How to Deal with Change in a Relationship.

Oct 7, 2021

Does the idea of change terrify and intimidate you? Well that is quite alright; it’s natural if it does! Most people around us do not know how to deal with change in a relationship. It can be destabilizing and very unnerving to fully understand the process of change. 

It is completely okay if you do not know where to start, but it is not okay to resist change when it does come. Think of it this way; change is the pathway to growth. If one were to stop changing, one would be denying all the possibilities of personal development and adaptation that we are capable of, particularly in romantic relationships, which already ask so much of us, to begin with. 

Knowing that change is part of life and that it can’t always be predicted or mitigated is one of the first few steps one can take on how to deal with change, especially change that occurs in the arrangement of a relationship. You can act out and feel upset at the change introduced, but we at V for Vibes thought we should put together a list of steps and strategies you can adopt to manage your reaction to change better. Read on to find out how to deal with change in a relationship – or what you can do to maintain calm in the face of relationship changes, at the very least. 

Expect Change, and treat it as Natural. 

As much as we try to resist change to stick to the norms and customs, we have to come to realize that change is not only an inevitable part of our lives, but it is also one that occurs very frequently. In fact, think about all the people around us – their lives are changing at every single minute of the day, with so much happening around us constantly. 

We live in a world where we are connected now more than ever to so many different people and different cultures that changes are bound to happen. They’re natural. They’re part of life and the process of evolution. It can be miraculous to respond to change in an accepting manner – in a manner that reaffirms your belief in the thought that you will be okay, no matter what comes your way. 

There’s a ton of different relationship challenges and types of change, so if there is a big change being introduced in your relationship, such as a partner moving away for work or studies, or the nature of your relationship changes from monogamous to perhaps non-monogamous, one of the best ways to understand and cope with change is to accept it as a part of your relationship. 

When you and your partner decide to change things up, know that it is simply a representation of the growth both of you are displaying and that you will both grow individually and together as a couple if growth and change are fostered in this relationship. This can not only be good for you when the change does happen, but it can also prepare you to deal with multiple situations in your relationship in a healthier way that helps you stay calm and composed through the process of change.

how to deal with change in a relationship

Be open to differences. 

Remember that each individual on this planet is a different person in their own right – they will make choices according to their will and act in ways their heart desires, and that it is completely okay for you to want something different. In fact, there are fine lines when it comes to changing yourself for a relationship

Should a situation arise where you and your partner hold different opinions, you can always seek to talk to each other and undergo the process of understanding where the other person is coming from as the most approachable means of how to deal with change. However, this is only possible if you keep an open mind and heart and are open to differences. For this, you will have to embrace vulnerability and be open to the possibilities that open up when you do embrace these relationship changes. 


The only way to fully embrace change – or be open to changes, to begin with, in a relationship – is to communicate, communicate, and communicate even more! Trust us, there is never too much communication, and you can always do with more instead of less of it. After all, a healthy relationship includes good communication, fairness, and trust

You won’t be caught off guard if you and your partner communicate in a healthy and refreshing way that allows you to discuss your ideas and thoughts as freely as possible, relating back to intellectual intimacy. Communication can really add an additional layer of comfort and ease to your relationship with your partner if you and your partner decide to communicate as regularly as possible. This can help you plan in advance, make adjustments around those plans, have honest sex talk, and really open up the space in your relationship for both of you to move forward together. 

Growth is an important part of relationships, and it would do neither you nor your partner any good to be denied growth. The way to make those “growing pains” easier is by communicating with each other and keeping each other in the loop about any progress or updates. This way, your partner can know what to expect, even if it is a change in the pace of lives you lead, without being caught so completely by surprise that they just don’t know how to adapt to change in a relationship. 

how to deal with change in a relationship

Address the Issue itself.

Often enough, change comes from the impulse to correct an issue or a problem in the relationship. Perhaps, if your partner is suggesting you change things up, it could be a symptom of a larger problem or issue that needs to be addressed. Getting to the root of an issue can be difficult. Still, it would be a very rewarding process as it quickly lends itself to accepting the change and moving in a very solution-oriented manner to work through the problem you and your partner might be facing. This can help you avoid dead-end solutions and running into the same problem over and over again, which is a common theme when learning how to deal with change. If your partner suggests changing something about the relationship, give yourself some time to reflect upon what your partner is saying to you and see whether you can trace it back to the root of the problem. 

Perhaps, if they are asking for some alone time, they could use some excitement and fun in their lives, and what better way than to get that for yourself, too, while you two take healthy distance and time apart to grow out of being codependent. It can be easier said than done, of course, but with enough patience and time, you will learn to love the changes that come your way if you embrace growth and evolution as natural and even enriching! Relationship changes can help you be the best version of yourself, it can help you grow out of a rut that you might have fallen into, and it can undoubtedly help foster love, care, and kindness in your relationship.

Changes in relationships are often made to keep the relationship going smoothly and to ensure a more fulfilled experience for everybody involved! Remember that change is natural – that it happens all around us, and in fact, even within our bodies. It is a regular part of life and can lead to some very great rewards that help you and your partner grow into the best forms of yourself where you reach new levels of love and adoration in your relationship. 


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