Hotel Sex. It’s time to change up your sex environment.

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Why is hotel sex such an exciting prospect? Well, the thrill of being out of your own home, not having to clean up the mess, and being able to be as loud as you want without disturbing the kids is definitely part of it. However, it turns out that a change of scenery can be the perfect place to try that hotel sex kink you’ve wanted to test out for so long. It also gives you more places to play, more privacy, and more thrill!

There’s actually some science behind this incredible excitement you experience during hotel sex.

People enjoy having hotel sex versus their own home for many reasons. For many, it is the uninhibited freedom to have a space that is your own temporarily, but not really your own. You get this space for a night or a few nights, and you can do literally anything you could want (except for ruin the room). The bed isn’t yours, the sheets are clean, the TV is there, and no one is around to bother you. Staying in a hotel room loosens the reins that are probably there in your home. If you have children, you plan around them being asleep and have to be quiet and cautious. If you have parents living there, you don’t want them to know what kinky activities you’re getting up to. Maybe you live in an apartment and don’t want to disturb your neighbors with the thin walls. Your sex drive will feel much improved when you have the lack of inhibition to hold you back from your full, sexy potential! 

Plus, a hotel room is clean and tidy, which may be something you’re missing in your home currently. Not having to do the laundry, wash the sheets, clean and neaten your room really takes some stress off of you, allowing you to fully unwind, relax, and enjoy hotel sex completely, releasing yourself to your wildest dreams and fantasies.

What is it about that “Do Not Disturb” sign that makes us so giddy?

Something about hanging a ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the hotel room door seems to really excite couples. It’s as if a switch flips on that says you need to have sex immediately, because the housekeepers and others know what that sign is for. You get a large rush of dopamine, which is the pleasure hormone in our brains. That simple act of putting a sign on the door creates this tension that can only be relieved by orgasming with your partner as much and as hard as you can.  


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You should have hotel sex while you are on vacation.

When you are on a vacation, even if it is just a small weekend getaway or overnight trip, you are already ideally more relaxed. Liberated from responsibilities like work, kids, chores, and cooking, you can spend special time with your loved one and enjoy your partners body to your hearts absolute desire. This lack of worry about someone walking in, or having to wake up early to get to work really helps build the intimacy that you may have been missing for months. These are a great way to try new things such as sexy lingerie, an exciting toy, or even some sexy role play. Try to meet each other at the bar a if you don’t know each other. Take off upstairs to the room, and feel like a teenager again hooking up. Being able to rebuild that intimacy really helps keep your marriage more concrete and less stressful. 

Don’t forget the sexy hotel ambiance.

Hotels have a certain vibe – an ambiance that just instantly makes you excited. Maybe your hotel room is dark and moody, or has an all glass shower that you get to have incredible shower sex in. The interiors, and the fact that one of the first things you see when you walk in is the bed, really heightens that sexual tension that you may be looking for. Have a nice cocktail, relax, get in the mood. You can even ask for an anniversary or honeymoon package, so you have strawberries and champagne waiting for you. The ambiance is truly a huge plus for people needing an escape from reality. 

Plus, room service availability!

Being able to order dinner straight to your room is so sexy. Not worrying about going out, picking something you’ll both like, and getting ready truly leads to an ambiance that you may not experience otherwise. You can go to the hotel restaurant, but there’s something much more romantic about ordering up and having it just come straight to you. The lack of pressure attributes to the relaxed and enjoyable mood. That rolling tray that gets pushed to the side is just so fun and sexy. You’ll feel like celebrities, even if you’re not.  After an amazing, worry free dinner and some incredibly mind-blowing sex, falling asleep in a comfy, soft bed and cuddling makes the intimacy grow even stronger. 


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Checking out in the morning.

It’s so nice to wake up and not have to clean up or make the bed. Used towels stay on the floor, the bed is undone, and someone else cleans up after you! Plus, you even have enough time for a round two, since most checkouts are at 11 am. It’s so relaxing and enjoyable to have lazy side sex in the morning in a bed that isn’t yours. Plus, the giddy feeling of going downstairs to check out and feeling as if you did something wrong or inappropriate, even though you didn’t, really amps up the mental excitement of this aspect of hotel sex. With hotel rooms having deals constantly, this is the perfect time to take a sexual staycation and get it on with no worry. What’s your dream destination? Is there a hotel you’ve wanted to check out in your area for a while? Take advantage of it! There’s no time like now.


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