How to be Irresistible in Bed.

Oct 14, 2021

How many times have you stopped to ask yourself, what can I do to be irresistible in bed? How many times have you failed to find the answer for how to be irresistible in bed? With this being such a common query many of our readers seem to have, we decided to put together a comprehensive list of things you can do during, or bring to, a sexual encounter that can instantly make you irresistible in bed!

Of course, there are variations of each of the tips we have to offer, and you’re more than welcome to put your own spin on it and make it your own personalized trait, but keep reading on to find out some of the most important steps in becoming more and more attractive and ultimately, irresistible in bed. 

There is no one answer, however, to this dilemma. You can choose to do various things, change your mannerisms, include a bit of jest, and make sex more and more pleasurable for both yourself and your partner for how to have amazing sex. After all, that is what good sex is about! Both you and your partner should be having a good time, truly enjoying the sexual encounter, and making sure that this is happening is one of the easiest ways to be incredible in bed. Here are our favorite tips at V for Vibes for how to be irresistible in bed:


This might not be common, but humor can literally be a game-changer in the way you experience sex. We know it sounds odd; who wants to be joking during sex, right? But we’re not talking about a full-blown comedy set; we’re talking more about wit and charm, about little jokes here and there, especially to cover up any awkwardness or shyness either party might be experiencing during sex. 

Humour is a great way to keep things light-hearted and easygoing, and make sure that your partner – whoever you choose to have sex with – is comfortable and at ease during the process. Humour can help shed anxieties and worries and, in fact, stress, too, and put you right in the mood for more sexual activities when that does happen. 

Don’t be afraid to crack a few jokes here and there, given that they are not hurtful, of course, and watch your date or partner find you irresistibly charming and absolutely a delight to be in bed with! 


We can’t stress this one enough. There is no other way of making sure that your partner is at ease and like they’re actually cared for and safe with you than by making sure repeatedly that you have their consent to do the things you want to do. We know the mainstream narrative is that that isn’t sexy, but that’s simply not true! Think of the wonders it can do for dirty talking to your partner if you’re able to incorporate consent into it, too. In fact, women are more likely to find you attractive and irresistible when you ask for their consent – it is a way to make sure she feels safer and calmer instead of on edge and worried during the process. That, and it’s morally the right damn thing to do!

how to be irresistible in bed

Ask what Feels Good 

This one is an obvious pointer, but you’d be surprised to learn how many people forget this basic rule when it comes to sex. The other person involved is a whole person and is probably someone who has more experience with their body than you do. Remember that you may not be their first partner or their first sexual encounter and that the person best suited to tell you what they like is, well, them! 

Ask them what feels good and what doesn’t, and ask them if they’d like you to do anything particular. Many different things work for different people and it’s always a good idea to try things together even if you’re not used to it, by simply asking the other person what they like in bed. Get good tips and tricks when they tell you, and implement what you heard when you do end up having sex with them. 

As well as asking what feels good, you might want to try and break down the sexuality of the person further. Ask them if there are any kinks they would feel comfortable exploring with you, see if they would be interested in a little bit of roleplay. There are endless ways to enhance the ‘feel-good’ nature of sex, and the key is to cater to the balance of both these physical and mental aspects. 

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Give and Take, find the Balance 

Sex is all about the partnership! You enter into this act with another person who will be the giver and the recipient, as will you. Remember that there is a delicate balance to be maintained between the two to be incredible in bed and leave your partner wanting more each time – the key here is to strike the perfect balance between giving and taking. 

Be the doer in a lot of the situations, too, where you just ask your partner to lay back and enjoy while you do things to them, but also let them take some of the control and do things to you while you enjoy being the recipient of the sexual acts. A good balance will ensure that neither party is being overworked or not pleasured enough by the other, and this is sure to make you irresistible to the people in your bed! A person who cares for what they want and is good at receiving the sexual acts when done to them? That’s a big WIN-WIN for both of you, in our opinion, and is definitely one of the sexiest things you can do in bed.

Be Confident 

It’s okay to second guess and be unsure of yourself sometimes, but when it comes to being sexy in bed, trust us, confidence is the key you need! Be assured that you know how your body works and that you know what feels good. Also, be confident in your communication skills and know that you will be able to talk to the person in your bed to figure out what they like. Confidence is also one of the sexiest traits women often look for in a partner. Someone who knows what they’re doing? Sign me up!

If you find that you’re uncertain of what to do next, be sexy and calmly ask the person you’re seeing what they like! Not only does it show that you care and are interested, but it also makes you sound very confident in what you’re doing – nothing sexier than that! For more tips on building confidence and the relationship between confidence and sex drive, read the linked article. 

how to have amazing sex

Never Skip the Foreplay 

This is the most important point in the list – we saved the best for last!

Foreplay, foreplay, and more foreplay. Always. There is never such a thing as too much foreplay. Foreplay can not only set the mood for an incredible sexual experience, but it can also help your partner’s body release lubricants so that sex is a more pleasurable process for both of you! 

Take things slow and build it up from there, even if that means spending a few extra minutes getting it right every single time. Don’t be afraid to try new things during this, and of course, remember to be kind through all of it, even if it’s something you have not done before. Be open and willing to try new things to keep the foreplay going and really build up to that final release to give your partner the orgasm of a lifetime, making sure that she/he is left satisfied and wanting more! 

These were a few tips and tricks to make you the most irresistible person in bed – what are you waiting for? Get out there and do the best you can! 


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