How to Be Dirty in Bed for Your Man.

Sep 4, 2021

So, you want to know how to be dirty in bed for your man? It’s a big question, but in reality, it is one that can be answered through a few rather straightforward strategies of which you can easily implement into your love life. 

We are all unique in our sexual preferences, but there are always a handful of definitive means that make sex dirty, raw, and animalistic (in a good way!!) for all of us. Hang around to learn more. 

Learn your Man

Learning your man and his own set of preferences, things that turn him on, or any sexual kinks he may have, is the starting point for how to be dirty in bed for your man. You must take what you already know through your previous sexual encounters with him and work to learn what he may keep bottled up. 

Having conversations surrounding sex is the best way to break down those barriers and open up the doors to both his and your sexualities. Crack open a bottle of wine, hang out, and ask him questions to begin understanding the entirety of the ecosystem of his sexuality

Things like:

  • “What turns you on the most in bed?”

  • “Do you have any sexual kinks you want to explore?” 

  • “How can I be dirty for you?”

Are all excellent places to start. When having your conversation, the more turned on you are, the more chance that comfortability arises with being open and honest about sexuality. Being turned on opens the mind to sexuality, so if you really want to break him down, try teasing him a little bit by lightly touching yourself over your clothing or placing a hand on his thigh while talking about your sex. 

Sexual Kinks

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t have some sort of sexual kink that sets a fire of desire blazing within us. Sexual kinks are more often than not dirty in nature, and catering to his sexual kinks, whatever those may be, is a wondrous means of how to be dirty in bed for your man. 

Hopefully, your conversation has allowed him to open up about his kinks. If that is the case, do a little research surrounding the kink and figure out how you can act upon it through your own intimacy. The key to acting on sexual kinks is to remember that it is more than just normal to have a sexual kink, as we are all human, and that sexual kinks are rooted deeply within us. They aren’t something that should cause embarrassment, and by showing your willingness to pursue these kinks, you are simultaneously proving that you are willing to go above and beyond to be dirty for him. 

As well as experimenting with his own sexual kinks, sex is meant to remain equal, and it is vital that you, too, allow your kinks to be fulfilled to remain entirely happy in your sexual relationship. 

Men absolutely relish when their partner is open and honest about their sexuality, as well, and fulfilling your kinks might be even more enticing than experimenting with their own, as men take pride in instilling sexual bliss within you. 

If you aren’t quite sure what your kinks are at this point, refer to our comprehensive list of kinks and fetishes to begin exploring, as the process of discovery is half the fun!

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Mutual Masturbation

Sometimes we jump straight into the action all too soon. If you want to know how to be dirty in bed for your man, then ask him if he would be willing to masturbate with you! Not only is foreplay an essential aspect of great sex, but so it changes up the game completely with something like mutual masturbation. 

Mutual masturbation is dirty in the sense that masturbation is typically considered something we do alone and in our own time. It is very much a personal practice. By allowing your partner to join in on something usually reserved for us in our most private of spaces, you are opening up yourselves to pleasure never before known. 

He will absolutely love that you want to show off for him in such a way, and this carnal practice is quite the lovely show, providing to him the epitome of visual satisfaction in conjunction with physical pleasure provided by himself. 

Couples who masturbate together stay together. So go ahead, give it a shot!

Dirty Talk for Him

Verbal cues through dirty talk is a key to getting that imagination running wild. When you are openly able to express your sexuality through your words, this is just about as dirty and hot as it gets. I mean, who doesn’t love it when their partner reaffirms your sexual prowess by telling you how incredible they feel or by teasing you with words of what they plan to do to you?

To really up the heat on how to be dirty in bed for your man, dirty talk for him doesn’t just have to occur when in the bedroom. To spice things up, implement dirty talking long before your lovemaking to tease him into a realm of intense sexual oblivion. 

A whisper in his ear when at a restaurant or at the store with have his eyes light up with desire, and he’ll love that you are dirty in an environment that is not usually synonymous with sex. 

You may also work to practice forms of sexting when apart from one another. Send him a dirty text when he’s at work to have him dying for more, or try taking the hottest nude photo to give him a little something in his inbox that he will absolutely die to see!

how to be dirty in bed for your man

Bring out the Sex Toys

Sex toys add endless possibilities to your sex and are a key to how to be dirty in bed for your man. Not only are sex toys an excellent addition to mutual masturbation, as he will love watching you pleasure yourself with your favorite toy from afar, but they also work to promote your pleasure as well. 

When he sees that you are fully embodied in the sexual experience and that your sensations are strong and intense, he will feel amazing that he is a part of this discovery and physical pleasure. He will also appreciate your willingness to go above and beyond in your encounters to make things hot and sexy, and this alone is a dirtiness that he has been waiting to see all along. 

As well as this, sex toys meant for male pleasure will have him shaking in orgasmic bliss. Most male sex toys are used alone, and having your loved one direct them is a new take on playtime that will raise intimacy and erotic sensation that caters to both the mind and the body. 

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Anal Sex

Do you think you are ready for anal sex? If so, anal sex is a man’s dream and is the true culmination of how to be dirty in bed for your man. 

With this, however, anal sex isn’t something you jump right into. You probably want to do a little preparation with anal toys for beginners to ready yourself for the sexual intensity soon to come. A butt plug training kit is an amazing asset to begin an anal journey, and you can also use the butt plug while engaging in vaginal intercourse as well!

He will absolutely adore the beautiful gem shimmering from his favorite booty as he pounds you from being, and the pressure of the anal plug against his penis will feel absolutely incredible for both of you. 

Once you feel ready to bless him with sensational anal, you are really taking control of how to be dirty in bed for your man by creating those dirty memories in bed that you will hold onto for eternity. 

Public Play

Sometimes, being dirty in bed for your man doesn’t actually have to be in bed, as you can take your sexuality with you anywhere you go! 

If you or he has a slight touch of exhibitionism or voyeurism in your sexual nature, then use this to your advantage. Try using a remote control vibrator in public to give him the control of your exhibitionist endeavors. He can up the intensity as he so pleases, enjoying the idea that other wandering eyes are clueless of the dirty, kinky fun you are both having. 

Using a butt plug in public is another drool-inducing act of which you can make a reality. With the butt plug inserted inside, give him little flashes of the beautiful gem extending from within you to give a brand new meaning on ‘running errands’, and when you get home, you are all but guaranteed to have the sweatiest, steamiest, and dirtiest sex of your lives.

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