How to Take the Hottest Nude Photos.

Aug 18, 2021

It’s a simple, undeniable truth- taking the hottest nude photos possible is a hell of a lively, fun, and positive experience. Whether you plan to send them to your loved one during sensual sexting, post them online for your followers to ogle over, or even as just a way to boost your confidence (as you are beautiful and stunning in so many ways), were going to give you a few tips and tricks to capture the sheer epitome of your bodily image. 

So snag your camera, your favorite sex toys, your best lingerie, and let’s waste no time getting right into it! Welcome to our guide on how to take the hottest nude photos; we are truly happy that you are here. 

Seek Inspiration

One of the best ways to take the hottest nude photos is to seek inspiration from outside sources. We’re not saying to compare yourself to others, as every person’s body is as equally beautiful as it is unique, but you can still get some incredible ideas this way!

Look at photos from your favorite models, of photographers who specialize in boudoir photography, and any other source of erotic photos that you can think of. This will give you a nice and broad idea of the styles of images you want to take, such as which poses tend to work well, that you can translate into your own form of photography. 

Don’t try too Hard

Although you might seek inspiration from professionals in this space, which is excellent, you also don’t want to try too hard and expect that your first rounds of photos will be perfect. 

Seriously, don’t try and land a cover-worthy shot, and don’t hate yourself if you are feeling like the results of your photos are sub-par. Instead, try enjoying the process to the fullest, and never try too hard while doing so! Be happy with whatever results you procure, and remember, more often than not, the answer to anything is to keep it simple!

Perfect your Lighting

The proper lighting can make or break a photo. With this, depending on your location, experiment with different forms of lighting until you find the one that brings out the best in your photos. If you are attempting to take the hottest nude photos outside, you might have to switch up the time of day or wait for a little cloud cover to get the lighting right. 

If inside, some string lights can do considerable justice to your photos, as they create a darker and more alluring vibe to them. Studio light is also a wondrous way to place the focus of the lighting on your body and bring out the best in your every curvature. If a specific style of lighting just isn’t working out, don’t worry! Change it up, lower or brighten it, and try again! 

hottest nude photos

Teasing Photos

When learning to take the hottest nude photos, sometimes not being nude at all (or hiding away the nudity in the photo) is the best method to go about this. 

Taking very teasing pictures, specifically for sexting nude photos, will create a heightened sense of foreplay and desire within your partner, which is also the perfect means to turn your sexting into dirtier, kinkier forms of conversation. 

Taking a teasing photo will also make you more comfortable in front of the camera and with the vision of your own body, and it is an excellent means to practice the art of taking erotic photos before progressing into more exposing visuals. After you have teased them enough, then perhaps it’s time to take the clothes off or brighten up the lighting to make their day. 

Make it About You

Sexting for women isn’t all about the male’s pleasure. Although you might be planning to send your loved one a lovely photo, ensure that the experience also focuses on yourself and your pleasure. The photo session should be about you, and you know what you want to see out of your photoshoot more than anyone. 

Make sure that sexting for women is just that, for you! Use your photography as a means of fulfilling artistic expression, and always be proud of the photos you take. Perhaps, if you’re lucky, your man will soon return the favor for a little tease of your own. 

With that being said, taking sexy selfies doesn’t always have to have a purpose, such as using them as an asset to sexting nude photos. The experience in itself is a hell of a lot of fun, and that alone is enough reason to do so!

If you want to feel yourself and take some photos, even if you delete them right after, then have at it!

Costumes and Lingerie

There’s never a better time to experiment with unique costumes or to bust out your favorite lingerie than when taking the hottest nude photos. Never be afraid to experiment and dress up a bit, as this is not only fun (a fashion show for yourself!), but it makes the end results just that much better. 

Remember, cliches are awesome! An old, sexy Halloween costume of a nurse or a police officer might feel like they are overdone, but has your man really ever been blessed by an image like that sent randomly to his phone? Probably not! Anything your imagination can conjure up should totally be acted upon.

Lingerie is also a perfect means to enhance the teasing element of sexting nude photos. Slightly revealing, a touch of see-through, and the very definition of sexy; if you choose to utilize these props, then you are guaranteed to not only have an insanely fun time while doing so, but the end result of your pictures will be drool-worthy. Besides, don’t you want him begging you to stay in your adorably sexy outfit until he gets home?

sexting for women

Sex Toy Selfie?

Want to really dirty up your nude photos? Try taking a sex toy selfie! Bust out your favorite toys and use them as props for your photos. 

You can take a teasing sex toy selfie by placing your hand around the girth of your bulging dildo, enhancing the photo with a touch of “want me to show you how I use it?”.

Or, if you’re feeling extra kinky, why not take a photo using the toy? It all depends on your comfortability, of course, but taking a sex toy selfie will have your partner dealing with a rather interesting form of jealousy. They will absolutely love it, but they will also wish that it is them! 

Who’s up for some sweet revenge when they get home?

sex toy selfie with vibrator necklace

Be Yourself

You have to be yourself when trying to take the hottest nude photos. The experience is meant to be fun and enjoyable, and that just won’t be the case if you’re too worried about whether or not you look good or how the photos compare to others. With this in mind, just be yourself!

If you are a goofball, then use your bubbly personality as a way to make fun, smiley, and laughing nude photos. If you are serious in nature, then your photos can be the same- dark, intense facial expressions, artistic. 

There’s no perfect method for taking or sexting nude photos, but there is a way to make them worse, and that is when you aren’t yourself. If you are planning to send the photos to your loved one, then they are guaranteed to appreciate your ability to manifest your personality (of which they know and love so much!) through your photography. 

Tripods Help

You don’t need expensive cameras or the best equipment out there, but let’s be honest- a tripod will come in seriously handy. 

Instead of trying to prop your phone against a surface to balance it, it is worthwhile to skip the headache and invest in a tripod to help you get the job done right. 


In the end, taking the hottest nude photos possible is quite literally an art form. It will take time to nail them down right, so be patient and happy with your progress. 

Practice makes perfect, and that statement couldn’t be any more true than with erotic photography. If the session didn’t quite turn out how you expected, don’t worry! Use it to direct your learning curve, and come back next time to try again. 

Call in Backup

If you really want to have fun with this experience, then try having your partner take nude photos of you! This is such an incredible means to boost trust and comfortability within your relationship, and they will absolutely love seeing you as the queen in front of the camera. 

Never shy away from calling in backup, as there’s a good chance your photo session will result in lustful, sweaty, and invigorating sex that leads to one of the best orgasms of your life!



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