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How to explore your sexuality alone.

The key to a healthy and happy sex life is exploring your sexuality through solo sex and masturbation. Learning about your body and your unique enjoyments and preferences can keep you feeling motivated and happy. It also means you’ll gain the knowledge to know what you don’t like! This can be great to help you feel better during sexual encounters with your partner. Exploring yourself should be something that you enjoy doing alone – give yourself more liberty than you give your partner! Some women find it’s faster or more pleasurable when they let their partner pleasure them and explore, but they lose the excitement of learning your own body and surprising yourself. At V For Vibes, we know it’s not easy to self explore on your own.

It’s important to explore your sexuality, and to do it on your own. While exploring with a partner is great, it shouldn’t be what you rely on. Having the space to discover what you enjoy and don’t enjoy allows you to introduce those things safely with your partner and surprise them.

We’ve put together some ways to experiment more and find out more about your sexuality. Solo sex tips.

Journaling can really help open your mind up to thoughts you didn’t even know you had! It may feel uncomfortable to sit and write about your sex life, but it also opens your mind up to some exciting new possibilites. Go to your closest store, grab a journal and nice pens, and start writing! Think about your best sexual encounter, and make a bullet list of what made it so good. Now, think about your worst. What did you not like about it? What could have been better? Write it down! This can help you gain clarity on what you want in your current relationship, or the next one you start. Use this journal to write uninhibitedly about your desires, your fantasies, and pretty much anything related to sex that’ll give you more insight into what you’re looking for.

Host a girls night with your closest friends that you feel comfortable talking about sex with. Talk about masturbation strategies, toys that you all enjoy, and anything you feel like talking about!

Porn can be a great way to open up your world. There are some very interesting sexual niches such as female dominants, bondage, and role play. You may discover that you’re in to something you’d never thought you would be!

Take a pole dancing class, learn to strip tease, learn to belly dance! Many cities have places to learn, and it can really help open your body positivity with yourself. Learning to move your body and feel comfortable with your own body will allow you to be more in tune with yourself, both in bed and in life.

Masturbate and see what you enjoy. Try using a vibrator or dildo. There are so many styles that add stimulation to your clitoris, your G-Spot, and enhance the masturbation experience. Focus on finding what you like and don’t. Remember to write about it in your sex journal as well so you remember what made you feel amazing, and what didn’t.

Remember, there’s no shame in self love and enjoying yourself! Implementing some of these methods may be the change you need to keep your sex life flaming hot. Looking for a vibe to try? Check out V For Vibes for the most innovative dildos and vibrators on the market.


solo sex, sexual exploration and masturbation, g spot vibrator, clit massager