How to Flirt with a Guy.

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Maybe you have a crush… is it okay to call it that even though we’re not teenagers anymore?… I think so! 

Let’s paint the picture- you have a crush on your new work partner, a friend of a friend, or a new neighbor next door, but you totally forgot how to flirt because, like, what even is flirting? Don’t stress; I’ve got you covered. I’m going to fill you in on everything you need to know regarding how to flirt with a guy. We’ll have him making you breakfast in bed after you’re through with this article.

Flirting Tips 101

Confidence is Key, Duh

Let’s first start with a few flirting tips to really get the guy you like wanting more. What’s something you’ve heard everyone say before, whether you’re going for a new job interview, performing your cringy new jokes to a group of strangers, or flirting with a guy? I’ll give you a hint, it’s in the title above this paragraph. Confidence is key, and boy, let me tell you, it really is. 

What’s sexier than confidence? Your new man in bed the next morning, that’s what! Though we all know it’s much easier said than done, there’s nothing a little acting can’t fix. It’s okay not to feel confident in the moment; believe me, I’ve been there. You know what I did that helped? I totally played the part. I pretended to be the coolest, hottest thing on the block, and it most definitely showcased confidence, even though I was struggling inside. In this case, what they don’t know won’t hurt em. Let’s also not forget that you are, in fact, the hottest thing on the block. So work it like you own it because honey, you do.

Lip Action

Once you’ve strutted down the hall like you’re the next big thing, because you are (yes, I plan to keep confirming that), a little flirtatious lip action is a great, sexy way to make your soon to be man think about you in more than one way. It might sound silly now, but there’s plenty of ways to draw his attention to your lips. I’ll give you a couple of ideas to try out. Try throwing a straw in your drink and add some flirtatious eye glances while drinking it, or put on a smooth, clear coat of lip gloss to make those lips pop and glisten while you guys conversate. Remember, it’s the little things.

how to flirt with a guy

Subtle Flirting

For those of us that aren’t totally out there and want to keep it casual but noticeable, I’m going to give you some advice on how to subtly flirt with a guy. Don’t be worried; there are ways. 

A super easy trick to flirt with your new “friend” is the good ole smile and wave. It’s scary to see your crush out in public and coming towards you. Your stomach gets tangled because you didn’t expect to see him at Trader Joe’s while you’re wearing sweats and flip-flops. *Note: Even though that might be slightly embarrassing, if he doesn’t appreciate your looks on your worst day, then he doesn’t deserve you in your Beyonce moments. 

To continue, It’s still important to create some flirtatious interaction between the two of you even though it wasn’t planned. There’s nothing a beautiful smile can’t fix. Let’s be honest. We both know your smile lights up the room and who doesn’t love a happy, familiar face. 

Just keep it cool, smile and wave. If the two of you are on another level of your “friendship”, having a quick chat is always a great idea. It’s easy to think that playing hard to get is what guys go for. That’s not always the case, and you’ll eventually have to let up from your dagger one day. So be friendly, make eye contact when he talks to you and stay interested in what he’s saying. Men like warm responses and want someone to listen to their words just like we do… or at least the men we should be going for do.

Flirting…Without being Obvious

How to flirt with a guy without being obvious. This topic is a bit similar to subtle flirting but might be a little more reserved than the ideas above. I can’t really tell you why you’d want to flirt with your future man without it being the most obvious thing in the world, but for those that might not know if their crush feels the same, it’s a good way to not risk rejection. 

It’s essential to recognize the fact that showing genuine interest in his ideas, thoughts, and emotions is a great way to exhibit your feelings for someone without them putting together the fact that you’re flirting. Being attentive to the conversations you’re having and adding in some subtle touches is a must. Including some “accidental” touches at the right time might make him feel more comfortable around you and open up the door to him doing the same. You can make these touches discreet, like touching his shoulder when he’s being funny or vulnerable. A hug hello or goodbye is another less obvious way, and, as always, throwing in a smile here and there will for sure help nudge things in the right direction.

how to flirt with a guy

Obviously Obvious

For those of us looking to step out of our comfort zone, or even just act a little more confident with who we take a liking for, here are some other strategies and how to flirt with a guy ideas that could lead to exactly what you’ve been daydreaming about. 

If you didn’t already know, men love a good complement. I mean, do you blame them? Who doesn’t? 

Try being authentic with your compliments and don’t use generic ideas, like “I love you shirt”. Spice it up a bit and say, “Wow, that shirt makes your eyes look amazing!”, or “You look better than my dream man, let’s go ahead and strip down.”. HAHA totally kidding… or am I. 

Just think about it like you’re his cheerleader for the night. It shows how much you’re interested in him and could open up the door for much more. Let’s not forget about teasing. A little teasy touch or words might just drive your crush up the wall. Be direct, make eye contact, add in a flirtatious touch, and boom! You two are hitting it off, and it’s only an hour into your date.  

Now that you’ve read a few tips on how to flirt with a guy, aka your future man, you can try a few of the ideas out and see how they make him feel and, more importantly, how you feel. 

It’s always encouraged to make sure you feel comfortable with what you’re doing and saying at the moment. Of course, a little push out of your comfort zone is excellent for internal growth, but only when you’re ready to do so. Flirting is just the first step in initiating interest with a guy. Take time to get to know him and really see the kind of person he is with you and when you’re not around. Always remember, you’re the hottest thing on the block, so flirt your heart out and score your dream man.

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