjoyable, and healthy activity that occurs when a person of any gender touches themselves to receive personal, sexual pleasure, sometimes performed with only the hands, other times with sex toys

It is high time to realize that masturbation has many more advantages than we think, and specifically, it can be a great answer to how to increase your libido. Masturbation not only helps you get to know yourself better, but it also increases sexual desire. This moment of intimacy can also help you regain self-confidence, which is crucial to feeling comfortable during sexual interactions

Why Should We Masturbate? The Relationship Between Masturbation and Libido.

From porn movies that stimulate the imagination to the supposed effects of aphrodisiac foods like ginger or oysters, there are many “recipes” to boost libido. Far from these ready-made methods, boosting libido can be effectively practiced through masturbation.

The more we practice autoeroticism, the more we want our partner. Personally, living those extraordinary sensations solo makes me want to make love with my partner. I need to show him my body, to receive his caresses, to feel his touch. Also, a part of me wants to share with him what I experience when I am alone, as this form of somewhat secretive intimacy is truly a sexy, stimulating thing to share. 

When it comes to masturbation and libido, you don’t have to worry about your sex drive dwindling: just because you masturbate regularly does not mean that you will want your partner less. There is no rule on how many times you can have an orgasm, and each of us requires different amounts of sexual satisfaction to seek fulfillment. 

In a relationship, if you cannot find a sexual balance, masturbation can help you. The person who wants to have sex more often can use masturbation as a game, and use this moment alone to fantasize about their subsequent lovemaking.

Contrary to what one might fear, sexual desire never really runs away. It only turns off at certain times. The one-button is unique to everyone, whether we reconnect with our bodies or become aware of the stimulating power of our erotic thoughts. Listening to yourself helps identify and adopt the right reflex necessary to rekindle our libido, beyond the hormones, which sometimes do as they please but do not always have the last word.

How to Increase libido

How to Increase Libido by Rebalancing Sexual Desire.

Autoeroticism can be a natural ally within a couple when the sexual appetite is not the same for the two partners, even on an occasional basis. Indeed, it is not uncommon (nor worrying) to experience drops in libido, during times of stress or fatigue, for example. 

However, our partner is not necessarily affected in the same way and may have different desires. If your partner understands your decrease in desire, more or less fleeting, you must also understand his/her existing desire. And this can be balanced by masturbation, allowing everyone not to feel frustrated or harassed.

Libido is unique to everyone, and masturbation and libido go hand in hand in a very healthy manner. Being sexually satisfied in a relationship does nothing but promote general happiness that keeps your sex drive going!

To Help Us Sleep Better.

Masturbation causes drowsiness, like reading before going to sleep: you feel more calm and relaxed afterward! Orgasms dissipate emotional and physical tension and exhaust the body, which helps you fall asleep faster. “You often sleep better after masturbating because you feel relaxed and fulfilled.”

Sleeping better helps you to wake up refreshed and rested, and being poorly rested is a leading cause of poor libido. If you want to know how to increase libido, you might just need a little extra sleep, and masturbation is the ticket to rest. 

Forget about Diamonds. Women’s Best Friends are her Hands.

Is your low libido a cause of your past? Sometimes your stigma around masturbation and libido simply needs to be tossed out the window, and realizing that this is that was integrated into your young adult life will help you to work on strategies to negate this stigma, and therefore a great answer of how to increase libido.

By masturbating, a woman can tame her genitals, establish her own pleasure map, and discover what turns her on and what cools her down. 

“Masturbation allows her not only to discover her body and to know how it works, but also to sensitize it and learn to control it”, writes the psychologist Yvon Dallaire in Masturbation, the last of the taboos.

This is important for all women, but perhaps especially for teenage girls. In school, sex education classes focus more on preventing pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and the physical relationship itself than on sexual development, which is an individual matter. 

We do not talk, or at least talk very little, about masturbation. Young women are not told that they have a high potential for pleasure and that the clitoris is an organ exclusively dedicated to it. 

If they caress themselves, they are very likely to discover sexual pleasure. Many parents never tell them this for fear they will start to masturbate. However, in the end and when that would be so much better! 

Because teenage girls don’t experience orgasm as automatically as boys their age, they are just as hormonally loaded and genitally aroused. Their body calls for enjoyment. If they masturbate, they may be less likely to engage in sex that is not suitable for them.

We know this isn’t answering how to increase libido, as we’re all past our teenage years. Still, it is instead highlighting the relationship between masturbation and libido and providing you something to think about when learning how to enjoy masturbation to the fullest, helping with personal growth and development of personal sexual acceptance, since this might be an underlying reason for fear of masturbation. 

masturbation and libido

Penetrate yourself while Masturbating to Build a Solid Libido

Here is an exercise for women. What you need to know is that the cornerstone of female sexual desire is penetration. Sexual desire will arise from this desire to be penetrated; there will be something like a hollow that now wants desperately to be filled. 

