How to Build Sexual Tension While Flirting.

Jan 30, 2022

Learning how to flirt and sexual tension go hand in hand, so you should brush up your skills if you want amazing chemistry. Remember that flirting can take on many forms, so don’t worry if you didn’t do well at it before. It might take a while to master, but with the flirting tips in this article, you should have a better idea of how to make him crazy about you. So here’s how to build sexual tension while flirting:


1. Keep eye contact


You can say a lot with your eyes. If you’re feeling nervous and don’t want to be in the presence of the other person, you tend to avert your gaze. But when you’re attracted to them, you’ll want to look at their face as long as possible and hold eye contact with more ease. So, every time you look him deeply in the eyes, remember to smile. Give him the “I want you” look – I guarantee you that every woman has one. A good trick is also maintaining eye contact and dropping your gaze to then return it again – just like in the Before Sunrise movie. 


2. Play with your hair


Everybody knows that twirling hair around your finger is a sign of flirtation. But it can also be a habit you turn to when under stress, so by doing that, you can make him wonder, is she interested or not? Try not to overdo it, though. 


 3. Act interested and tease him when you talk


You should express interest in what he’s saying; ask him follow-up questions, be excited, and show him that you’re listening. Don’t get distracted – there’s nothing more annoying than using a phone on a date. Another good strategy is making sure you laugh at his jokes but again, in moderation. You can also tease him and challenge his views. A simple ‘Is that so?’ with a playfully lifted eyebrow can do the trick. If you’re a skilled conversationist, you can include innuendos here and there to spice things up. For example, say that you love walking in the rain because you like being wet. 


 4. Wear sensual clothing


The right outfit is most of the success. Men tend to be visual creatures, and an attire that brings out your sexiness will definitely catch his eye. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a dress or a skirt, but it’s good to make sure it emphasizes your curves and makes you feel like the hottest person in the room. You can also wear red as it’s been shown to enhance someone’s attractiveness. 

How to Build Sexual Tension While Flirting.

5. Initiate physical contact


A huge part of being friendly is physical contact, so even if the other person won’t take the bait, at least you won’t come across as creepy. For example, you could touch his arm whenever you greet him or brush his knee when you’re laughing at his joke. Start from a friendly touch, and then let it linger a little longer each time until you’re sure he’s into you as much as you are into him.


6. Stay close


If we like someone, we try to stay close to them as much as possible, so make sure your body language reflects that. If you’re attracted to someone at work, try to maintain physical contact a bit longer than usual. Sit by his table at lunch and stand a bit too close when you refill your coffee mug. If you meet someone for a date, don’t be afraid to sit right next to him if you’ve finished eating dinner and moving on to drinks. Just say “I need to know more” when he’s telling you about his childhood or hobby and change seats to express interest.


 7. Be confident


One of the top flirting tips is increasing your confidence. Confidence is hot, period. Even if you think that you might be lacking in other departments, confidence can be the deciding factor. When you’re self-confident, you have the kind of energy that draws other people in and make them want to get to know you more. Previous steps are good to be used as guidelines but remember that you don’t have to be anyone but yourself because you’re good enough the way you are. Just find a balance between showing the best parts of your personality and using new skills that can make him go crazy with desire.


8. Engage all his sense


To make someone crazy about you, you have to imprint the image of yourself in his thoughts. While looking good is a part of the success, you can go a step further and try to influence all of his senses. For example, if you’re meeting him for a date, choose your favorite restaurant and make him try food he never had before. Make sure to wear nice perfume; if he likes the way you smell, he’ll make excuses to get close to you more and more often. 

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9. Keep the conversation light


If you’re wondering how to build sexual tension, be smart about what you share with him. Avoid talking about your exes or private issues. Flirting should be fun, and there will be room for serious conversations later on. Don’t be afraid to bring up funny stories from your life – if you make him laugh, he’ll associate you with a good time, and his attraction towards you will increase.


10. Compliments


Everyone likes feeling appreciated and desired, so be sure to squeeze in a few cute compliments here and there in a conversation. Try not to make them too obvious. Make them sound neutral enough to let him know you feel positive towards him but not enough to give him a straight answer to whether you’re interested or not. Don’t overdo it either because too much praise might be off-putting and make you look desperate. You don’t want to come across as a fangirl but as a confident, independent woman. Try something simple like: “You smell nice today” or “I like your eyes”. 


 11. Delay sexual activities


A quick peck on the lips might be innocent, but you don’t want to break the sexual tension too soon – where’s the fun in that? And if the desire is involved, one thing usually leads to another. Try to be playful but not necessarily sexual to build anticipation even more. A quick brush of the knees is fine but keep your hand away from his crotch, at least for now. Building sexual tension might take time. Imagine that it’s like building a connection that can either make or break your sex life. Take your time to get to know him and let the physical contact follow. 


12. Delay the goodbyes


Hug him a little longer than usual and then look him into the eyes as if you were waiting for him to kiss you. Then say it was good to see him and walk away. Hopefully, this will make him want you more. You can make it up to him when you get home by sending him flirtatious texts. Try “I can’t stop thinking about what a nice time we had” or “I had so much fun talking to you that I wish you were here with me”.



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