The Life of a Hotwife.

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In a world of different sexual kinks and mind-blowing fetishes, one unique sexual culture takes the top: The Cuckold

Scrolling on the dark side of Twitter or Reddit, you will likely see scantily clad women wearing hot panties with the words, “My husband enjoys watching,” scribbled across them. It’s the era of being a hotwife! If the terms look strange to you and you are wondering, “what is a hotwife?”, you can trust us to make it clear and show you how to spot a hotwife as we provide insight into this lifestyle.

What is a Hotwife?

A Hotwife is a “married woman” who openly engages in sexual activities with other men with the encouragement and consent of her husband to satisfy her husband’s, and also her own, sexual fantasies. Being a hot wife can be as exciting for the husband as it is for the wife. The husband gets satisfaction knowing his wife engages in sexual practices with other men, and she also gets to enjoy sexual freedom. We can guess watching your partner have sex with someone else may seem like your worst nightmare, but for some people, it is an intense, satisfying, invigorating, and erotic sexual fantasy they’ve always wanted to explore.

Who is a Cuckold

While comparing a cuckold with what is a hotwife, cuckolding is simply a kind of sexual fetish in which a person gets turned on by their partner having sex with someone else as they watch. It is closely related to BDSM with features like humiliation (see “Cuckold Humiliation“), domination, and submission without the spanking and gear you saw in Fifty Shades of Grey. Some men find the idea of their partner having sex with other men to be a thrill, a tease, and sometimes, it can be a game for them. Knowing someone else wants your partner so bad can kick your desire into overdrive and make you desire them more than a fresh pastry from the oven.

Why Women Enjoy Being a Hotwife

Being a hotwife gives women the freedom to enjoy the company of the opposite sex asides from their husbands. It is fun, exciting, and can be beneficial to your relationship. Here are just a few ways women enjoy being a hotwife:

  • Fulfillment of Sexual Fantasies: Different couples are always thinking of ways to take their relationship to the next kinky level. It gives you the freedom to enjoy yourself and equally have a good time. Many couples have this fantasy but are unable to try it out because they feel their partner might get offended. But you can’t know if you don’t ask or try. Ask for their opinion, and you might just be on your way to fulfilling your lifelong fantasies.

  • It Improves Communication in Your Relationship: Healthy relationships require good communication, fairness, and trust—effective communication is the key to surviving and thriving. If you want an enjoyable relationship, you must build trust with your partner and be vulnerable with each other. Learning how to be a hotwife and deciding to explore it with your partner increase communication that brings couples closer.

  • Boosts Confidence: Exploring being a hot wife gives women the chance to be expressive. When a woman knows she pleases her man and can do as she desires, it helps boost her sexual self-confidence.

  • Better Intimacy: Being a hotwife allows women to learn more about their bodies and gain relevant knowledge, and it can increase the bond and connection with the cuckold husband. The latest adventures and wide range of sexual options and styles will improve a couple’s bond.


Why Men Enjoy When Their Wife is a Hotwife

Some men get turned on by humiliation or consensual erotic humiliation. This might sound funny, but it’s real. They are many reasons men enjoy being a cuckold, and that includes:

  • Sexual Fantasies: Some men have fantasies of their wives being with someone else. Wanting their partner to sleep with someone else can sometimes be out of sheer curiosity and the desire to try out new things.
  • To improve their Sex Game: Watching your wife sleep with someone else sounds like fun to those who like it. It allows them to change their sex game by getting to watch as an audience as someone else excites their woman and makes them climax fast and hard.

Tips for Becoming a Hotwife

So how do you go from your initial reaction when your man suggests being a hot wife to you to partake? If you and your partner are at a place where you are considering that this fetish will bring the spark into your sex life, then this is for you! Scouring Google for tips on how to be a hotwife will likely bring a plethora of porn sites that don’t show you the real-life version, so here is a few tips:

  • Go Slow: You don’t have to rush things. You need to nurture your relationship first with your partner. Your husband’s peace of mind is vital as most men are not accustomed to seeing their wives have sex with other men, even if it is their sexual fantasy. Make sure to engage in ample cuckold training.
  • Play the Role: Searching the internet for tips will likely lead you to various porn sites that don’t portray what you want. Being a hotwife doesn’t have to be restrictive. Just do things you are comfortable with. The main point is for you to feel comfortable, sexually free, and empowered.
  • Get Good Bulls: The most important part of being a hotwife in a cuckold relationship is to get a reliable and sane bull. You need to find a bull that knows his onions to make the experience worthwhile. Swiping through dating sites and picking a random guy on the streets won’t meet your needs. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get a good and reliable bull. You can get this done by asking at sex clubs, or maybe you have a friend or a close couple that can recommend someone. Before getting started, it’s a nice idea for the three of you to meet and discuss your needs, expectations, and safety concerns.
  • Lay Clear Boundaries.

How to Spot a Hot Wife in Public

Have you always wondered if there was a distinct way you could know how to spot a hotwife? There is indeed a way. At times a hot-wife wears an ankle bracelet to denote the sexual freedom she’s currently enjoying. Other women wear rings or bands on their thumbs. However, this symbol can be removed at any time, and there are times that this may just be a fashion choice. There are many cuckold lifestyles. So unless a woman wears a necklace with the words “Hotwife”, it can be hard to assume anything.

Difficulties of Being a Hot Wife

Many of the difficulties associated with being a hotwife are hinged on the differences in how women and men think. Women see sex differently, and most women can’t have sex with a guy unless they like him. The trick is not just having passionate and hardcore sex with other guys but also staying faithful to her cuckold husband. It might be hard setting boundaries and staying emotionally detached from the cuckold bull.

If you think being a hotwife is something you’d love to try out with your husband, be clear about it. State your expectations and make your desires known. You can now have a more extraordinary sex life and experience freedom beyond the walls of monogamy.

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