Therefore, you must be quite comfortable with it because otherwise, you will not as effortlessly build a solid libido. To get used to and work on this sensation, the best technique is to practice masturbation by penetrating yourself, either with your fingers or with a sex toy each time, in conjunction with clitoral stimulation. 

Masturbating techniques 

  • Manual stimulation of the clitoral-vulvar area, lying on the back.
  • Manual stimulation of the clitoral-vulvar area, lying on the stomach.
  • Squeeze and push the clitoral-vulvar area against a soft object, sometimes including vaginal penetration.
  • Repeated tightening of the thighs also enhances penetration.
  • Vaginal penetration with a sex toy
  • Utilization of a vibrator for clitoral and/oral vaginal wall stimulation.
  • Alternation of different techniques. 

Best Sex Toys for Female Masturbation 

Here are five naughty sex toys and games that will showcase to you endless orgasms and happiness in bed, some of the best sex toys for female masturbation. Once you find your favorite toy, your sex life may not be the same! 

A Finger Vibrator

A small discreet vibrator, which slips on a finger to use solo or with a partner during masturbation! 

A Bullet Vibrator

Sometimes you just don’t need the fanciest of the fancy. A bullet vibrator is small, easy to handle, and a great way to experience subtle vibrations that will take you over the edge of climax in no time. 

best sex toys for female masturbation

G-spot Vibrator and Stimulator

A little message for your G-spot? This toy reproduces the penile sensation at the G-spot, with the added bonus of vibration. It’s possible with this vibrator that follows the curves of your anatomy and lets you explore your body. 

If you want to learn how to increase libido, you should learn what makes you feel good during sex so that you want it more, and this sex toy does just that!

g spot vibrator with remote control

Drusilla – Clitoral Sucking Tongue Vibrator

If you were crazy about oral caresses from your ex and that’s what you miss the most in your life, you’re lucky, because now you can take care of it on your own! 

Drusilla, the clitoral sucking tongue vibrator, is aptly named because it imitates the sensation of cunnilingus and will make you bend your toes with pleasure. Many people with a vulva love the sucking effect, and good thrills are indeed in your future!

sucking tongue vibrator


You need lubricant in your drawer for more comfort and pleasure during your explorations.

Masturbation is an intimate moment, which reconnects us with ourselves and leads us to explosive pleasure. Female masturbation helps us fight against stress, promotes sleep, acts as a painkiller, and helps us get to know our body, making masturbation and libido directly intertwined. In short, all the viable reasons for succumbing to masturbation.

Best Sex Toys for Male Masturbation 

Women thought they had all the rights to use sex toys, but they don’t! Men also have the right to their sex toys and to have fun alone. Here are some of the best sex toys for male masturbation, which will act as significant assets in discovering how to increase libido with this personally intimate act. 

The “Masturbator” or Fleshlight

It is indeed the best support for sensational male masturbation. Available in a large number of colors and internal textures, there’s a fleshlight out there to satisfy any man and any kink. 

The Male Vibrator 

It is not just a simple ring, and while its design isn’t exactly top-notch, it does have some mighty powers! In addition to the masturbation aid, this vibrator powered by batteries discreetly placed in the handle gives you unsuspected vibrations to the cock for pulsating climax. 

Neon rings 

Cock rings, you certainly know! However, brand new phosphors are coming to your rooms. Placed at the base of the phallus, they help maintain blood flow for a longer erection. So, are you ready to do your show in the dark?

Is Masturbating Cheating? 

The answer may not be so drastic for many people, but masturbation is upsetting in the relationship. Surprising your partner during a session of solitary pleasures is often badly lived. 

“Isn’t our sex life satisfying?” This is the question that comes up most frequently when discussing the subject of masturbation in a couple. 

However, it is a question of two very different and not incompatible pleasures. In fact, 75% of women and 90% of men admit to masturbating. Masturbation is therefore not reserved “for single people who have no other choice to satisfy their desire” should we shorten this significant state of mind. 

Indeed, as Woody Allen would say, “Don’t speak badly about masturbation. It is the safest way to make love with someone you love.” Many couples don’t know it, but partner-based masturbation is a wonderous way to increase sex drive and desire for one another. 

However, the point made here does not mean that for sexual fulfillment, you MUST masturbate. 

Simply, if you wish, in a relationship or not, you can (and your partner too), because masturbation has benefits, and it does not mean that the mutual desire is dead. On the contrary, sometimes masturbation can revive it.

The important thing is to be comfortable, without taboos. Because sex isn’t everything, but it’s a lot… And how to increase your libido often begins with sexual discovery via this passionately pleasurable act.



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