How to Have Multiple Orgasms.

Jan 18, 2022

The more, the merrier! No one can blame you if you want to learn how to have multiple orgasms. After all, we all want what’s best for us, and doesn’t a multi-layered journey to O-town sound quite alluring?


If you are thinking, “can women have multiple orgasms?” I’m here to assure you that it sure does exist. And yes, you can experience it too. For different women, having a single orgasm during sex can seem complicated, so the idea of girls having multiple orgasms might seem like stuff only meant for movies or fiction.


If you can achieve one big O, you can have more after. However, it is easier for women to have big and multiple Os than men. This is because the female body does not go through a post-orgasm recovery, meaning you can stay aroused for more extended periods and heat things repeatedly. So if you are looking for how to improve your chances of experiencing multiple orgasms, you’ve come to the right place. 


What Multiple Orgasms Mean


Before learning how to have multiple orgasms, you need to know what it means. Multiple orgasms are orgasms that happen in succession in a single-sex session. It feels like an explosion of fireworks and rolling waves of intense pleasure. It does not mean you’ll be having orgasms repeatedly without a break like some women. It means different things for everyone. Some people experience small orgasms that culminate into a powerful climax at the end, while others experience theirs in quick succession with little time in between. There is no limit to how many orgasms you can have in a single session.


Benefits of Multiple Orgasms


Orgasms are great! Whether you achieve them through sex toys (shout out to your vibrator) or your partner, orgasms are incredible for you. 


Nothing feels like the complete bliss of girls having multiple orgasms and reaching climax in quick succession. Orgasms are not only mind-blowing but equally fantastic in their benefits. The best couples are always looking for how to have multiple orgasms and improve their sex game. The health benefits of orgasms are other reasons you should have more of them. Here are some of those benefits:


  • You’ll look Younger: Don’t we all want to look more youthful? But a less expensive and interesting way to look younger is by having steady orgasms. Orgasms release hormones that make the skin brighter and more elastic.
  • Better Sleep: Having a great time in bed helps you fall asleep faster. Orgasm should be your go-to trick for a quick shuteye.
  • They keep your lady parts healthy: The intense stimulation causes blood to rush to your genitals, keeping them soft and fresh. For good results, have an orgasm at least once every week.
  • Serves as pain relief: Are you out of painkillers? The post-orgasm hormones can relieve pain, even cramps. It is certainly worth trying.
  • They boost your immune system.


There are really no drawbacks to having more orgasms. In fact, you only have amazing things to gain from experiencing it as often as possible. 

venus wand vibrator

How to have Multiple Orgasms in a Single Session


Set the Mood


Learning how to have multiple orgasms is not as difficult as it seems. You have a better chance of a repeated climax if you have already set the mood with beautiful things like music, scented candles, massage, ethical porn, or whatever makes you connect with your body. The higher your sexual tension, the easier it is for you to have one orgasm, and therefore even more, because the sexual desire is high, and you’ve got nothing but arousal waiting to explode.


Tease Yourself


Now that you feel aroused, it’s time to set things in motion. Whether alone or with your partner, caress your skin slowly with a silky material or play with your erogenous zones, like your neck, nipples, or inner thighs. Once your body starts responding to touch, move to genital stimulation, but keep penetration aside for a while. When looking for how to have multiple orgasms, it is more effective for a woman to have her initial orgasm through clitoral stimulation – which can be achieved with a manual action, oral sex, or with a clitoral sucking vibrator/another clitoral sex toy. Tease your body slowly and try to delay your orgasm until you can’t control it any longer with sensual foreplay techniques. 


By holding out just before orgasm, then increasing momentum, and pulling back numerous times, you can increase the rate of sexual tension moving through your body. This does not only increase your chances for an explosive first orgasm; it also prepares your body for others. 

clit sucking vibrator

Use Sex Toys


This is by far one of the easiest ways to have multiple orgasms. Sex toys can do things that you, your fingers, and the penis can’t, no matter how much you try. Sex toys vibrate, pulse, curve, and more. I mean, there are sex toys out there for any and everything you want to enjoy in your sex life. They can take over when your fingers are tired. For starters, introduce sex toys into your routine. Your partner can hold it against your clitoris during foreplay, penetration, or even after sex for an incredible last round!


Try New Sex Positions


No magical position can guarantee repeated climax, but exploring different positions in a single session can help you see how to have multiple orgasms. Try out positions that give easy access to your clitoris


Consider riding your partner like a pro, receiving slow and steady thrusts while on your hands and knees, or pulling your partner close and wrapping your legs around his waist while sitting on a counter.


If you feel G-spot stimulation is your thing, experiment with positions that allow deep penetration. Riding on all fours is a solid position. And don’t forget to stimulate with your fingers or sex toys.


Instead of using your bed all the time, move around! Try the couch, go to the kitchen, have sex under the shower, have sex at the back of your car. Using somewhere other than your usual can make your sex life more exciting. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone or do new things you might have considered “weird.”


Take Away the Pressure


Trying to achieve multiple orgasms because you feel like you need to experience it for whatever reason is usually a way to guarantee that it won’t happen. This means that setting out with the goal of how to have multiple orgasms during sex is not the way to go. Take your mind off orgasms for a while and focus on enjoying a long and pleasurable session with your partner. Let the multiple orgasms come naturally. 




After your initial orgasm, take a moment to breathe and enjoy the bliss before you start building your arousal again. The next orgasm might just be some minutes away. When people get sexually aroused, they often hold their breath. The more you practice deep breathing, the easier it is for you to relax and increase the intensity of your orgasm.


Don’t Forget to Enjoy yourself.


For real, don’t be too focused on how to have multiple orgasms, and you now forget to enjoy the sex. Sometimes, a single orgasm is enough; you don’t have to push yourself to the edge. Don’t be afraid to try again if it’s not happening now. After all, it takes practice to get better.


Can women have multiple orgasms? The answer is yes! So get on with it! Touch yourself, masturbate, use sex toys, love on your partner, and have a great time. Make your pleasure a priority!



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