How to Ask Someone Out Over Text.

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Once you’ve gotten to know your person of interest and confirm they’re not a total creepo… kidding, but you never know nowadays, especially if you’ve only been communicating over text (which is why I must quickly mention the importance of face-to-face communications and physical interaction). Though it may be less nerve-wracking to text rather than meet up, it’s the only way to truly get to know someone in all of their forms. So make sure you plan a time and a safe place to do so if you haven’t yet. 

But okay, back to the reason I’m writing this article. You really like the person you’ve been hanging out and flirting over text with, but you’re a little more confident in communicating over the phone rather than in person. That’s totally okay, because I’m about to get into how to ask someone out over text. You won’t have to question it any longer like I know you have been, and maybe you will take your relationship to new highs once you break this ice of asking someone out. 

How to Ask Someone Out 

You’re ready to ask out that spicey-looking human being you’ve been crushing on for months now, and you need to do it over text. It’s not the best way to do it, but hey, it gets the job done and might be the only option at the time. 

There are a few easy ways to do the deed, so let’s start listing them out, shall we? 

To start off, try asking them out through or with a cute compliment embedded in the message. Such as, “I could talk to you for hours, want to grab a coffee sometime?”. Explain why you’re interested in going out with them, to begin with, and allow your reasonings to make them feel good and open their mind to the date. A couple of ideas are grabbing dinner, a coffee, a drink; if you’re more adventurous, go on a hike or kayaking, and if you’re more laid back, try seeing a movie. 

These are all fabulous basic ideas to help with how to ask someone out over text, and there are so many more outside-of-the-box ideas for you to ponder on before making your decision. Get creative with it, ask them to do something you know they love to do or that you love to do, to show them a little piece of who you are, and to also cater to their intrinsic interest. Thoughtful and intentional ideas always make the other person feel special and cared for. I mean, that’s obvious, right? 

When you do have your idea down, make sure you’re direct when you ask them out. It’s important they know you’re asking them on a date and not to hang out with you along with friends. Try phrasing it like “Want to go out?” rather than “Want to hang out.” as this might eliminate some confusion.

Another critical thing to remember after you ask your crush out and finish reading this ‘How to Ask Someone Out Over Text’ article, wink wink, is to keep your mind open. It’s no big deal if they say no. Give them some space, reach back out a few weeks later as a friend rather than a potential lover. They might not be in the right headspace for a date at that time; everyone’s got something going on. If your conversation goes well when you reach back out, the dating doors might still be open. Just keep it cool, and don’t be too pushy. No matter what, you’re the hottest thing on the block, and don’t you dare forget it!

 how to ask someone out over text

Cute Ways to Ask Someone out over Text

Okay, okay, I know you’ve all been dying to hear some cute ways to ask someone out over text. Don’t fret any longer. I’m going to give you those ideas and then hope you take the torch and run with it. It’s so much fun to think you’re about to ask your future person out, so why do it the ordinary way. You can totally get creative with this, and let me just tell you, YOU SHOULD. 

Who doesn’t like feeling special and like the other person took time and effort to think of the idea, date, or whatever it may be. I can tell you right now; I’m a sucker for a thought-out plan. It’s not just thoughtful, but it’s sexy and alluring. Without further ado, we will start off with some simple ideas on how to ask someone out over text.

  • “I read about this new restaurant I’ve wanted to try, and they so happen to have your favorite food. What time are you free?”
  • “Good Morning! The sunrise reminded me of you this morning. It was absolutely stunning. Since I am thinking about you, are you free for lunch?”
  • “I could talk to you for hours on end. Can I take you out?”

For those of you that plan or want to plan out the date before asking them, here are some ideas on how to ask… Seriously do it this way. Take some extra time to show your date you’re crazy about them. 

*Note, putting the ball in her/his court leaves her to do the planning even though you asked them out. This well-thought-out way will totally surprise your date, I promise. 

  • “I have a whole day planned out for us; when’s the next day you’re free?”
  • “Since your favorite thing to do is go hiking, I planned a day trip and packed a picnic. Want to accompany me on the journey?”
  • “I know this might be crazy, but I got us concert tickets and reservations for dinner. Please tell me you’re free on the (date here)?”
how to ask someone out over text

Are you feeling less stressed now? I mean, I did just give you some killer ideas and basically told you what to do for the best results. How could you not love me at this point lol?

You now know how to ask someone out over text and some cute ways to do it. The rest is in your hands. Get creative, think outside of the box, and have some fun with it. Think of an idea that you haven’t ever tried before. It could be fun doing something for the first time together. 

I think you know what I’m going to say next… Remember to be yourself and not stress if your date says no or if the date doesn’t go as planned. Everything happens for a reason, and that’s the damn truth. You’re the hottest thing on the block, and you got this. 

Speaking of dates, I have quite a hot one planned with my lovely little vibrator, so good luck and catch you later!

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