How to Have an Anal Orgasm.

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Yes, you read that right – anal orgasms are real, and we have news for you about how great they can be! If you don’t know how to have an anal orgasm, we at V for Vibes are committed to making sure that you experience the best pleasures in life and that your sex life is satisfying and fulfilling. We’ll offer an explanation of how an anal orgasm is achieved and what exactly an anal orgasm can feel like – we’ll let you know that it is probably something you have never felt before and is much more likely to be far more intense than regular orgasms. 

To state it simply, an anal orgasm is a point in the sexual play when you reach climax after the stimulation of the several, highly populated and very densely packed nerve endings in the anus. This can feel much more intense and be much more rewarding than a regular orgasm simply because your anus has a lot more nerve endings which heighten the sensations you’re feeling. Are you interested in finding out how to have an anal orgasm yet? Here’s how you can get started!

Anal Orgasm Safety Tips

While anal play and anal orgasms are not uncommon, it is always a great idea to keep some safety tips in your head for obvious reasons. Pain should be off-limits at all points in your play, especially in ways that can seriously injure you or cause permanent damage. Make sure to have a safe word in place if you are trying this out with a partner and to know when to stop if you are on the giving end. Keep cleanliness and hygiene at the top of your priority list, too! Remember that infections and diseases are much more difficult to fight off, and when prevention can be in place to avoid those, it should absolutely be used. Finding out what feels good can be exciting, but when you stop having a good time and instead start focusing on the pain instead of the pleasure, know that it’s time to give it a break and try again at a later point in time with a different technique.

Also, ensure that any anal toy you play with is made for anal. These toys feature a protective base that prevents the anal cavity from suctioning them inside, requiring doctor intervention to remove them. The anal toys at are all made with this factor in mind, as safety is a top priority.

Start Small

You don’t necessarily have to start right away with a butt plug or a furry tail plug, really. You can take it nice and slow and on your own. Try exploring what feels good and what doesn’t. You can start off with a small finger and enough lube before working your way up to larger fingers and other objects. Try feeling around on the outside and waiting to see how you feel before proceeding further with insertion. Remember that foreplay is just as important – if not more – here as it is with vaginal insertion! Get comfortable and take it extra slow just to make sure you don’t hurt yourself in the process. Anal sex is best when you are relaxed.

small butt plug Opis

Be Comfortable and Relaxed.

Take a warm bath or a hot shower before you start exploring anal play and trying to achieve an anal orgasm. Light a few scented candles and set the mood for yourself and your partner to really feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Know that rushing this won’t help anyone; in fact, you should take it at the slowest pace possible at first to get used to the sensations without causing any damage to your anal cavity or opening. Being as comfortable as possible is key to anal play and even more so to achieve an anal orgasm, especially because you will need your sphincter muscles to relax and your anal cavity to be wide and ready enough for insertion before you find out how to have an anal orgasm in the first place. 

how to have an anal orgasm

Incorporate Toys into Anal Play

Once you’ve found the pace you would like to take anal play at and have found what makes you feel most comfortable and relaxed, you can upgrade from smaller objects or your fingers to anal sex toys! Give anal beads a shot, or vibrators, or even anal plugs and butt plug tails to really take anal play to the next level and have an anal orgasm. Anal toys can get really exciting, so to find out which one works best for you, head to our Shop section and find out what works and can help you realize how to have an anal orgasm before miss out on the fun of anal play. Dildos or massagers can also be incorporated into play to achieve an anal orgasm when you’re ready as long as you make sure your safety is not compromised, and you are not at risk of getting hurt. Make sure your toy is safe to insert into your body and has a wide base so that it does not get lost or stuck in the anal cavity to avoid safety concerns. This is why we suggest you pick one of our toys from the Shop section to find a toy that is specifically crafted for you to discover how to have an anal orgasm.

anal bead vibrator

Find New Spots that Feel Good to Reach Anal Orgasm!

Anal play can be really fun, but don’t neglect other parts of your body during it! In fact, you can make your anal orgasm much more intense if you stimulate your erogenous zones leading up to the anal climax for a fulfilling experience. Try spots like your breasts, your inner thighs, the insides of your elbows, your neck, or behind your ears, for example, to really get things hot and heavy while you try to find out how to have an anal orgasm. Trust us, it is not that difficult to achieve and is actually pretty common. It’s just about how you do it, where you do it, who you do it with, and how comfortable you are with having an anal orgasm, that’s all. 

Lube Up that Butt Plug!

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again. There is no such thing as too much lube. Unlike a vagina, an anus does not lubricate itself and cannot get as wet as a vagina would. This is why you need more and more lube to prevent tears, abrasion, or damage to your anal cavity or opening or the muscles inside your backdoor region. This can also prevent bleeding and pain, so really lube up when you want to find out how to have an anal orgasm and talk to your partner about setting up a small station with lube and toys readily available and accessible to you during play. Keep adding lube until it feels comfortable and slippery enough for there to be no friction during penetration or insertion of toys, and remain cognizant of reapplying consistently. 

Try to Reach Anal Orgasm with a Partner

When you’re ready, really take the anal climax to the next level by inviting your partner to join. Your partner can incorporate strap-on dildos or massagers or beads into this and have more control if you choose to take on the role of a submissive during sex, and really let yourself feel the build-up and release of an anal orgasm, which will leave your regular orgasms feeling far less intense and exciting than these! You can try it in bed, in the shower, or in a public place that does not put both of you at risk in any way, and let your imaginations run wild with the possibilities this will open up for you. 

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