How to go Skinny Dipping.

Nov 18, 2021

If you haven’t already checked skinny dipping off the ol’ bucket list, then you’re going to have to at some point! Skinny dipping is a purely fun activity- an experience that will forever engrave the adrenaline-induced memory into your mind, and honestly, it is something that we should all muster up the willpower to give a go. Life is about experiences, and skinny dipping is quite the risque and exciting experience, to say the least. So if you want to know how to go skinny dipping, then we have a few tips on hand. 

The key to successful skinny dipping is to really just have a good time doing it with the right set of people and to do so without getting caught, as I think we’d all like to avoid a naked ride in the backseat of a cop car. Okay, I’m not sure the consequences would be that bad, but either way, we don’t want to deal with trouble regardless. 

Here’s how to go skinny dipping and how to go skinny dipping the right way. 

It Begins with the ‘Where’

Your skinny dipping adventure should always begin by addressing the ‘where’. The location you plan to skinny dip is one of the most critical aspects of a successful skinny dip and can seriously change the entire vibe of the whole ordeal. 

First of all, you want to determine the location that is the most ideal in a legal sense. Is skinny dipping illegal? Well, it kind of depends. 

In the United States, public nudity is pretty much deemed an illegal practice nearly anywhere you go, so your best bet is on private land or a place where nudity is actually totally okay. 

Starting with private land, perhaps you have a close friend with a lake or a pond on their property. Get their permission, perhaps persuade them to go skinny dipping with you, and you because you are on private land, you should have absolutely no issues! 

If land with a lake isn’t an option, then do you have any friends with a pool who would be A-OK with your naked adventure? Or do you have a pool? If you are absolutely dying to go skinny dipping, but do not have access to a pool, then you could even think of renting a place with one for the night to check it off the bucket list. But watch out for those cameras!!

The ideal location, in our opinion, is a nude beach. WIth nudity being fully allowed, you can place yourself comfortably in nature to go swimming freely in the ocean, bathing suits left on the beach. 

If you are intrigued by the risk of being caught and don’t really care, then carry the responsibility wisely. This opens up doors to seemingly endless paces to go skinny dipping, but it’s on you if you get caught! If doing it somewhere public, nighttime is your best friend, and you seriously need to ensure that there are no children around, as this totally changes the legal consequences of such. 

how to go skinny dipping

Next is the ‘Who’

Next on the list of how to go skinny dipping is to answer the ‘who’! As in, who do you plan to go skinny dipping with?

Is this something you want to do with a large group of like-minded friends? If so, it’s going to take time to ensure that everyone is totally on board, but this can be the most enjoyable form of skinny dipping. A big group of friends makes it easier to feel comfortable knowing that everyone is participating in the activity. Overall, it can make the experience feel safer by building this comfortability. 

Or maybe, you want to go skinny dipping as more of a ‘sexual’ activity with only your partner, an extended form of erotic teasing inspired by your favorite romantic movie. If sexy skinny dipping is your goal, then you can choose to either surprise them to enhance spontaneity, or you can talk to them about the activity and plan your naked swimming adventure together beforehand.

If you are single but still want to go skinny dipping, then doing this activity with just one other close friend is totally an option, too. No matter who your co-conspirator(s) is/are, as long as everyone is excited and fully on board with the activity, then you’re doing it right!

Now for the ‘When’

Skinny dipping might be a completely spontaneous activity inspired by a lustful date night with your loved one, a risque idea conjured up by the romance (and possibly a bit of alcohol!) of the night. But if this isn’t the case, and you are approaching skinny dipping with a definitive plan of execution, then the next step in how to go skinny dipping is the ‘when’. 

Answering the when depends on a handful of factors. When are both yourself and the rest of your friend group free? When do you have access to the land or the house where you can legally go skinny dipping? Those kinds of things!

Skinny dipping during the nighttime is usually the best bet. The darkness adds quite the mysterious and alluring vibe to the whole situation, and just as well, it helps to build comfortability by being surrounded by the darkness. If doing so during the daytime, especially in a public area, then your chance of being caught greatly increases. So maybe save the daytime skinny dipping and sunshine on the genitals for a nude beach, yeah?

how to go skinny dipping

Lead the Charge

There’s going to be a point where everyone is together, whether it be just you and your partner or you and a large group of friends, and someone is going to have to lead the charge to actually make it happen. It is essential that you break the door down from, “we’re just hanging out and partying” to “we’re going skinny dipping!”.

If you are the one leading the charge, you have one of two opinions. The first is to address the instance verbally. When the timing feels right, you can blurt out with excitement, “So who’s ready to go skinny dipping?!”. 

Or, you can simply stand up, walk to the edge of the body of water, and begin undressing with sheer confidence. Your friends’ eyes will widen, the excitement will bubble through them as well, and soon enough, everyone will be tossing their undies on the shoreline. 

The key, however, is just that: Confidence! Be the empowered and free-spirited individual you are by confidently leading this charge, and your friends are sure to follow with the same aura of confidence. Do so with fear, and they will probably feel the same. Set the vibe right by being fearless, free, and confident. 

Now for the Fun

Once everyone has fully jumped into that body of water, you can alas say, “I’ve done it!”. You can check the skinny dipping box off the bucket list, and now it is time to simply enjoy the moment. 

Just be lively, fun, and free, and go swimming as you would any other day. Grab your drink, bob around, splash your pals, float on your back and have your skin shimmer in the moonlight. The entire point of an activity like skinny dipping is to live in the present and relish the freedom and adrenaline derived from an otherwise considered taboo or illegal activity. It is to create a memory that you will forever cherish, shared with the person/people you love the most, and to make the best out of this memory, don’t let fear or worry take over. 

Instead, focus on the laughter, smiles, and the good ass time you are creating, and have as much dang fun as possible as your clothless skin feels the water delicately caress its every inch!



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