How do you Roleplay over Text?

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Are you thinking about getting into roleplay but don’t want to fully dive in just yet? 

No worries, roleplay over text is a great way to get to know the experience less intimidatingly. As always, it’s important to communicate with your partner before the role play begins. Some ideas could be triggering to the other person, so it’s crucial to make sure you’re both into the sexy role play you’ve come up with. With no further ado, I will now answer the question you’ve been dying to ask, how do you roleplay over text. 

How to Roleplay Over Text

Roleplay over text is a fun way to spark unique interactions with your partner that fall well outside the world of mundane sex. So let’s get nasty with it, eh? Think of a scenario that turns you on, ya know, that gets you tingling in all the right places. These scenarios can be derived from your deepest fantasies, your past experiences, or anything that has sparked an alluring carnal interest within your life. 

To come up with your own fantasies, allow your mind to fully roam free. Think to yourself. “What/who do I want to be?” that is entirely separated from your current persona: your lifestyle, your personality, your career, your hobbies, etc. 

While doing so, recognize that this alone is one of the most beautiful aspects of roleplay; it allows you to embody a whole new identity in a safe and stimulating way!

You can be and do anything you want with your partner, and as long as there is consent, nothing is off-limits. If you can’t quite come up with the construct of your roleplay over text, that’s okay too. It’s normal to have a difficult time approaching roleplay when you’re new to it, and feeling a little weird or out of place is perfectly normal. Don’t let it get to your head too much, and never allow this to steer you entirely away from roleplay over text. 

Instead, just keep it simple with your imaginations, and as you gain experience, you will also gain comfortability, which is part of why roleplay over text is such an excellent method of roleplay- because you are separated from your partner, it breaks down certain barriers of intimidation or awkwardness through non-face-to-face interactions. 

If you need a little inspo, check out our few ideas to get you started, and once you see how things can go, you’ll have an easier time coming up with your own. 

The Personal Trainer

Maybe you decide on the ol’ personal trainer bit; this is a great beginners roleplay scenario, by the way. Start off by texting your partner about a free consultation for personal training and see if they bite the bait. If they do, which they will, start getting flirty and then naughty… and then nasty. 

You can start off slow or get right to business. I mean, who knows how hot that personal trainer is? You sure do. 

Explore dirty talk and send explicit pictures to one another. If you’re really horny and comfortable, of course, continue the free consultation with an at-home visit and plunge into the world of real-life roleplay. You never know, you might fall in love with your personal trainer!

how do you roleplay over text

Doctor, my Boobs Hurt

Okay, so you now know how to roleplay over text, you look to your dirty-sided mind and start sending provocative texts to your doctor. Wait, not your doctor doctor, but your “doctor”, ya know. Another sexy and easy roleplay idea for texting, the doctor and patient scenario. Let’s hope that sending the doctor a pic of your cock or boobs will help them prescribe you whatever medication you need. At the very least, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look. Look at me, daydreaming about my next physical again. 

I guess that is one way to make the doctor’s office fun! 

We Just Met!

For the sake of this version of roleplay over text, we’ll consider direct messages on social media the same thing. So go ahead, slide into your partner’s DM as if you’ve never met them! Act like total strangers, and put on that fancy sweet talk that you’ve had plenty of time to master now that you know them well. 

This is such a fun version of roleplay over text because it reminds you of those days when you first met, staying up until 2 am texting and talking, sending those ultra-romantic (but probably a little cringy! It’s okay, we’re all guilty of it) five paragraph-long texts. 

It brings you back to the days when your spark first turned into a flame, and this is such an important asset at boosting sexual intimacy, as well as all of the other different types of intimacy

It also allows you to experience that sensational feeling of meeting someone and getting to know them for the first time, which some of us crave after years of long-term, monogamous relationships. 

It’s simple- shoot them a direct message as a brand ‘new’ person, and be the suave persona you always knew you had in you! 

role play ideas texting

Why Roleplay Over Text?

What’s vital about roleplay through text is remembering the whole reason behind it—having fun, exploring a more profound, kinky side of yourself, and fulfilling those weird but for whatever reason scenarios that secretly make you horny. 

Sometimes relationships need some spice, or maybe it’s just something you’ve always wanted to experience. Either way, roleplay over text or in-person is a great way to be open with your partner and push your sex life to the next level. Everyone struggles with their daily routines. We get stuck at our jobs, run ourselves down, and get so busy we forget to even make time for intimacy. 

That’s why it’s important to switch things up sometimes. Completely let go and escape from your everyday expectations. Explore roleplay over text, and you could even start before work, send naughty pics in the bathroom at whatever job you give yourself that day, and build up the suspense. Just don’t forget to get it on when you get home. 

Sexting Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

How many of you are in a long-distance relationship? Been there, done that. We both know that sexting and phone sex are kind of a big part of the relationship. How else do you get intimate with your partner? We also both know that the same sexting and sexy phone calls can get a bit mundane. 

I have your magic answer, roleplay texting. 

Sure, you can’t build up your horniness and get it on with them when you get home, but you can definitely have fun with it and finish, sex toy in hand, of course. 

So you and your partner have decided to go through with the roleplay texting, now you’re wondering about some sexting ideas for long-distance relationships. I got you covered. It’s pretty simple, get relaxed, maybe hop in the bath, and get some bubbles going. Shoot your partner a text saying, “I’m in the bubble bath right now, can’t say I’m not thinking about you against my hot, wet body”. Woah, can you turn the air on in here, it’s getting a little too hot to handle. 

Wait to see their response and take some sexy selfies of yourself to really put them in the moment with you. We both know where this goes from here, but we might have to stop talking about it before I get horny myself. 

Roleplay, roleplay over text, sexting, and phone sex are all fantastic, sexy ways to change up the rhythm in your sex life. If you’re feeling intimidated, don’t. Everyone feels a bit awkward the first time; you just have to get into the moment and let yourself escape. Reality no longer matters, your orgasm does, and it’s about damn time. 

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